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  1. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Not that I'm aware of. Remember, none of us is (are?) getting any younger.
  2. Stu Peters

    Man waves knob at traffic

    Bit chilly to be waving your willy...
  3. Stu Peters

    12 Rules For Life - Dr Jordan Peterson

    With respect Barrie I'm not looking for help or an extended reading list - just passing on a recommendation based on my own experience.
  4. Stu Peters

    12 Rules For Life - Dr Jordan Peterson

    As Gladys said, he tells us what we (mostly) already know, intuitively, but explains why we have evolved with that innate knowledge. The other thing I like is that he's for individual responsibility freedoms and against ideologies and group identity. But the biggest thing is that he speaks carefully (have made a mental note to emulate) and is unafraid of speaking 'his' truth, in plain sight, in the knowledge that in a democracy people will soon correct him if he is wrong and they can prove it. In a world gone fucking mad with PC nonsense (which he says is the new and more acceptable face of neo-Marxism) he's a refreshing voice of reason. I'm not an academic, but he makes what seems an interesting point that universities are radicalising a whole generation of kids rather than educating them.
  5. Hard work but brilliant - as are the endless hours of his talks and lectures on YouTube.
  6. Stu Peters

    Lessons haven't been learned

    I agree with earlier posts - the name of the accused should be withheld until found guilty in all cases. Or the accuser should be named at the outset too. The excuse that the publicity would be unfair on them doesn't wash when their accusations could and probably will end the career of the (usually) man accused, whether found guilty or not. The stigma will always stick. I don't think in the circumstances the media has done anything wrong - imagine the furore if they had the information and DIDN'T run the story about a prominent public figure being accused of something horrid? No, the fault is with the legal system that allows any person to lose their reputation before the case even gets to a court. Only if the accused is a repeat or persistent offender should they be named.
  7. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    You state pretty much all those wild claims as facts. They are not, they are YOUR opinions. Thus just the rantings of a man down the pub with a grudge.
  8. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    I prefer Talk Radio - if all I want is music I can make my own mix cassettes...
  9. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    It took me an hour, carpet rash and most of my fingernails to get to the bathroom on Saturday night, which is 6 feet from my bedroom . I was so immobilised by pain I almost wet the bed rather than endure it. It took me another 30 minutes to get back into bed. Having suffered similar symptoms every couple of years for the last thirty, and having spent fortunes on physiotherapists and chiropractors who only made it worse, I know that the answer is bed rest for a couple of days. Could I do the show from home? Not really, I'd need an ISDN line as VOIP introduces too much latency for a phone-in, and it would be a faff redirecting emails and texts, and there'd still have to be someone tech operating at Broadcasting House. Listened to a bit with Andy deputising today and realised the next comments here will probably be how much better at it he is than me, so I didn't pull a sickie lightly. ETA: Feeling much better today, thanks. Slept for a couple of hours sitting upright on the sofa last night and that seemed to ease the problem significantly. And I've told Stormy that the reverse piledriver is off the menu in future...
  10. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    A quick mental walk through the building reveals around 20-25ish FTE staff to me. People move on, people die, and if you want to maintain a service you have to replace them. Expecting everyone to do three jobs only works for so long. The ten year old you mention was a producer learning the ropes of presenting doing holiday cover at a pinch point. I know you'd rather have Chris Evans but there's no money, you see. But don't worry Sid, I've hurt my back so am on bed rest for a couple of days - that'll save them thousands...
  11. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Not true, and not common practice, unless a media company has exclusive rights to a story (i.e. paid for it) in which case others will credit them as a source. Since I have impeccable manners I'll usually credit a source, unlike many other meeja types.
  12. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Tell me WKRP, how do YOU think the worldwide media works? Hacks in brown overcoats and trilby hats hanging around disreputable bars and street corners sniffing out the next scoop. Digging through wheelie bins for incriminating brown envelopes? Ringing their Editor from a phonebox saying 'hold the front page, Mrs Quirk's cat has finally come home'? Kudos to the papers for getting the scoop. At other times they get stories MR has unearthed. That's how it really works. Unless you're a UK national daily and report on the latest TV soap opera plotlines or staged reality show meltdowns instead.
  13. Stu Peters

    Rex verdict

    I like cats.
  14. Stu Peters

    Coffee Republic Opened Quietly This Morning!

    Thank the planners for allowing a huge Starbucks a couple of doors down.
  15. Stu Peters

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    I have two thoughts on this, entirely personal as ever and no doubt unpopular with the chattering liberal classes: 1. Charity begins at home. Not one penny should be sent off-island while people here suffer any hardship that government could reasonably be expected to ameliorate. This clearly does not apply to the workshy or feckless. 2. Islam is inconsistent with the Western way of life and should only not be encouraged in the name of multi-culturalism, it should be actively resisted. Mass migration won't affect me, but I fear that my children and grandchildren will grow up in a fundamentalist caliphate that will engulf then destroy from within thousands of years of evolution and culture.