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  1. BBC and other broadcasters and media organisations have a detailed prepared plan that goes into effect the minute something 'of national importance' happens, like royal deaths. It would be a sackable offence to play certain songs whilst those protocols are in place.
  2. I'll be there with our little band Stalking Heads positively murdering a couple of Thin Lizzy classics. If only I could play bass as well as Phil Lynott. Or still get into my leather pants. We're on first so I can get up to the day job afterwards - we'll probably start around 8.45pm. There will be some cracking musicians on too, not least Wrighty and Roxanne!
  3. I am delighted to announce that I will be returning to Manx Radio’s Late Show on Wednesday 1st July. This follows a three week suspension after complaints were lodged against me for comments made by me and contributors to my programme on 3rd June. This led to an investigation by the regulator, the Isle of Man Communications Commission. Their report, published yesterday (24th June) concluded that Manx Radio had not breached the Broadcasting Code and that there was no case to answer. I feel strongly that people should be able to discuss things rationally and respectfully – it’s the onl
  4. Information Notice.pdf Not sure if the PDF link will work, but this is the official word. To everyone on here who has supported me, thank you sincerely. To my many detractors, have a nice day.
  5. I expect the protest will be in front of the U.S. Embassy in Douglas - otherwise an IOM protest about police brutality in Murrica makes no sense except as a virtue signalling snowstorm. In other news (saw this on a graph earlier) , in 2018 the USA had around fifty thousand white on black violent crimes, compared with four hundred thousand black on black and around 550,000 black on white violent crimes. ALL Lives Matter!
  6. I can't comment on scheduling or management, but I'm sure that all reasonable comments will be taken into account by da bosses. Gettafa kindly confirms MR wins online but fails to recognise it's primarily a broadcast radio station and if you count listeners I'm sure my earlier point stands.
  7. Fair points LL. I suppose RAJAR will eventually show whether the new schedule works or not. I'm sure nothing is cast in tablets of stone and it might take further tweaking.
  8. "Who really needs Manx Radio"? Technically, nobody except me - my Merc won't run on water so I need you (personally, ideally) to buy my petrol. Who WANTS Manx Radio is a more reasonable question, and I expect that more people got their official updates from my colleagues than all the other media you mention put together.
  9. It's mainly only my rate that's eye-watering, but would YOU get out of bed for less than a grand a day? Don't know about the latest WuFlu briefings, but I suspect Government tells media in the morning what time the announcement will be in the afternoon, then fails to turn up on time. Meanwhile, presses have been held and airtime allocated for the latest pronouncement about the Emperor's new pantaloons. It reminds the media plebs that the MHK's are considerably more important than them. If I was in charge at Manx Radio I'd start playing the 'Ulla' fighting machine noises from War of the W
  10. Rising inflection. Most annoying. As is the modern (usually young female) pronunciation which adds a New Zealnd/South African flavour. 'Goying hoym'. Oy noy'.
  11. Manx Radio of course pre-records certain programmes. However it does very little 'voice tracking*' compared to most other commercial radio stations these days. Perhaps you'd like to elucidate on which programmes are currently voice tracked? * Where a freelance presenter sits in a rabbit hutch in Slough or wherever and records just the voice links between songs. The playout computer tells him what the links are, what time in the show it will be and how long he should speak. I think the computer then assembles the show and plays it out 'as for live'. I've never used it so don't know exactly
  12. Being taught to knock a tune out on something and understand the rudiments of musical notation is a fine gift that will enrich the lives of any children exposed to it. As others have opined, I'd cancel RE before I'd touch music.
  13. Jesus wept - give them a chance to react! And no, the Nation's Station isn't letting you down.
  14. No, I'm choosing to believe what I know to be a fact. You're choosing to believe somebody with an axe to grind.
  15. I think the money was refunded to IOMG, who then used it to fund the subvention that year. I don't think MR got anything extra. IOMG had the windfall. No. I believe it was investigated and proven to be untrue.
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