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  1. Mission

    The Winner Takes it All

    The might actually make some money this time.
  2. Mission

    Supertour 2018

    I missed them last year as they'd moved them up from May Hill to the Gooseneck, I only got a latecomer and a few of the EVO/Scooby mob.
  3. Mission


    I've tried the cardboard cotton buds, they're useless by comparison. I'm all for being green but only if it doesn't affect the performance of a product.
  4. Mission

    Where's Allan Bell

    I saw him entering Rhumsaa this morning.
  5. Mission

    Car advice

    Buy the Alfa, buy the Alfa. They're much better cars these days, and it's the prettiest of the bunch that you have mentioned.
  6. Mission

    Black-eyed Friday

    I was out Monday and Thursday so gave Friday a miss Both nights seemed quiet for the time of year in the two restaurants we attended. Nice to see things becoming a bit more civilised, I've never got the whole let's go out looking for a fight mentality.
  7. Mission

    Pigs in blankets

    They're very tasty. I like them in sandwiches straight from the grill.
  8. Mission


    Bit ironic using a sock to slag off other socks surely?
  9. Mission

    Round Pound

    We're just separating them out as we take them in and once we've got £20 worth, bagging them up and putting them in with the banking. Doesn't take too long to do and at least they're out of circulation then.
  10. Mission

    Registrations Enabled

    Maybe they've yet to find a thread that interests them enough to post in?
  11. Mission

    Last minute Christmas shopping

    Lots of the shops in Ramsey are open on Christmas Eve as well.
  12. Mission


    I can't see them having been banned tbh.
  13. Mission

    Manx dimwits prezzie bragging in UK media

    It's the gift that keeps on giving.
  14. Mission

    New hotel

    In the same vein as 'Remember South Ramsey', remember Mount Murray...
  15. Mission

    is the mountain road shut?

    Meanwhile on Broadway (with running commentary).