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  1. To be fair, I looked at that site and the information is basic at best. Just saying.
  2. There's definitely an opportunity out there for someone to do this and do it well but one of the biggest hurdles is getting people to tell you about their events in a timely fashion and with enough detail. Some people do seem to like to keep things to themselves (or a select few) rather than share with everyone else - fuck knows why!
  3. I've heard four different times for this during the week, the last of which (yesterday) was 1:30 p.m. I guess if you aim to be there before 12 you should be okay! I also tried to find more detail about everything but struggled but the way I'm looking at things is I could be pleasantly surprised if something happens that I wasn't expecting Looking forward to it, just hope it's not too hot.
  4. Is Alan Kermode standing now then? I did hear a rumour that he might be but I've not seen him for several weeks.
  5. You're not a moaner (or not in the context of this thread) and besides which, you are doing you bit for the community. I did say I would consider local in 4 years. I don't think I have what it takes to stand at a national level though.
  6. Is there still time for all you moaners to put yourselves forward (or are you just going to sit at your keyboards for the next 5 years moaning)? If you don't have what it takes to stand (or are too greedy to take a pay cut) or whatever other reason you have for not standing yourselves, perhaps you know someone who would make a better candidate and could convince them to stand in the time remaining in order to avoid having what you consider unsuitable candidates being elected.
  7. Yes, it fucking is. Oh and yes, I still sit and watch the snooker.
  8. It must be down to the mobile version. I've just had a quick look and there appears to be two different versions on mobile. Presumably one is a simplified version for mobile where you appear to have no actual reply to topic option but you can click a tick icon on any post and then you have the option to quote that post OR you can choose to use the full version and the normal desktop options apply (reply to topic box and the bottom of the page AND a 'reply to topic' button at the top of the page).
  9. You are correct there (no doubt some would take offence at being referred to a sign they failed to notice though!).
  10. People don't read signs. You can make them as big as you like, as brightly coloured and in as bold a font possible and they will still miss it.
  11. Wow, you've been here just over a month and you're an expert on MF already!
  12. The reply box doesn't automatically bloat quote multiple posts. That only happens when people click 'quote' on a post that is already long. The mobile version may be different I guess. I very rarely browse MF on my mobile though so I'm not familiar with it really.
  13. Yes it is annoying but it's not local news now, is it?
  14. Nicola Adams retains her Olympic title in the boxing.
  15. Yeah sorry, I should have clarified that as 'Olympic career'. If you're caught doping it should be a lifetime ban there's just no excuse these days.
  16. Or at the very least, the bloat quotes need to stop!
  17. Who knows how the minds of these people work.
  18. Hillsheperd disappears and Censorship reappears. Hmm...
  19. They didn't medal so it's a moot point really but yeah, I watched it and couldn't see anything obvious (but they were saying the TV angles were different to what the officials got to look at and there were people trackside etc at each point to keep an eye out). Exciting race to watch though, they ran well given that they were in lane 1 again.
  20. Bolt pulls off the triple triple (was there really any doubt?) what a fitting way to end a career.
  21. A first ever Gold medal for the GB Women's hockey team w00t!
  22. Amazing! Nice to see him finally take an individual Gold.
  23. Yeah, I suppose I should have just set the PVR. Might as well stick it out now lol.
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