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  1. The im domain registry (or domicilium, or whatever name they are trading under) is a pain the the backside. Last time I tried to get one they wouldn't let me have it without proving that I owned the trademark for the name in question, or at least it was a recognised brand name that I owned (not to mention they were asking £40 for them). Great way to turn away business....
  2. No, I'd do it myself. Probably.....
  3. ...and kettle leads are called IEC leads, you can get 'em from ebay for 99p......
  4. Small job, I've removed a stud wall between a bathroom and dressing room to leave one big bathroom. This has left the ceiling a bit rough and I'm looking for someone to skim or artex it (and possibly slap up some coving too)... All suggestions appreciated...
  5. Control Panel>Network Connections. Right click your dial up connection icon, then properties and ensure that "Show icon in notification area" is checked.
  6. The police are looking into it but they have nothing to go on..... *bum tssh!* Groan all you like, thats the best you'll get
  7. *right click, save image as....., c:\private\images\fetish\mutton*
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