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  1. parchedpeas

    Manx students go on strike

    Probably why they're put in Ramsey, to reduce the temptation to re-offend.
  2. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    How much of the £3million that the IOMG receive in advertising and sponsorship deals is just from other parts of IOMG / faux privatised companies?
  3. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    Energy FM do. Their presenters phone their shows in from the UK.
  4. parchedpeas

    Sugar Tax

    Sugar is an enormous problem and it's right to identify it as such. If you don't realise how much of a problem, try going 48 hours without consuming any.
  5. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    http://www.audiocontentfund.org.uk/ A better model for the outdated grant we give to one radio station. It would not see the end of Manx Radio, it would just put the money towards developing a wealth of easily accessible Manx content, handed down from one generation to the next. Instead of subsidising Phil Collins records.
  6. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    Unlikely if he's from a BFBS background. The answer to this long term is the same one I've said over and over on here: fund the public content separately in a "pool" and let all the stations use it / rewrite it. These costs can then easily be defined and controlled, and they will be related to a tangible benefit that I'm pretty sure everybody would want to exist: genuine public interest broadcasting. Outisde of that the wacky 'jocks' can fight it out amongst themselves for who gets the most advertising and the stations can all cut their cloth accordingly. The Communcations Commission can ensure that each of the stations has to take some of the "pool" material, but 3FM / Energy / Manx wouldn't have to run a newsroom at their own expense and could concentrate on what they're good / not very good at. The model for public service broadcasting is broken in the UK, and the one we have over here is even worse than that one. The world has moved on very quickly, radio is not just an audible medium, sent down from the heavens for us grateful listeners anymore. You wouldn't know it, listening to Manx.
  7. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    https://media.info/radio/stations/manx-radio/listening-figures https://media.info/radio/stations/3fm/listening-figures Juan might have a point, to be fair. 3FM nearly bagging as much of the market as Manx, but at no cost to the taxpayer.
  8. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    What are Energy FM's RAJARs? Oh, that's right. I remember.
  9. parchedpeas

    OddBins no more?

    Prince of Wales award for that reference.
  10. parchedpeas

    Ramsey Marina

    Is it possible his "We shall fight them on the beaches" speech was about the Tampon Invasion of North Ramsey Beach?
  11. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    You'll always have us, Stu.
  12. parchedpeas

    Paramount City up for sale

    Property on the Isle of Man is a case of hot potato. Don't be left holding it when the music stops.
  13. parchedpeas

    Sir Nige to grace the island.

    He's a grade A cunt. He thinks the IoM is part of the UK team, happy in our subservient nature, making laws with permission from the UK govt. And he also thinks it's disgusting that the UK is part of the EU team, making laws in cooperation with their neighbours. A total hypocrite. He'll fit right in.
  14. parchedpeas

    Sir Nige to grace the island.

    He's an odious prick and if you've got £50 to waste on that kind of crap there are plenty of drunken tramps with awful teeth who would happily pose for a photo with you and would put the £50 to much better use. But as it's the Isle of Man, I'm sure that he'll sell out.
  15. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    Also, can't he do a bit of sideline work for MR? His business, surely?