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  1. Just think of the savings when the washing machines go faulty at the Jurby Hilton. Malarky is on hand to sort it! Wise move by HQ.
  2. Worked on the building back in the 1960's and understood that it was owned by the IOM bank.
  3. As it was heading south when it broke down where did they get it turned around to tow it back to Douglas?
  4. So is he saying we are buying bendy buses at £50,000 a go because some other UK operator is exploiting exactly the same short term demand for second hand buses that we are exploiting in disposing our own double deckers? So we sell two old double deckers to a UK operator in order to be able to afford to buy one new bendy bus that nobody else seems to want from another UK operator that has been banned from using them? And if it's so cost-effective to recondition double-decker buses for other operators, then why aren't we reconditioning them for our own purposes given these straightened ti
  5. It was only in 2008/9 that the last of our Leyland DD buses, which were 20 years old, were retired (some to the Jurby museum) and half of the ones now running in Blackpool were only 10 years old. I cant beleive if they were claped out, that the authorities in the UK would allow the on the road. The seats were reupholsed because they had the IOM map pattern on them and they were repainted into the Blackpool bus colours. If they needed a lot of mechanical work doing, which could not be done locally, that could have been been done in Blackburn. It wouldnt be be first time that buses have be sen
  6. Blackpool have had the 21 buses that they were "gifted" refurbised, and very smart they look. http://fyldebus.blogspot.com/2012/05/daf-354-unveiled.html They looked in good nick when they were shipped off the Island http://manxtransportphotos.weebly.com/out-with-the-old-more-dafs-withdrawn.html Surely it would have been a hell of a lot cheaper to refurb them than buy 24 brand new Mercs!
  7. Do manxgas buy their gas from the MEA ? I understood that they just pay for the use of the pipeline and both MEA and Manxgas buy from seperate wholesalers.
  8. Before this rise was announced, the price of of oil from all 3 suppliers was actually higher than gas at the star tariff. http://www.gov.im/oft/info/heatingschedule.xml This is the only way to compare all fuels by looking at the cost per useful Kwh
  9. I understand that a lot of the DAF double deckers that were bought new in 2001 are being sold off, probably at a give away price. Blackpool are delighted with the ones they bought at the end of last year, that we had bought new in 2000/2001. Sheer bloody madness !
  10. Did he die in the Isle of Man? Is that why its local news.
  11. No it wont. These offices were advertised by ODC in the courier a couple of weeks ago, together with 6 reserved parking spaces.
  12. Try here http://www.gov.im/oft/info/heatingschedule.xml Also, dont know if they still do it, but manx gas were offering 5 years interest free loan to buy a new boiler from them.
  13. Rugger, did you bring any of our buses back?
  14. Nice to see that Mr Christian has had to make the journey to America to represent the IOM at the Oscars. It must be a terrible strain to bear cosidering he has this massive income from CinemaNZ to look after.
  15. Boohoo, as I said in my later post just above yours, Ashley avenue does not exist. Ernie's shop (birch hill stores)is number 1 Maple avenue, the entrance to the play park is in Maple avenue and the recently sited recycling area is in Maple Avenue. I have checked this with the surveyers department of Onchan commissioners. The road sign at the junction with BH crescent says Maple avenue.
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