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  1. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    You'll always have us, Stu.
  2. parchedpeas

    Paramount City up for sale

    Property on the Isle of Man is a case of hot potato. Don't be left holding it when the music stops.
  3. parchedpeas

    Sir Nige to grace the island.

    He's a grade A cunt. He thinks the IoM is part of the UK team, happy in our subservient nature, making laws with permission from the UK govt. And he also thinks it's disgusting that the UK is part of the EU team, making laws in cooperation with their neighbours. A total hypocrite. He'll fit right in.
  4. parchedpeas

    Sir Nige to grace the island.

    He's an odious prick and if you've got £50 to waste on that kind of crap there are plenty of drunken tramps with awful teeth who would happily pose for a photo with you and would put the £50 to much better use. But as it's the Isle of Man, I'm sure that he'll sell out.
  5. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    Also, can't he do a bit of sideline work for MR? His business, surely?
  6. parchedpeas

    Isle of Man Brexit headlines

    This is the 'smart' thinking that got us into this mess. The increased costs won't be profit for any one individual company, it will be consumed in the cost of doing business. Prices will go up, but no-one will get richer, if anything, margins will tighten.
  7. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    I couldn't quite believe my ears this afternoon. I listened for 40 minutes and heard more Britney Spears than I heard 'talking' about the subject. When the email was read out, there was little context given for the listener to understand what it was referencing and then Stu was obviously compromised by the topic - because it's the station and he has to support it - and the interview in question - because he was implicated in parts of it (very unprofessionally by both Charles and Paul, I might add) - so he wasn't able to give a full answer or to use the email as an opportunity to talk up the subject again. If it's not possible to discuss the future of the station because of supposed "impartiality", then don't do it as a subject! The "impartiality" thing is a fig-leave anyway - all that is required is a variety of views across the station, across the week. In the PM interview, Charles Guard suggested that impartiality meant that NO opinions could be expressed without people being suspended, but that is plainly untrue. All that is required is that all angles are given an opportunity across the schedule.
  8. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    Just like Manx Radio, then. I just listened to Stu doing the 'Easter Eggs not Chocolate eggs' thing and it's not even Christmas yet.
  9. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    First, sell Douglas Head. Then build a new studio at IOM College with the money from the sale and move any viable kit from the old place, in. This is the new "Manx Radio". They will run a commercially-funded service, playing songs and doing 'requests'. They will be removed from the PSB requirements but they will get no subsidy. Then, get £250,000 budget per annum. This will fund 5 "Paul Moulton" style content producers who will bid for the gig. They will receive £50k a year, in two year contracts. They will be required to produce 4 hours TV / Podcast and 4,000 words online / news content per week, 100% of which must be locally based or derived content. They will publish this on the "Manx Media" Youtube channel for free and it will be free for any local radios stations / newspapers to use if a link-back is given. Any advertising income derived from this content will go back into the fund, but authors can - in addition - provide their own content for which they can take an income. They can do this via their own channel, should they wish. This potentially opens the way for Isle of Man TV. The "Manx Radio" studios will provide a workspace for these content providers, should they wish. It will also be available to the College, for Media Production courses. This, or something like this, would produce 20 hours and 20,000 words of Manx content, each week. After one year, we'd have 1000 hours of Manx content, and 800,000 words of new Manx articles published. it will have cost us a quarter of what Manx Radio costs. Manx Radio would continue, dedications would still get read out, the weather would still be announced, we're still get the hilarious banter. And we'd get a whole lot more as well.
  10. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    Cost-per-minute! Come on Stu, you can do better than that. Manx Radio is largely filler. Some great original content, but lots of stuff is rehashed over and over again: once you've written a news story, it's written. Paul Moulton's content is varied and various and it's posted online forever - a source of content and a slice of Manx Culture that will survive for future generations of Manx people. Manx Radio's "content" is largely broadcast into the ether and disappears, never to be heard again. IOMG should be funding the former: a databank of culture and news, available to all, forever. An investment in the present AND the future for the Manx people. A media fund - where people like Paul, and yourself, could bid for funding and go off and provide such content would serve the nation better than the ephemeral content that Manx Radio provides in between Phil Collins records.
  11. parchedpeas


    I'm looking forward to next years Year Of Our Promenade.
  12. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    On a tiny island, it's hard not to know someone who is involved in pretty much everything that happens: what should Manx Radio do? Only promote stuff that is made off-island so as to avoid every conflict of interest? Should Duke have to use voice-overs from off island, so they can be mentioned on-air? Daft, and self defeating.
  13. parchedpeas

    Mound Of Mud On TT Racer's Grave

    Surely the point of putting a corpse in the ground IS to cover it in mud? At what point does that become too much mud?
  14. parchedpeas

    Tits Out...

  15. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    From his own website: https://celticlife.com/charles-guard/ There is a lot of good at Manx Radio, but the model is broken. The good - the ones who are doing it because it needs to be done and the Island is better for it - will survive, however this ends up. The BBC won't import people from the UK, they'll employ the best locally. Some of these voices you already know. All of the managers in the background who you don't already know, you won't miss.