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  1. Of course, they could always carry out the works in the evenings and weekends.
  2. I remember my nan used to save them up. I was fascinated by them and used to like sticking them in the books. This wold have been the 1970's (maybe very early 80's) I can't recall exactly but she passed away in the early 80's and not long after that we moved away from the area.
  3. Bring back Green Shield stamps I say!
  4. Mission

    Lens Flair

    Is that a road I see to the right, winding throuhg the hills (or mountains)?
  5. You could actually have quite a bit of fun with it I guess, coming up with different ideas for each visit. Would taking an air horn in and sounding it in response to each question be a step too far do you think?
  6. We'll hold you to that you know, be careful what you say
  7. Co-Op are pushing their dividend card now and a simple "no" when they ask if you have one is no longer sufficient. First you have to say no, then they ask if you would like one to which you say "no thanks" then they come back with "are you sure?" "yes I am" "You do know it has changed and you now get xyz etc" I appreciate they are probably being told to push it but I get sick and fucking tired of being badgered every time I go in (and I go in most days due to the stupidly short shelf life of so many products these days). I'm either going to have to resort to saying "no... and please don't ask any further questions / times about it" or taking in prompt cards to respond to their questions (or a script of my own in response).
  8. Bump for tomorrow. Despite the weather today, the forecast for tomorrow is looking good. 10-3pm, hope to see you there!
  9. Not forgetting the great iron lady herself...
  10. I probably shouldn't bite but here we go. You would be surprised at just how many people in the private sector are waiting for a pay rise (not just for this year but from previous years) not the guaranteed increases public sector workers seem to keep getting awarded every fucking time. Our costs of living keep going up as well and we have to make further cutbacks on our spending to compensate for it all. It's about time you people realised just how lucky you are and you and your unions stopped raping the public purse for more and more pay rises that we simply cannot afford.
  11. Maybe that question should be asked by IOM Newspapers in 5 years time (are you a member of any union)? It might very well influence how some people vote. The new lot should definitely speak out over this, I'd certainly like to know what the 2 new Ramsey MHKs think about it.
  12. Of course he can't, because it doesn't exist (only in his head and that of whomever told him down the pub). It was privately funded, the collection is privately owned and any extra vehicles in there are on loan from local collectors (aside from teh Joey Dunlop collection which came from elsewhere, but still on loan). Some people really do need to find themselves a proper hobby to fill their spare time.
  13. No doubt shortly to be followed by an MUA price hike, just in time for winter...
  14. Bollocks. I'd love to know what you are defining as 'contents' as well, do you mean the vehicles themselves?
  15. Moaning Moffatt the second, she should move to Murica, they like titles like that over the water.
  16. Yeah I did, just to piss you off. I also wasted my second vote. I was advised to check out the MR piece from earlier in the week when they had all the candidates in the studio, the intro from Moss was properly cringeworthy and the other fella called Nick 'Nigel' at one point - you can clearly tell their target audience! Taking much effort to upload pages, I think they've outsourced it to somewhere on a 56k dialup modem. Best fuck off now then fella, no room for people like you anymore.
  17. I wonder what the turnout will be and what percentage of the vote each will get? 5,693 registered voters in Ramsey according to that MR piece on Monday.
  18. Wow, I never knew there were so many Ramsey residents posting on MF! You've got to feel for McDonough though, even Singer is beating him!
  19. As to the main crux of the topic in hand, I have a lot of time for Denis and I think he can do great things for the area if he can get the right people in place. There are other things going on that aren't mentioned in that piece and it could be very exciting for Jurby (and the island) if they come to fruition - yes I know, it is Jurby and we have heard it all before etc but here is a man that is willing (and already has) put his own money on the line and will continue to do so if the right people can be attracted to the area.
  20. Not true, it has evolved a hell of a lot since it opened (May 2015, don't forget) and it continues to do so. Plenty of new stuff going in on loan from local owners all of the time and restoration projects are being completed and moved into the museum (although that can be a very long process, depending on the condition of the vehicle and how hard it is to source parts for it). The best time to see anything going on in the workshop is during the week as the guys work Monday - Friday but if you are up on the weekend, just ask someone to take you in there and explain what is going on with all of the projects.
  21. You'll be cursing them soon enough fella, just you wait (and wait, and wait, and wait, aaaaaaaand waaaaaaaaaaaaaait...).
  22. Where's the option for 'none of the above'?
  23. I've seen a fair number of Nick Crowe Banners up around the town, not aware of them being family members houses, so he must be gathering support amongst the voters. It'll be an interesting night waiting for the results to come out.
  24. I've just beefed up by consuming two Co-Op shortcrust mince pies!
  25. Quite a few tards seem to be fans of headbutting things over here - it's usually ambulances, lamp posts, ashtrays, vans etc but I'll bite. It's nearly Christmas ILAP!!!!1111
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