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  1. parchedpeas

    Tits Out...

  2. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    From his own website: https://celticlife.com/charles-guard/ There is a lot of good at Manx Radio, but the model is broken. The good - the ones who are doing it because it needs to be done and the Island is better for it - will survive, however this ends up. The BBC won't import people from the UK, they'll employ the best locally. Some of these voices you already know. All of the managers in the background who you don't already know, you won't miss.
  3. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    The NUJ disagree. Attribution is one of the first things you're taught on a Journalism ethics course although, as has been written here, I accept that in this case it appears to have been done,
  4. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    It is good journalism, and good manners, to refer to your sources. Common practice amongst UK media. If Manx Radio haven't done this, they should, especially as their journalism is paid for by us: they should be held to the highest standards.
  5. I once sat outside a newsagent where a bloke and his wife had left the kids in the car as they went in to buy scratchcards. They both came back out, sat in the front seat and furiously scratched away, while the kids were climbing all over the place. Not a word was spoken amongst any of them while they were busy hunting for winners. They must have scractched off a few winners, both got out, went back into the shop and came back out again, repeating the same thing all over again. I've hated the lottery ever since that day. Now I've seen that awful, awful cash-grab of a mural, I hate it even more.
  6. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    You could pre-record the news and save a fortune. "Government hails news success" "Drunks get into fight" "TT is coming - it'll be the best year ever" "TT has been - numbers are down" etc.
  7. parchedpeas

    Nobles hospital

    Catering, PR, PR Catering, Management, Diversity, Diversity Management, Diversity Management PR
  8. parchedpeas

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Charge animals sent for slaughter at 'footloose fare' rates and you'd soon have your abattoir back in the black.
  9. parchedpeas

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Oh, another thing - although I appreciate this is too 'blue sky' for the tourist board: How about issuing every taxpayer a £100 credit voucher each year for the newly nationalised service? They could either use this themselves - so we all get an immediate return on this investment - or, if they don't want to travel, they could send it to friends / family / stick it on ebay. If you GENUINELY want us to encourage people to come here, then give us the opportunity to incentivise people we know who may be considering / dithering about coming. Such a voucher could close the deal. Yeah yeah I know it won't happen, but again: this should be an opportunity for the people who've been working in tourism for years and creaming off very good salaries to actually prove they've got what it takes when it comes to selling the Island. The cost of getting here is the single biggest problem, and it's one that is now within our control. We subsidise everything else on the island that is tourist related, it's time we dealt with the barriers to travel, as well as the attractions FOR travel. I'm available for anymore tourism advice at £150 an hour
  10. parchedpeas

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Ok, things a nationalised Steam Packet need to do: 1) Stop charging the earth for horrid coffee 2) Move the 'Vistitor Experience / Welcome Centre' on-board the vessel: you've got a captive audience for 4 hours, if you can't upsell stuff to them there then you won't have much joy with them dropping in to the Sea Terminal days later 3) Join the experience up: this is the first glimpse of the Isle of Man, what it has to offer and it's example of hospitality: historically, the Steam Packet has been the most miserable experience for people coming to and leaving the Island, this needs a total overhaul 4) Sort out that awful 'dog room' next to the banging doors and toilets which is noisy and stinks. Most people who are bringing their dogs on holiday with them are responsible dog owners. You do not need to fear them! In short: up your customer-facing offer. It's pretty grim at the moment, and there is huge scope for improvement. The Steam Packet have no reason to do it in the past - they just want to ship people here and rip them off - but this should be treated as an opportunity, not continuity.
  11. parchedpeas

    Port Soderick paddling pool being brought back to life

    I'm not saying it was. I'm saying it should be. These lands should be owned by their people, not by individuals who buy up chunks of it to park their wealth. And yes, I know that's how it works in other places. But it doesn't have to work like that here. We have autonomy, but we do nothing with it. We just run a more expensive, more rubbish version of the UK. So much potential for being different age such little imagination.
  12. parchedpeas

    Port Soderick paddling pool being brought back to life

    So my right to enjoy Port Soderick is to be removed? Access to the beach should be a right, not an option. Another area where this shitty government cave in the what others do, instead of carving out their own 'freedom to flourish' path. The Isle of Man is no different to the UK at all. Why don't we actually use our autonomy to make life better for the people who actually live here, instead of just carving up the place to offer as a plaything to the monied elite?
  13. parchedpeas

    Manx Radio

    Time to step up and put your money where your mouth is, Manx Forums! http://uk.radiotodayjobs.com/job/managing-director-2/
  14. parchedpeas

    How Does The TT Really Affect The Island?

    I hope so. I think sometimes the people in government choose the easy things to cut back on and they've got their own sacred cows, and they are usually the rusty old piers or damp old buildings that are 'culture', or people dressing up in ridiculous clothes, playing a penny whistle and saying 'yussir' lots. These things get the hand-outs under the 'we must absolutely preserve this, it's what defines us as Manx' whereas I'm sure there are people on here who could make that argument about the TT. It's the first thing people say to me when I say I'm from here (after calling me a tax evader); they never ask about Niarrbyl Cafe, or a boat in a basement.
  15. parchedpeas

    How Does The TT Really Affect The Island?

    One other point: the 'benefit' of the TT should be looked at as the net cost. For far too long, the government has counted 'income' by including sponsorship deals that the TT brings in, but they never mention that some of these sponsorship deals are from other areas of their own budget so can hardly be counted as income. MNH / Manx Radio advertising around the course is not additional spend, it's just paper shuffling. Similarly, Police adverts etc, Isle of Man Meats, Creamery, whatever: it's all a bit 'communist' in it's accounting.