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  1. Great little shop, the smell is amazing when you walk through the door. Keep your empty spice jars and they'll refill them for you (their prices are great value for money).
  2. Nah, he's a rank amateur compared to some of the users on here.
  3. Yeah but Douglas butties are lazy fuckers and either won't travel outside of their town or don't know that anywhere else on the island exists (they should rename it little America really) On a more amusing note, I see the world's greatest dj got involved in one of the Facebook posts (think back to the epic thread on here a few years ago) he's not quite hit that level yet but I'm sure with some gentle prodding he could get there
  4. Ah well, I'll not bother posting anything up in here then, I'll just sit quietly in the corner and enjoy it all. How disabled does one have to be in your world to be considered at a disadvantage to a fully able bodied person, Domino (I mean, they do have different classes you know, to factor all that stuff in)?
  5. First day of competition today and already, ParalympicsGB are off to a flying start with 4 gold medals in just a couple of hours! Dame Sarah Storey has already become the most successful female British paralympian by taking gold in her first of four events at Rio 2016, could she increase her medal haul further? Will anyone else be watching over the coming 11 days?
  6. Yes but that doesn't count for much if we can't vote for you, does it?
  7. Yeah, all the men have been nagged to death by that age!
  8. Quite common for racing drivers to try and thump each other if they feel the other driver has taken them out unfairly (maybe that says something about what's needed to be one, I dunno - or maybe it's just the adrenaline kicking in?).
  9. At the Isle of Man Motor Museum, Jurby.
  10. Mission

    Raw milk

    Aalin Dairy maybe?
  11. Mission

    Raw milk

    What's raw milk, is it just unpasturised?
  12. I've never been to this before so figured it was worth a look and will be heading up there on Sunday.
  13. On their way to the chemist to pick up their meds?
  14. It's Ramsey so quite possible really.
  15. Top 3 along with Ronnie Pickering and that angry short man in the land rover discovery.
  16. Never mind MTP, did anyone spot Barry Weiss there?
  17. @war baby - to be fair, it was extremely well supported. Bus Vannin - note for future years - run more busses and run them from one side only, not both bloody sides - people didn't know where to queue. Sunday service is meant to drop off and pick up on the industrial estate, not on the main road. Taxi firms - get all of your vehicles out as well, you could have made an absolute killing on the day! Aside from that, hats off to all of the people involved and all those that were doing catering etc (and the Guard House Cafe) mega queues everywhere so all staff definitely earned their keep. The motor museum was extremely busy as well and there was a good turnout there of classic and modern cars and a really good vibe all day long. Such a shame the Lancaster didn't make it over, I was really looking forward to seeing (and hearing) that.
  18. Mission


    I don't know what a thilth is so I'm not sure whether I should be offended by it or not.
  19. Mission


    I've just had a chuckle at that and I see the Facebook professionals are busy sharing it to other groups. It was Nick's son that wrote it, not Nick so why everyone is getting all het up at him I don't know. Still, it should be good for ooh what, 40 pages on here?
  20. For Hamilton to achieve 3rd from the back he should have been awarded bonus points IMHO. Yeah right lol. If half the field hadn't fallen off in front of him I might be inclined to have given him 'driver of the day' or something but with safety cars and a red flag incident and everyone else in first day back at school mode his race was hardly challenging. - even Alonso managed to get 7th from the back of the grid in his McLaren! 35 grid place penalty and he only got demoted to 21st place - those rules need changing so that they can't just lump all the penalties into one event.
  21. I'd be happy to help with social media etc and would freely give my time to publicise events etc but I'm not paying to join to do so I already give my time freely to help out at the Motor Museum and give one day a week to them at present and I (and a few other like-minded individuals) are keen to make sure that everything car related that happens on the island gets out to as many interested parties as possible. There's nothing worse than missing out on something you are interested in, or getting the wrong information and wasting your time turning up to something that either isn't happening or is scheduled for a different time so yes, if your club would like some help in that respect in the future, I am happy to help.
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