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  1. Damn, been cold turkey for a month. Looks like that's about to end...
  2. Perhapse you should read the article and understand her fixed costs, and consider the implications of her not meeting them? She claims to be poverty stricken, she isn't. Poverty does not mean you have to wrap your xmas gifts with cheaper gold twine instead of fancy ribbons. She borrowed left right and center to buy investment properties and now has to tighten her belt to make the repayments, she is not 'poverty stricken' in any way shape or form. Poverty definition: 1. state of being poor: the state of not having enough money to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing.
  3. Perhaps she should spend some of her £500 a week on a dictionary so she can look up the word 'poverty'.
  4. "Not enough memory" messages will probably be referring to RAM, not disk space.
  5. Everyone is assuming that highlighting any corruption would reflect badly on the UK bid. Has nobody thought that surely if FIFA are honest and upstanding they will be pleased that the bad eggs in their ranks have been exposed and would be thankful...
  6. I went to bed last night after watching some great bowling and Haddin and Hussey were hanging in by the skin of their teeth. I couldn't believe it when I got up this morning to see the Aussies had made 481.
  7. You're both mental. Seriously. Stop it.
  8. They claim on their accessibility page that "We use alternative text for all our images". I checked about 10 and didn't find a single alt text value. I hate it when sites make claims about accessibilty and W3C validity, but don't actually bother doing the work. Not only that, it looks like shit.
  9. Silence isn't going to get any radio airtime. The best way to show the x-factor as the pantomime it really is, is for everyone to vote for Wagner to win. It'd be nice to see everyone manipulate Cowell for a change, as opposed to vice-versa. He might make a few quid from the Xmas No.1, but he'd never sell any follow up singles/albums. Plus Wagners ace
  10. Your "friend" should think themselves lucky. Where else would you just get a warning if you were caught stealing?
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11560079
  12. It turned out it was doing the same for all realms, not just Frostwhisper, so I ended up uninstalling. I was thinking of doing it anyway, I was never happy with the original install. I upgraded from the free trial and it didn't seem to install very well, the repair utility was missing and the program folder was still called "World of Warcraft Trial", and things like that bug me. I started the reinstall last night and the first 3Gb came down pretty quick, but now the 5Gb is trickling through my internet tubes at about 0.00003kb per week (as I expected). Oh well, I could do with a break from it, I can get to know my wife again.
  13. Not sure what mine's up to. I can log in ok but when I try to connect to Frostwhisper it just sits there for a while then tells me I've been disconnected
  14. That is properly ace. Well done fella.
  15. I used them a couple of years ago and would use them again. Very good customer service.
  16. What's the difference between "Maybe" and "Not Sure"?
  17. Totally agree, had an appointment with Kelly today and she was great. (and I think I saw you outside too)
  18. We've used http://www.eatitnow.co.uk/ a couple of times. So far so good.
  19. The restaurant is excellent, as is the hotel.
  20. If you're with Wimanx you have an option in your "customer portal" to have a static IP. For free.
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