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  1. You clearly don't understand the concept of an online discussion forum so should recuse yourself from posting ever again.
  2. Just been in Tesco for my big shop. Bread aisle (by 6.30pm) was pretty bare but still managed to find a sliced loaf and there were plenty of muffins and rolls etc. Also bought a bread tin to bake my own if necessary (last resort as I love fresh bread).
  3. No. I think the bureaucrats have historically done far too much sweeping bad news under the carpet. I think the combination of a new administration keen to address issues where the public (understandably) has little confidence and the publication of the tribunal have caused a sea change. There will be more revelations and more blood letting and hopefully a new ethos will flourish as a result. I know of a number of people who gave up whistleblowing or claiming workplace bullying because they were intimidated or simply didn't have the resources.
  4. That's a fair point - individually none of us can do much but hope to influence colleagues. Alex Allinson has brought forward two major bills over the last few years, so one person CAN make a difference. It's like wading in treacle at times but I hope I have made a difference already. I was the only MHK to express public support for the Crogga licence extension, to the point of talking on the radio about it and hosting a briefing by the firm to Tynwald members. Realistically it may have had little impact on the eventual CoMin decision (Vlad probably made a stronger case), but I was thanked by a couple of people who thought it was a rational option and agreed with my reasoning but couldn't be seen to express public support for anything not Kermit-hued. And just to be clear, I'm not 'against' the rest of Tynwald or the CS, I see my role more as cutting through some of the systemic bull and bluster with pertinent comments and questions that others may not feel comfortable with - most recently a number of parliamentary questions about the airport management, private consultants and car parking. It's probably true that some members want to spend the rest of their lives in high elected office so are more careful than me about obeying the rules of that game, I'm more ZFG but not in an anarchic way, and certainly don't seek 'power'. And don't think that public opinion doesn't count - heads have rolled this last week and that's mostly because of an angry Manx public.
  5. Airline travel is miserable. I went to Dublin last week and had to throw a quarter-filled bottle of mouthwash away (which I'd carefully depleted to comply with presumed liquids rules). Had to go in the bin anyway as it's the size of the container as well as the amount of liquid. Coming back someone ahead of me at Dublin had to pour out a bottle of a milky soft drink (although the container was returned). I understand the need for airport security but the implementation of it seems completely senseless. I'd rather take the boat these days, and I hate boats.
  6. Lilly - yesterday in the House of Keys we voted in favour of a Private Member's Bill from Dr Alex Allinson which would allow assisted dying. I think the vote was 22:2 in favour and members spoke with some emotion about the issue.
  7. Not assimilated or neutered yet, and still waiting for some of those fabled brown envelopes. Don't make the mistake that government does by confusing outputs with outcomes. It's easy to make lots of noise, but much harder to make worthwhile changes.
  8. Presumably so could we...
  9. I made it clear to Alf I didn't want a departmental position for at least 12 months. Although if I could cut road tax and fuel duty as Job #1 and get that £42m back from the climate bods and share it amongst the pensioners as Job #2 I could be convinced to take over the treasures. What could possibly go wrong?
  10. I don't believe any MHK or MLC is 'frightened' as you suggest. But if the presiding officer tells you you can't discuss the detail of a tribunal because of a sub-judice Standing Order, it's just wasting your time to try, as a couple of members found out. Whether or not it should be sub-judice is a matter for debate, but apparently the SO has been in place for a while.
  11. I agree with Helix and Declan. There, I said it... Joney works diligently for her local and national constituents and doesn't deserve the spiteful and hectoring comments we all get. We're all part of a system going back 1000 years and trying to make it better, but it's often frustrating and unproductive work. Few other careers paint a target on your back simply by virtue of your job*. I understand the irritation and sometimes dismay that people feel, but a reasonable approach and rational discussion will move things along further than generic hate. * Except DoI workers and Manx Radio staff. And estate agents. And lawyers. OK, lots of jobs...
  12. My understanding is that the matter is still sub judice, so political commentary will necessarily be scant during this period. But I will be listening carefully to the Chief Minister's statement to Tynwald on Tuesday.
  13. Missed Derry Girls first time round, but its been laugh out loud funny.
  14. I get free parking at the airport? Woot - news to me, thanks!
  15. I wasn't bullied into anything - I thought on reflection it was probably a valid point. I considered replacing 'girls' with 'supermodels' for comedic effect (like THAT would ever happen) but I've realised that I'm getting more responsible with age - I just passed up an Audi V10 for a sensible Golf. Thing about the VW is I can get a farty exhaust, bigger turbo, cat delete, window tints and baseball cap.
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