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  1. http://www.sceniccartours.com/iom-fest-motoring/4594646900
  2. You moan when they don't sound Manx and then you moan when they do.
  3. I've dipped in and out over the last few days. Seems like there's lots of music, not so much of the speech. Can't understand how it costs so much.
  4. MR Rajar today , and the report into the BBC from OFCOM, should be a wake up call for Comms Commission. pongo and me are right. The future of taxpayer funded broadcasting is in funding content, not in funding delivery methods. And it has come about a lot faster than I anticipated.
  5. Manx Original Radio Original News Station "Good morning, you're listening LIVE to M.O.R.O.N.S..."
  6. parchedpeas


    Uttlery ridiculous telling a Museum what they can and can't display. They need to continually refresh their exhibits and continue to look for new ways for visitors to look at the past. Otherwise, what's the point in going twice? Conservative reactionary facebook warriors should be ignored - and I'm delighted to see that they are being.
  7. Proper, long form journalism which can be committed to a public archive. That's what public service broadcasting is. Not playing Mariah Carey songs and asking 'What's that noise?'.
  8. I heard it - it was good. It could have done with another draft as there was a few colloquialisms in the voice-over that cheapened it, but it was very well produced and the presenter was engaging. People would happily pay for that kind of thing. Manx Radio should be doing more of it.
  9. Seems to me that they've decided to chase the 3FM listeners. Not sure that's a smart move in the long term.
  10. Fair play. Hope you get 'Stu's Crew' going - that's the kind of late night listening that would interest me, light-hearted but opinion driven chat. Then you can have as many Sugababes songs as you like. Wish you all well for Saturday, and for the show going forwards.
  11. Did Stu really get into radio to do a late night show so he could play Sugababes at half after midnight? I was hoping for a lot more Stu and a lot less of the musak.
  12. The 5am one is weird to me - cutting into your breakfast show at 7.30am and changing presenting team is just odd. Does anyone really need to listen to Manx Radio at 5am? Or was it just a case of having to find a space to accommodate all the legacy presenters without upsetting anyone?
  13. But do Manx people like anything, ever? 10pm is the only time of day that UK radio does anything interesting. There's lots of competition, Stu, but I wish you well.
  14. Ramsey Commissioners could buy it and put the Court House in there.
  15. parchedpeas


    The Isle of Man - the only place in the world where, if you want a Swimming Pool, you need to order a roundabout.
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