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  1. This includes the cost to the NHS of treating diseases caused by smoking in England which is approximately £2 billion a year. Including VAT, total tobacco revenue is around £12.3bn annually. This does not take into account the massive and widespread loss of income from fake/smuggled tobacco. so 10x > 6x more brought in than spent.....not exactly wildly inaccurate.
  2. Deluded fool, smoking raises 10x the tax revenue for the Government compared to the cost of smoking related illnesses to the NHS. If everyone gave up smoking, the country would go bust overnight. Like it or not, smoking is here to stay.
  3. No, you haven't got any mateys! It's you....... He does, it is just you that has imaginary friends....and multiple accounts. P.S You are still a twunt.
  4. Keep digging that hole you cretin, 3k posts over 6 years is less frequent that 3k posts over 1 year, are we getting through to you Dougal?
  5. Sick Moon, unadulterated fuckwit
  6. Title misleading, "Path closed for timetrial" is hardly discussion worthy, you could have gone to http://www.gov.im/residents/roadnotifications/Notification.aspx?id=4758 and seen it was all above board.
  7. Ofc, it is all a saving if you take it against their 'Standard Fare' of 300 fecking quid for a car + 2 in winter?????
  8. What he is saying is - If you only had 3 passengers (1 over the car + 2 std) it was 181 v 230. A more accurate booking would be to do a car +2 booking without the code (probably 140ish) then +3+4+5, at +5 the 'deal' probably works out 38pence cheaper knowing the Racket; anything less than 5 you will be onto a loser. OP is right - The price MUST be capped at the STANDARD fare for Car + 2 for whatever sailings selection.......which it is obviously not. (Note - this all assumes the OP did an exact like for like sailings selection).
  9. I don't think I've ever agreed with anything you've ever posted on here before. What he said (Since we are doing this now)
  10. We import them, like the granite. How Longworth is still in a job I will never know, my left testicle knows more about how to run the Island's transport than him.
  11. But the .im domain rights are held by the Isle of Man, regardless of instant messaging. It is not the only dodgy site that uses an IM suffix, I think some torrent sites also have them registered.
  12. Don't care if Foggy on a brief visit went there to look through all the shite left behind by selfish people. There was nothing like that there when 'I were a kid', this recent claptrap of tradition is not that at all, just selfish people taking advantage of spineless officials who should have dealt with it years ago. Sorry Amadeus, but the Fairy bridge has sod all to do with the TT, it is a MANX folklore thing, not a TT folklore thing; the fact that selfish TT folk put the largest most garish stuff on the tree does not suddenly make it theirs.
  13. Hats off to the bloke, chavvy, inconsiderate, and selfish people leaving shite hanging off trees are the roadside was becoming a disgrace. Glad someone had the get up and go to do something about it. Littering is wrong, regardless of what is written on that litter.
  14. Because there has been nothing newsworthy to replace it with, so it is still there. You blithering idiot.
  15. Fuck PL and his trolling Mojo, he is and will always be a c*nt, just ignore the fool.
  16. Peer pressure, a teenager's inability to understand his own limits, those of the car, and the ramifications of his actions. Happened many times before, will happen again.........although if he wore that smug grin within eyesight of that court, he will have it wiped off his face up at Jurby. These kids have no understanding of mortality until this sort of thing happens to them or one of their friends, they need to be educated PROPERLY by the state, and watched properly by the POLICE. All these extra taxes in theory tests etc, none of them are letting new drivers know what happens when it all goes terribly wrong.
  17. Makes for scary reading that, the amount of high networth companies and individuals, yet personal income tax outweighs company tax by a factor of 15:1
  18. The Oil companies over here use the excuse that they buy in bulk (when the price is high) and have to sell at that price to keep their 2014 Mercs running, by the time they buy again, the price will probably be higher so the price never drops. Does the Isle of Man Government get a kick back from fuel duty (I know they do from the vat), if not, why does the IOM collect fuel duty for the UK Coffers?
  19. Congrats Tamara, the Santon Mob will be stoked for ya!
  20. No way a single PC being wiped would remove all evidence in the medical system...100% complete and utter FACT. Also, wiped to a none IT person is deleting or maybe formatting the drive, this is NOT wiped, there are several readily available tools online to recover against both these. Wiped is a very time consuming procedure involving writing new data over the drive repeatedly, think of it like writing a word, then scribbling over it, up and down, left and right, round and round until there is no trace of the word. Basically, nobody in the investigation wanted to see it for obvious reasons, because then somebody would be accountable, not a department, a person.....and the Government don't do that. I am not judging the person(s) involved, the role is very difficult in itself and we are only human, I think the way they have released this information however is inflammatory and undermines the public's view of the way the Government operates.
  21. If that is the case Bees, then it is very sad indeed.
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