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  1. Only if the leader of your country is called Bush and you can't pronounce 'Aluminium' correctly... So we're fucked by proxy then. Tchoh.
  2. And does it about 10000000% (and that's a lot of percent!) more effectively than any of your usual sanctimonious "just say no" posters. Maybe the anti-drugs message - (which is a valid message) - would be better coming from the people who'd been there and done it and paid the price, than from people who just think they know how horrible it all is? Drugs can be good, which is why people take them. No one would take a drug (more than once) that resulted in someone simply smacking you about the head with a hammer - we need an honest message, an acceptance that drugs can be good, drugs can be great, but ultimately, the price you pay for the indulgence, might be too high, and you'll potentially sustain a lot of damage along the way. If we don't accept that drugs can be good, then we're lying. Rebellious teenagers are keen to try anything on this earth "just because" anyway, without us heaping lies on top of already weak arguments as well.
  3. Well I still think we need more bombing, a few years ago it was £300 for a tank, now it's £500, I know there's inflation and that, but this whole thing is clearly a disastrous result of our failed war effort in Iraq and resultant instability across the entire Middle Eastern region. I realise there's a flaw in my logic there in suggesting more bombs, but it won us WW2, so I reckon it should work here as well. I am currently designing an incredibly sinister "Monty Burns-esque" 45 degree upwards-facing drilling platform, which will siphon the oil from our neighbours' tanks (and possibly from those across the road as well). It's not nice, but in times of WAR, we must improvise and get by as best we can. It is war, isn't it?
  4. Can't we just go and annexe the Middle East or something? WE NEED CHEAPER OIL! America's supposed to be good at this sort of stuff, it should go and kick massive amounts of ass and get all the oil for us.
  5. Need For Speed Underground was brilliant IMO, although it's all gone badly downhill from there. NFS Most Wanted might have been good, but the slowdown on the 360 version was fucking abysmal and completely put me off. I'll give Pro Street a fair crack of the whip.
  6. Wandering through some of those dark mental places, as is my basic lifestyle choice at the moment - I came upon the title of this film via a somewhat tenuous link at cracked.com: http://www.cracked.com/article_15157_p4.html Being rather intrigued, I was cheered to see that HMV are selling it on the cheap - http://www.hmv.co.uk/hmvweb/displayProduct...&sku=627126 - and thus my DVD was secured. In short, if you want to be cheered up, watch something else. But if you want to watch one of the most beautifully constructed and almost unbearably bleak tales of human tragedy ever, (think hardcore Shakespearian, but a lot darker and more modern), this is most likely the film for you. I like to think I'm fairly resistant to film's more upsetting places, but the final fifteen minutes of this film are almost certainly unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's not sensationalist, it's not grotesque, it's not gory, but it is some of the most distressingly brutal film making I've ever borne witness to - I just sat on the couch in respectful silence as the credits rolled, rather than scurrying off for a piss. (And I did actually need a piss as well.) Definitely a 9/10 - and gets the highest Chopsticks recommendation. ------------- HMV's rather good "in-house" review reads as follows: There is no getting away from the fact the explicit nature of “Requiem For A Dream” makes for difficult viewing. This truly disturbing portrait of four lives being slowly destroyed by addiction was only Aronofsky's second feature film, yet it is highly accomplished film-making at its best. Using visual devices such as repetition and stop-frame footage may sound like a gimmick, but the director controls them so successfully that they become an essential and fully integrated part of the film's vocabulary. Superbly adapted from Hubert Selby Jr.'s novel, the plot is shockingly bleak and devoid of hope, yet extremely moving. The ensemble performances are exceptional throughout, yet special recognition must go to Burstyn for her remarkable and naturalistic turn as Sara - a woman who becomes a genuine victim of society's obsession with appearance. The inevitable degradation of the four central characters is evident from the outset, yet Aronofsky forces us watch as they slowly deteriorate. The final half an hour is as distressing as film gets – there aren't many films with an ending as unhappy as this one. What is most remarkable is that Aronofsky manages to make a film with a central anti-drugs message that does not patronise or adhere to stereotypes. Not for the faint hearted, “Requiem For A Dream” is highly emotive, and highly recommended.
  7. Uh, has Musharraf moved Pakistan? Well the whole "Eastern" side of things, it's all a bit dodgy.
  8. In a way it would be quite handy if the whole Middle East just nuked itself into oblivion, and then we could pop across when the radioactive dust had settled a bit to get the oil, which is the only thing that's ever interested us about the region anyway.
  9. If only there was some way to predict stuff like this in advance!
  10. I have deliberately avoided it for fear of sullying my opinion of him.
  11. Chopsticks


    It's always possible to have oral health problems, even with the best of brushing/flossing/whatever routines. No one's suggesting that parents don't have a responsibility for their child's teeth, but it's important to have easy and free access to a dentist should problems arise.
  12. Chopsticks


  13. The only flaw being the distinct lack of true brownfield sites on the Island. What about all that horrible flat stuff out Jurby way?
  14. What's unfair about a system that makes it easy for people to park close to their own houses?
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