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  1. Stu Peters

    Looks like the burglars are back!

    I AM sacred. Or a relic - one or t'other...
  2. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    I've considered that Snaipyr, but it's a step towards censorship which I've always resisted (apart from outrageous comments which I've edited/ignored).
  3. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Not an admission, it's an established fact - look at any of the Annual Reports and you'll see what is expected of the station in terms of news, current affairs, sport, community stuff, culture, music etc. Still the biggest overall audience in the Isle of Man, albeit after a disappointing quarter. The station was convinced/forced* by government to drop the young audience weekend station KikFM, no doubt designed to address the problem of an ageing listenership in return for an increased subvention and 'clearer' PSB remit. I don't suppose Those Who Must Be Obeyed actually used the words 'and to create an audience for young Juan's niche station'. We all know what happened to THAT experiment. I got my start on Kik FM, as did many of the presenters working for MR and the other stations. I suspect there ARE things wrong with MR - if I owned the station there are a number of changes I'd make. But they'd be based on personal taste (as are most of the comments in this thread) and not necessarily in the interests of a broad church audience. I still stand by my personal opinion that MR is a national treasure and stands comparison with any other similar organisation anywhere. I'm amazed that some people on here hate it so much, rather than celebrate it. The occasional mistakes are irksome, but at least prove the place is full of fallible humans, broadcasting from Douglas, using local people paying local taxes, and not a robot station voice-tracked from a radio factory in the UK. We all know how to save money, but at times you have to realise that the things you want cost money to achieve. * I wasn't privy to the discussion but seem to remember it being one of the main conditional recommendations of the Darwin Report. But as you suggest, I'm an old man and my memory is unreliable.
  4. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    You do come out with some absolute shite! I've never made it clear I know how to fix the 'problem', or asked for more money, just offering an alternative view. And I'm either the unofficial mouthpiece or I'm contractually not allowed to post - make your mind up! I applied for the Programme Controller job a dozen (IIRC) years ago and probably came fifth out of six applicants. I have thanked my lucky stars ever since - what a thankless task! Government mandates the type of content, launches regular 'reports' which destabilise the workforce, and allow two competitors to dilute the commercial income stream and reduce external funding. At least in the thread there are finally some negative comments about Energy and 3FM too - far more fertile ground I would have thought for criticism. Yet you pay for them indirectly rather than through a subvention, so it must be the 30p a week that makes people angry. I like George and Ron and wish them well - but theirs is a fast food joint and Manx Radio is a restaurant. I'm amazed that 'more music' stations still exist, with mobile devices capable of providing a thousand of your favourite choons, which is another reason I'm not the person to be in charge. I especially find the comments about 'MR needs to move with the times - radio is dead' irritating. The same people complained about the cameras in the studios and ignore the vast number of video clips posted daily. 'We want podcasts' you said. You have them now. The whole media landscape is changing in both print and broadcast, but I think few organisations are as proactive in seeking new platforms and ways of doing business. And let's put an end to this nonsense about 'the subvention allows MR to undercut the others'. The OFT looked into that and found it was baseless.
  5. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Think this through though. Manx Radio could probably boost listenership easily by sacking all the community and 'serious' spoken word programmes and replacing them with cheap computerised pop music shows instead. But that's not the remit of the station or the reason it needs public funding. If all you want is pop music, Energy and 3FM do a pretty good job. If you want more than that, you listen to Manx Radio...unless you're more interested in traffic on the M25.
  6. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    I noticed it had changed earlier today but didn't have time to look at it properly. But reading your comment I've just viewed it on my home PC and I have to say it seems a big improvement to me (I know people will think I HAVE to say that but I'd not comment at all if I thought it was tosh). I don't have the eyesight to use the internet on my moby so don't know how it is on Android. I just wish they'd Photoshop my picture. I still prefer the moody black and white shots from (probably) 15 years ago when I had hair. And no glasses.
  7. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Group of serious investors say they're going to build a marina in Ramsey with private money, create jobs, homes, a hotel and a 24/7 marina - what's not to like? Bugger the bugs and weeds that might have to move a few hundred yards - this could be great for Ramsey. Maybe they're doing it there because they're all IOM residents, and David Dorricot is based there. Good for them as far as I'm concerned. What's the worst that can happen - they'll not manage it and look foolish? Dilli might be right, but my two-pennorth is that Gubmint needs all the spare money for their pensions so they'll not bale it out unless it's virtually finished and they get it for nothing.
  8. Stu Peters


    Always my opinion too, although I had a moment yesterday where I questioned my belief in evolution and I wondered if there wasn't some fundamental design element to us all, which begs the question.
  9. Stu Peters


    Yes I am.
  10. Stu Peters

    End of Douglas?

    Worked well in Salford in the 80's - vast estate of corpy flats on Eccles New Road deemed slums by residents, unfit for humans and fundamentally substandard were bought by Barratt Homes or Wimpey (IIRC), given a very basic overhaul and with added security fencing to keep out the chavs and sold to yuppies.
  11. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    There's no lift. The stairs are the only exercise I get.
  12. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    I'm sorry that Woolley (a reasonable contributor) felt let down. I'm rarely up at that time these days, but suspect he tuned in 5 minutes after Chris provided all that information and turned off a few minutes before it was all repeated. Gizo - are you talking about the same time range? I know that when I presented Mandate we had news at 7.30, 8.00 and 8.30am with a full live weather briefing at 8.10 and a couple of runs at traffic and travel, all within the hour that most people need that kind of information. There's a balance between too much of it and not enough, depending on your personal circumstances.
  13. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    A perfectly reasonable approach. I also listen to other stations - it's like owning a chippy yet going out for a burger now and then.
  14. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    But Energy and 3FM were set up as simple music stations and never intended to offer the breadth of programming that MR does - and that's primarily where the subvention goes. So it's nothing to do with using public money to undercut the competition. In fact that allegation (from the usual suspects) was officially disproved and laid to rest by the OFT last year. As to 'attract the young', that was the intent of MR's KikFM at the weekends - which as I understand it was closed down after the Darwin Report in return for an increased PSB remit and subvention and to allow the then new Energy to serve the youth market. Of course, they soon realised the unsustainability of that. The ad loading hasn't gone up in the 17 years I've been there I don't think - still the same number of minutes per hour. ETA: And the commercial side makes a significant net profit on its activities.
  15. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    But it's more a public service than a business. The commercial side is there primarily to reduce the amount of public subvention needed, and support the programming pot. Unlike the commercial side of the hospital where income from private work by doctors primarily goes to them personally. And it's certainly not a 'failing' business. It's evolving more into multimedia than pure radio, but that's surely to be expected and welcomed as consumer habits change. I'm not part of management so have no axe to grind, but I don't think there are any more managers at Manx Radio than in any comparable organisation. Let's face it, someone in authority has to bollock me every now and then.