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  1. Spot on, but us lowly taxpayers have got no leverage to make them address their spending or their bureaucracy. They decide they want our money to pay for their vanity projects, and we have no option but to pay up.
  2. I wonder what will happen when the UK is no more, once Scotland is an independent country and Ireland has reunited. Perhaps 10 years away. Will the Island's relationship rest with England?
  3. Democracy - Ha! It doesn't matter who you vote for, the government is always in charge
  4. Yes, but not with gold alloys. Black would look better
  5. I wonder if the government learned it lesson from the airport debacle and has hedged the currency risk? Sterling has been in long-term decline for the last 50 years and that's not going to change.
  6. 50,000 Irish men and women were sold into the white slave trade between 1652 and 1659, they were innocent Irish people who were rounded up from across the country by teams of Oliver Cromwell’s “man-catchers”, bound in chains and shipped to Barbados to work on sugar plantations. Their descendants are still there today – some of them in absolute poverty – isolated, unassimilated and uneducated. article
  7. We are the Champions Don't stop me now Simply the Best Heroes Ellan Vannin and something by the Bee Gees
  8. That's really shocking. I thought we were in lockdown and the border closed? Or doesn't lockdown apply to civil servants?
  9. yet still Dandara and others continue to tear up our irreplaceable green fields for ugly new housing developments. I wonder how quickly the £300k boxes being thrown up in Ballasalla will sell?
  10. There's a Communications Executive – Climate Change. Incredible. Probably 3 ordinary working taxpayers needed to pay that salary alone
  11. I see that BA rostered one of their E170 jets on the route last night. Wish we could have that permanently - the clapped out Loganair ATR is horrible.
  12. Perhaps this explains the large numbers of Range Rovers and high end Mercs on UK plates which live here full-time.
  13. Flights from the Scottish Islands are Exempt from APD . Is that because flights are a lifeline for these islands, or because their local politicians stood up for their populations?
  14. Why must they always be "rabbit hutches"? That's the fault of planners. Friends in Germany live in the centre of Dusseldorf in a lovely 3rd floor, 4 bedroom apartment. They have a locked room in the car park for kids bikes etc. Loads of space. I know that if similar sized apartments were available here in Central Douglas, reasonably priced, then I'd be glad to live in town and walk / cycle more. And isn't that what the politicians want?
  15. Bob, strange name for a girl, short for Kate I believe
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