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  1. It got better still tonight.


    After chatting to my old friend for the last few nights, he got hold of another old friend and got him online and I've just spent the last 3 hours chatting to them both, whilst listening to my dj mate doing a mix of some banging old skool house tunes.


    We've agreed to meet up, later in the year, when the Stanton Warriers will be gigging over there.


    Now I'm a very, very happy Mission.



  2. Heh, forgot to keep this updated.


    It worked anyway, the following night, I had the best night's sleep for as long as I can remember (good 15 years at least since I slept so soundly). I'd highly recommend this to anyone having trouble sleeping but please, do it on a night when you don't have work the next day.


    I'll be using it from now on if the problem re-occurs.

  3. Thought I'd carry on streaming on the radio throughout the night (might as well as I'm up). WilDDog wanted to test his new soundcard out so we did that around midnight. Once he'd checked everything, I went back on only to find that a few minutes later, the servers had crashed and I couldn't stream or access the forum!


    Decided to watch the Saturday F1 qualifying session that I'd taped but the sofa was too comfy and I was starting to drift off into neverland! Forced myself off it and back into here to see if things had improved (which they had) so I've been streaming since.


    Stopped drinking beer and made a pot of tea, much better for this time of the morning.


    Logged on to formula1.com at 3:00 am for the live timing of the Sunday qualifying session. That bloody crashed half way through so ended up reading the online commentary (which somehow continued to work while the rest of the page had gone belly up).


    Just approaching 5:00 am now, not many about on the forum but the odd post is appearing so it's keeping me occupied.


    Gone past the eyes closing and constant yawning phase for now, just feeling a bit weary but not too bad. The music is keeping me happy enough though.

  4. There wasn't a last night (well not an official one anyway). I know some of the shops stayed open bt the only official dates this year are Friday 3rd and Sunday 19th. There's no consistancy to it, it changes every bloody year!


    Personally, I'd propose the last 4 Friday's before Christmas each year, with the last 4 Sunday's too and leace it at that, without chopping and changing it so that the public know what's going on. It's no wonder most people bugger off to Douglas each year. Today's another good example, it should have been mad busy in Ramsey but it just wasn't. I was on my own today, with no extra staff (last minute hitch) and I expected to be run off my feet. Okay, yeah I was busy and served 120 customers but it should have been a lot busier than that, considering it's the last Saturday before Christmas.


    Ahh well, second rant over, expect another after tomorrow afternoon.


    On a positive note, it was a real pleasure to serve everyone today, a nice atmosphere around the town. Oh and WilDDog popped in for a chat too. :)

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