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  1. All my dealings with MT have been positive, although my 40Mb broadband won't usually stream 4k (Amazon defaults to 1080) which was why I upgraded. And the prices seem very high, but I suppose they have to ship bandwidth over on the boat...
  2. Good for you. Well done. You're not missed. Hope you're enjoying the harm he tries to do to the Isle of Man at every opportunity.
  3. I think he-who-must-not-be-named had friends on the Island who grassed me up (I prefer to think of them as fifth columnists) and of course there's a legion of people who think I'm an arse anyway and enjoyed my temporary discomfiture. Richard Butt ran a poll on the newspaper's website which asked who was the biggest arse, and I think the complainant narrowly won...close call though. It's all quite amusing in retrospect, but at the time a number of people raised the Defcom level and it could have turned quite nasty.
  4. If a cop says stay around my first reaction isn't to argue. But I'll know for next time, thanks.
  5. I was threatened with legal and criminal action over that and told not to leave the island while cops looked into it. What's sauce for the goose...
  6. Well done - I think that counts as actionable defamation. I hope Jason reports back on his civil legal claim against you.
  7. How very DARE you allege I'm a cyclist! I shall insruct my advocate to sue for defamation!
  8. Anyone who resorts to physical violence against a partner is a lowlife. I'd need to have heard the court proceedings which no doubt detailed any possible mitigation before donning the black cap. I've read a few court reports recently where it seems that highly disagreeable women have developed some sort of bizarre sense of entitlement to behave absolutely atrociously without any real fear of reprisal. Not excusing habitual bullies, but sometimes even a worm can turn.
  9. Doesn't come into it in my experience (5 years in the newsroom). News is news and is reported without fear or favour.
  10. Pongo, you've been banging on with this same old idea for years now. Give it a rest eh?
  11. To be even fairer, Dan had a good management job and a worthwhile degree prior to M.R.but was talked into having a bit of fun doing radio while he was single and could afford the significant pay cut.
  12. I always take allegations like this seriously, even though I'm not in a newsroom any more. I've not heard anything about this or the alleged nightclub story. That's USUALLY because it's a bit of skeet passed on by that man in the pub, eventually a reporter will hear it and find that nobody (including the man in the pub) will comment 'on the record'. The media can only report what it knows and can stand up legally as a story, which rarely applies to vague tap room rumblings. No reporter I've ever met at any media outlet would be silenced if he/she had a valid scoop. So nobody is being silenced.
  13. Yes Sidney, people across the UK will be tuning in to see the grittier side of prison life and thinking "ooh, lovely hills, must book a holiday there". Bit like '24 hours in A+E' makes me want to visit London. Not.
  14. Sidney, there is much science involved in masterminding an intellectually stimulating phone-in audience participation programme like Talking Heads. Sadly I'm neither a scientist nor an intellectual mastermind, but I have a feel after 11 years of hosting the show for what will generate calls. I could talk up all sorts of positive stories (maybe) but it's not a news programme and I know they'd generate little interaction. It's things like talking about the prison programme. Gave it two shots last week (before and after it aired) and the response was absolutely huge both times. Brexit and climate change did well today, but when I talked about other local issues last week (amalgamation of local authorities for example) it was tumbleweed junction. It sounds easy-peasy to do what I do (and it's certainly not rocket science) but I DO put some thought into every topic.
  15. I suspect most people have some form of connection in a small Island - hence the frequent hints at corruption and sweetheart deals. This one simply means that Arbory matters get an airing - and that's surely not a bad thing. Other authorities have the same opportunity to promulgate they bidness.
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