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  1. Gettafa - I think you'll find virtually all mainstream media have signed up to the idea of a climate emergency and the sanctification of St Greta. Sensational headlines sell newspapers and swell ratings. At least Manx Radio has a bloke on every night denying that any such emergency exists, that politicians can do bugger all about it and that every penny spent on it (apart from mitigating any adverse effects of climate change) is a penny wasted that could better have been spent planting trees.
  2. Pedants corner: it must have been the GROUNDSPEED was down to 67 knots - if the airspeed had got that low it would have fallen out of the sky.
  3. Picture should have been credited to Amadeus, who is apparently never far from flashing blue lights (!), and sent me the report while I was on the wireless last night!
  4. I refuse to listen to a single word said against Mr P Christian. We may be on completely opposite sides of the climate and political divides (linked theme there I think) but he's passionate about the environment, a good bird photographer and a great bass player.
  5. Yup - thin end of the wedge. Next we'll have Germans wanting to move here. Descendants of the same lot who bombed my Nana's favourite chip shop.
  6. My gut is very prescient China. You'll see. It'll get colder before it gets hotter. For the record, I agree that the climate is changing. I agree that a contributing factor is mankind (but only because of more people and more industrialisation). I agree that anything we can do to make the planet cleaner and more sustainable is A Good Thing. But I don't think pious governments or disagreeable greenies and scared children can do anything about John Malkovich's cycle etc.
  7. I know Foxy - I was thinking exactly the same thing when I read your earlier post. But as old Nic said 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. On climate anyway - I'm sure we'll be back to daggers drawn otherwise.
  8. That's a very imperious attitude. YouTube is like any other medium, you choose what to believe. Watch some Tony Heller videos and tell me what facts or deductions you take issue with (apart from his smarmy voice).
  9. The anthropogenic impact is tiny and is only being pushed by 10k scientists (or IS it - didn't a bunch of them write to the UN a couple of weeks ago to say there is NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY?) because their funding and livelihoods depend on giving their governments the ammunition they need to tax and control us more. The effect of every one of us here giving up cars, knitting wooly underwear, turning the heating off and eating fucking lentils will be zero. The only reason to do it is to virtue signal to people who don't give a shit what the Isle of Man thinks or does. The 'science' promoted by Al Gore (IIRC all inconvenient predictions of his have proved wildly excessive) is based on the equivalent of someone logging the water level from low tide and extrapolating after 3 hours that it's likely to continue rising forever and we'll all drown. The worst of these eco green enviro Marxist climate activists have succeeded in nothing more than proving how disagreeable they are and needlessly terrifying a whole generation of children with their emotive rhetoric and politicised propaganda. The whole global warming thing has always felt 'off' to me, and I'm glad that some VERY serious scientists are questioning the accepted hymn sheet. Max is right - there are plenty of examples of scientists and others who have been ostracised or had their funding withdrawn because they've gone off script. Watch some Tony Heller vids on YouTube - he doesn't hypothesise so much as show the obfuscation, chicanery and selective misrepresentation of data by the alarmists. And before anyone says 'oh, he's funded by BP or Gazprom, he WOULD say that', I don't care as long as he's exposing a monumental intergovermental fraud using THEIR own data.
  10. Good to see that IOMG is prioritising its resources. I'd hate them to concentrate on poverty, overstaffing, cronyism, the public sector black hole, potholes and inept road 'improvements', flooding mitigation, ferry prices and policies, and a failed health system. At least we'll not be having MHK's serving jail sentences any more, and that's probably always been a huge problem.
  11. Youse guys crack me up. No really, I'm a broken man... But yes, feel free to leave me to the crows or the Merc's splendid roll bar, although I don't expect to crash because I missed that ice makes the roads slippery. To clarify, based on previous experience I don't scream, I grunt. And there's no chance of motorcycling until at least May.
  12. I once lived in Hadfield (Derbys) which apart from being the location for League of Gentlemen is also at the civilised end of the Snake and Woodhead passes to Yorkshire. It may be a novel idea here, but I don't think either road was ever closed due to inclement weather (unless the snowdrifts were huge). They simply cleared and gritted them. I noticed the cops getting a bit bolshie about it last week 'if anyone else ends up in a field with their car on its roof, we'll close the Mountain Road' kind of thing. I'm all for road safety, but adequate warnings and mechanical efforts to mitigate weather should be enough - anything going wrong beyond that should be classed as natural selection.
  13. So if you ever work for the media you're disbarred from working for Government. Who came up with that rule? Do Ron and Juan know?
  14. I'll mark you down as 'possibly' a huge fan Derek...
  15. IOM MP - no. MP with responsibility to represent the interests of the Crown Dependencies - yes. And we DO pay tax to the UK, and not just the TV Licence Fee.
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