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  1. The smell of Unicorn is strong in this thread. The Isle of Man is to the UK what the UK is now to Europe. And all our moaning about loss of control and dominance from Westminster will be replicated between Westminster and Brussels. And worse than that for the Isle of Man, because, while the UK government will be able to find some benefits to Brexit, these will likely be at the expense of the Isle of Man's USP because they will be in competition with what we do. If I was Manx-born and starting out now, I'd be looking to the UK for my future - if Brexit is to benefit anywhere, it'll be there before it is here.
  2. Whenever you post, I always imagine you've names your car BroadSword and you've got a dog called DannyBoy. No idea why.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/feb/13/eu-to-put-cayman-islands-on-tax-haven-blacklist?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Tweet This'll make for fun and larks at the next golf club meet!
  4. She certainly went around and around and around. God bless Laxey girls.
  5. The revamp makes a better case than I ever could for funding the news / public service element separately and allowing it to be taken by anyone who wants to take it. Do we really need to be paying for the other stuff? But - and there's a huge but - that doesn't mean we should reduce the cash available to pay for Manx / Cultural content. If anything, we should be looking to increase the amount available. Production costs for audio have never been lower - it can be done to a good standard in a kids bedroom! - so four kids from the Isle of Man College, each given £25k a year to go and make some Manx stuff, with a producer sitting over them on £35k would produce more speech 'radio' and more cultural content than the current arrangement does. And if a liberated Manx Radio - now operating on the same basis as 3FM - wanted to take that content, then it could use it for free. For £200k you'd have replicated the radio output and you'd have £500k to spend on other stuff. The problem is - as we see in the railways - people won't kill the sacred cows that really should be killed.
  6. Brexit will be a disaster for the Isle of Man because it will be a disaster for the UK and the only route they will have to pursue to try and keep the money coming in will be Singapore-on-Sea. The frankly bizarre support for it from some on the Island - rooted in the same sad nationalism that we've seen in the UK (where many 'remain' supporters have been told the equivalent of if they don't like it there's a P and O Ferry in the morning) - really does beggar belief. I've never understood why Manx sentiment always sides with the English over all of the other four nations that surround us. They may be the most affluent nation, but they have the worst instincts. And Brexit is an extension of that.
  7. Also, here's your answer http://www.hopeandglorypr.com/
  8. Two beautiful heavily saturated pictures of the Isle of Man on the worlds most visted website and a positive, fluff-based article attached to it. I'd say that was a good job done, to be honest.
  9. Shame is invented to control people. The rich have no shame at taking advantage of the opportunities they have to get more for less, the poor should feel no 'shame' and ignore the concept entirely.
  10. And when they die? Then you'd be on here saying "why didn't Manx Radio grow their listener base". The way to do this - without wanting to be boring over and over again - was to leave the radio to tick over as it was and to expand into content such as podcasting and video. They've started, but it's all a bit half-arsed.
  11. Is this like the New Years Day Dip? If so, I'm in.
  12. So progressive. Well done the Isle of Man. Straight on this way to the 1950s!
  13. It's pretty painful stuff to listen to, though. The kids don't really have much to say and the interviewer does not really know what to ask.
  14. Why does the boy Brindley always get the kicking on here? Looks like the change came in after the new MD showed up!
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