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  1. Anyone interested ? Is the price too high ? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HP-Pavilion-a710-uk-Computer-tower-Desktop-Windows-XP-/170634765919?pt=UK_Computing_DesktopPCs&hash=item27ba9fe65f Seen that one on eBay which is a similar spec Mine includes graphics card similar to this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/512MB-PCI-E-XpertVision-8600-GT-Dual-DVI-Graphics-Card-/220772501135?pt=UK_Computing_Computer_Components_Graphics_Video_TV_Cards_TW&hash=item336711068f And also includes a 17 inch monitor
  2. I dont have a digital camera , just a crappy phone camera , but I will take some pics for you.The dining table is heavily marked , but could be restored if desired.
  3. Graphics card alone is worth around £40 , but what are you suggesting the whole thing is worth ?
  4. I have the following items for sale due to an impending move.I want it all gone so I am open to negotiation Washing Machine -£100 Chest Freezer - £50 Tumble Dryer - £50 14 Inch TV - £25 DVD Player - £15 Large Dining Table With Chairs - £100 Futon Bunk Bed - £75 Corner Sofa Inc. Single Armchair - £450 ( rrp is nearly £2000 ) Glass Display Cabinet - £50 Two Fridges - £25 Each
  5. Windows XP Service Pack 3 AMD Sempron 3500+ 2.0Ghz 1Gb Ram 80Gb Maxtor HDD Nvidia Geforce 8600GT Keyboard Mouse Monitor £150 OVNO
  6. MarcusAurelius


    Absolutely brilliant game.Wipes the floor with MW2 IMO. S.V.E.R are supposed to be quite brutal , been playing Raven with a few of the lads in Ramsey , really enjoyable. No LAG , hadn't noticed that there were only 3 maps tbh , no kn*bs like on MW2 , really pleased with MAG
  7. Something else to consider Whilst not solving the backwards compatability issue for people that still have actual PS2 discs , it would still help in relation to making a very large back catalogue of PS2 games available that can't be played on currently manufactured PS3 models.
  8. Welcome to rantforums.com Starwash.im Best wishes to you , hope the business goes well. When our shop opened Energy FM came up with a Star Wars style ad with voices of Yoda & Obi Wan Kenobi.I soon got sick of hearing it but the ads certainly generated interest with some people even wanting the mp3 file from us.
  9. When I was at Game , the store turned over just under £2 Mill p.a with approximately 35% of that coming from the Ramsey , Sulby , Kirk Michael , Andreas , Bride areas. I thought that level of expenditure would be enought to justify a small shop in the Ramsey area.However the margins just were not there and we ended up losing quite a substantial amount of money. We tried , it failed !! BTW Jim nobody will be buying games from us anymore Take a guess why ?
  10. Feel free to move there then Jim. I can understand shopping across when prices are lower , its just the general assumption that IOM retailers are a rip off that mildly irritates me .We simply cannot compete with online or chain store prices , I know from my own experience that the trade price that independants like us pay is higher than the retail price some online & high street retailers charge. Before you think that the UK is all that , let me tell you my council tax in Southport was over £1500 per year plus Water Rates of £350 whereas for a bigger , higher value property in Ramsey my rates are a massive £600 per year which includes Water. It appears here we can benefit from having all that the IOM has to offer ( better schools , better health service , low crime , low tax rates etc... ) and still pop across to the UK to take advantage of lower prices.Each to their own of course but it will and does have an impact.
  11. What high standards would they be in the UK then ? Unless you can back that comment up with some official research then its just a throw away comment. My family and I have experienced bad customer service at lots of independant and chain stores across the UK. Unfortunately the internet has played a part in this. Having some retail experience myself you know when you are being primed for information that the internet does not offer to the layman.You can spend hours with a customer ( they are not really a customer until they buy something however ) only for them to 'go away and think about it' only to never see them again.There may be some that have legitimate reasons for not going back , but there are people that do this frequently and deliberately.Why should a high street traditional bricks and mortar retailer help an online retailer ? This unfortunately causes some people to say they have had bad customer service. Whilst we are talking about good shops , I can personally recommend Shakti Man ( The Fair Trade Shop ) in Ramsey & The Ramsey Art Gallery.
  12. MarcusAurelius

    Ps3 Repair

    So would that be a new dvd drive fitted and linked to the motherboard for £20.
  13. MarcusAurelius

    Ps3 Repair

    Really!!?? Not to be disparaging to your helpful post bud, but I've never found Waltons or Colebournes to be in any way reasonable when it comes to computer parts (or anything else for that matter). I've never visited Computers 4 U though, where's it based at? When I say reasonably , I mean reasonable enough for me. The fact that I said 'or even cheaper online' in my original post shows that you can get it cheaper online , but after several unhappy experiences from eBay , Dabs , Dell , Amazon , Scan & eBuyer I prefer to pay more and get my pc parts locally. I have heard that Waltons can be expensive , but Computers 4 U in Ramsey always looks after me well and I think what I have bought from them has been fairly priced.
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