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  1. I am happy to see all seats contested, but why declare so late in the day. If anyone is serious (or wants to be taken seriously) about standing for MHK surely they have to declare early and give themselves time to do the necessary graft or I am missing something?
  2. A typical Peter tactic; vote against something you know is going to get the nod. I'll bet he doesn't refuse the pay rise he votes against.
  3. My view is it is all bollocks. There are many sights that debunk these frauds with my current favourite James Randi's at www.randi.org Read some of the commentary arcihive material to get a flavour of a whole range of nonesense that generally parts the weak and vulnerable from their cash. There is a great article about a how so called psychic, Keith Charles, peforms a cold reading. www.randi.org/jr/092603.html After reading this you will understand how this trick is done. All that is needed is someone 'looking' for something (eg emotionally vulnerable) and lots of fast talk. The sit
  4. Wheeler

    Road Tax

    We seem to be shifting from Stuarts crap idea of a freight rail network to ease congestion to a more general issue about volumes of traffic and alternative forms of transport (other than cars). London has one answer to the traffic problems that was slated to start but is working well and that is the imposition of congestion charges. The other discussion worth merit is the using the Steam and MER to provide a viable alternative to get in and out of Douglas. (I understand there would need to be some investment in these rail service, but guess it wouldn't be prohibitively expensive) Now the t
  5. Wheeler

    Road Tax

    Are you really convinced the existing track bed and earth work can be built on to support a freight rail network? By your own admission the existing set up supports toy trains. Also what about the old railway lines that aren't currently used? Surely there will be a cost to make them good. The rest of the arguement is typicaly weak and ill thought through. Think of the process of getting a conatiner off a boat in Douglas to, say Glen Maye. Taken off the boat by lorry Unloaded from lorry at ferry terminal Loaded onto a train at ferry terminal Shunted to Steam Packet yard Unloaded of
  6. Wheeler

    Road Tax

    I would be interested to hear the argument about how this 'ideal' solution would actually work out cheaper and in who's lifetime? You are talking about building a rail infrastructure , presumably adding additional lines, a tramway system from the harbour to the Stream Packet yard, lifting gear at every rail and tramway destination and then still loading a container onto a lorry to deliver to the door!Where is the benefit? All main towns on the Island are within 18 miles of Douglas. Is there that much heavy traffic to warrant such a solution? Imagine the outcry of Government did back it! Rememb
  7. Wheeler

    Mhks Salary

    Wilddog, I can't see the picture you psoted. Is it the document FCMR is talking about?
  8. Wheeler

    Mhks Salary

    Thanks FCMR. I have heard of the pink book, but not the pink paper. I'll check it out. Are you sure it has salaries and expense for each MHK?
  9. Wheeler

    Mhks Salary

    Crumlin, how do you know how much they earn and how high some of the expense claims are? I'm curious to know if this is fact (reveal source and values) or fiction. Its been said before, but worth repeating, if you know something to be true back up what you say with fact, if on the other hand you heard this from a friend of a friend in the know, best not to post.
  10. Delaney is definitely out for me. His manifesto is a poorly written rant slagging off the performance of the very organisation he has been a part of for the last 29 years and full of contradictions. For example he says "...your Parliament is made up of 24 elected members....which you hold a franchise to elect or dismiss none or all at a general election. The other 9 members are not there at your behest!" yet he himself has been one of the 9 since 1996 and was trying to get another 5 year term before he got voted out. Now he slags of the position he enjoyed for 9 years. Also in one pa
  11. Thanks Jack. Sounds like an emotional response from someone committed to the TT. At what point does emotion run out and hard cash kick in? What I am interseted in is how long and for how much should the TT be propped up for? My view is it should generate tangible revenue or its budget directed at something else that will. (Or is £2m small change so why care about a return on this investment?)
  12. My wife and all her family are Manx and all complain about the races. I know more 'locals' who complain than come-overs. This may be more to do with me knowing more local people than other, but not really sure. My view on the whole TT 'keep or kill' debate is based solely on what it costs versus what it generates. This year's budgeted expenditure for 'TT Races and Festival' is £1.75m add to that a proportion of the budget for the Special Events Unit (as 25%) that’s another £300k. What does the event generate for the Island? This I don't know nor have I found. There doesn't seem to be an
  13. Has anyone in West Douglas had a visit from any of the candidates yet? I saw Geoff C coming along the road the other day, but despite me being on the drive he didn't stop. He just walked on by with his clipboard in hand. He didn't seem at all interested and didn't call in any of the dozen house he passed. Are any manifestos available yet?
  14. Rog, you are such prick when it comes to cyclists. What is your problem with them? (I joined this forum to comment on one of your earlier cycling rants and your juvenile behaviour towards them as you drive passed) Just remember for every cyclist on the road there is one less car. Should give tossers like you the space you carve. As Stuart says, unless you live here and make some kind of contribution butt out. Wheeler (A member of Manx Viking Wheelers Cycling Club)
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