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    He's a knob, nuff said really.
  2. He'll find his way here I'm sure. Is Rog here yet? Not seen any posts by him either.
  3. Well, I wish there was a way to shrink them but there isn't. They are size 15 and I do struggle to get shoes. Let's face it, at 6' 5" I'd struggle to balance with size 9's surely?
  4. I made the suggestion somewhere that we all e-mail any contacts we have and tell them about this site. As for steven, someone registered the name on manxonline to stop him doing it. I'm still convinced he's a troll. Maybe he'll reappear anyway; troll or not, he was entertaining.
  5. I'll not comment on the girly aspect of blokes wearing earrings (oops, I just did ). I could uderstand if you'd just had it pierced and didn't want the hole to close up but surely it would be easier to take it out rather than wear a silly bit of tape over it. One of the Portugese playes has two bits of tape and looks a right mong!
  6. Well, the no liquorice jelly ones are very tasty. The whole bag is nice to be honest. I think there were at least 8 jelly ones in the bag. They're 99p anyway so it's not going to break the bank is it and you can always give the rest to someone else.
  7. Heh, you'd need more than a plaster to stop him!
  8. Anyone else tried them yet? I got a bag today and have to say that they are rather nice. Very morish though, which is a bad thing.
  9. Ooh look, my first thread! Okay, so I'm watching the England game here and I'm wondering why the various footballers on the pitch have plasters (or sticky tape) over their ears. I mean, I know it's a safety thing (to stop an opposing player accidentally pulling earrings out) but don't you think they look rather daft? If that was me, I'd just take the earring out.
  10. Heh Uni, like he's a natural blonde eh! To quote Ali G "does the rug match the curtains?" (I think that's right anyway, I think it was Ali G too, probably not though) Oh yeah, the feet thing is xxxxxxxx too. I should know, I've got size 15's but I aint got a big willy Anyway, enough smut, I'll be quiet now.
  11. Congratulations on passing your test dude. As for the marriage, how on earth did they manage to keep something that big from you??? Best wishes to you both anyway, may you have many years of happiness together. I can't make it tonight I'm afraid but I will buy you a beer to celebrate very soon. Have a great night mate.
  12. Hey happy birthday for tomorrow dude. Have a good one.
  13. He was rumoured to have slept with over 250 people (note people, not women!). Maybe Dan's wishes will come true after all eh
  14. I think Vanessa will probably go. I don't really have a problem with Dan but he does tend to either keep himself to himself or basically interrogate the other housemates. He doesn't give much out about himself at all really does he? I think Stu will probably win too, he's just not getting on anyones nerves at all and although a housemate may not necessarily be popular with the viewers (I'm not saying that's the case with him though) if they don't get nominated by the housemates, the public can't vote them out. I really don't think Ahmed wants to be there anymore and I think he might be up for eviction next week; not sure whether Jay or Victor will join him though. I tried signing up to the broadband service too and I had trouble with my switch card. I gave up after a dozen attempts.
  15. I'd just like to add my thanks to slim for hosting manxonline. I think we collectively achieved a lot on that forum and put a lot of our differences from manx.net aside. It's a great shame that someone had to ruin it though and I sincerely hope that they do not appear here too. That said, I was surprised to hear that a sigle individual had forced the closing of the forum through their continuous complaints. Without wishing to ask for too much detail, was this due to comments made personally against them or were they just one of life's complainers with too much time on their hands slim? If the latter is the case, I'd be up for banning the likes of them from this forum tbh. I hear that Furry Mongoose has also set up a forum too. Not checked it out yet but got an e-mail with the url earlier this evening. P.S. thanks UniSol for keeping this forum going, I hope it stays and we coninue the community spirit. If I can help out in any small way, just ask.
  16. Ta muchly, it's good to be back Have to wait till tonight to sort my avatar out though.
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