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  1. I'm selling up my home brew gear. Got everything you need to make beer from raw ingredients, keg it, and have it chilled on tap at home. Too much stuff to list separately. Fire away with any questions or PM me to arrange to view.
  2. Does anyone know if there are any regular sessions going on anywhere at the moment?
  3. Mrs Integer is looking for a spinning wheel, anything considered.
  4. integer


    Have the census questions always been like this? We now have to tell them how we get to work, what qualifications we have, how many hours we worked last week, how our house is heated, whether we have a mortgage, why we moved here (if we did), and we get prosecuted if we refuse. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of these privacy warriors up in arms about CCTV, ID cards etc, but I think the fact the government can force you by law to disclose all this info is a bit "1984".
  5. DEFA got back to me today and told me I can't do anything whilst they are nesting, and I'll have to wait 8 weeks or so. They will send someone out to confirm the nest is empty before I remove it. *drums fingers*
  6. I've got some jackdaws squatting in my eaves. Is it illegal to disturb nesting birds or are jackdaws considered a pest? Also, any suggestions on who to get out to remove them?
  7. The best piece of advice I can give you is ignore 99% of what you read here, and please don't think this forum is a fair representation of island residents. Most people on the island are actually polite and welcoming. And normal.
  8. Saw this a while back, they're superb. Have you seen their "Bags of glue"?
  9. I'm looking for a cheap pre-loved 5 string banjo. Anyone out there got one kicking around? Any condition will do.
  10. I'd have to disagree, A Plane is Born is on.
  11. I'm not doing it for the 40th consecutive year now. My times have never got any worse, and I've never finished lower than 17th.
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