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  1. No, you were correct. Whoever misspelled it 45 years ago was wrong and allowed to get away with it.
  2. Mr Fixit Nick Knowles has been convicted of a motoring offence. 'The presenter received six points on his licence for the offence, which resulted in a driving ban as he already had six points on it. He was fined £666 for speeding and £666 for using his phone, with a victim surcharge of £66 and prosecution costs of £85'. That's a lot of sixes! Could have been a clean sweep if the prosecutor hadn't been so greedy...
  3. I believe that after the success of the horse tram 2019 launch the DoI is taking over TT2020 and running races only from the Grandstand to the bottom of Bray Hill and back again. Lap records will be broken for sure (will anyone beat the 38 second lap?) and nobody will question the other 37 miles missing out of the 'old' course. Low cloud over the mountain will certainly no longer be an issue and the roads can be closed for fixing potholes over the fortnight instead.
  4. I'd be interested to know how many of the recent intake of MHK's and MLC's have ever previously earned anything remotely approaching £1000 a week.
  5. Caller on the programme today made various points about TT coverage, presenter said very little...
  6. I'm not involved in the TT side of things so don't know the full facts. And if I did I'd probably be best advised not to discuss them on t'internet.
  7. This thing about the millionaire fireman. Someone has mentioned it on air a couple of times. I didn't believe it then or now - am I wrong?? Surely even the most senior and long serving fireman/person could not accrue that kind of pension pot, could they?
  8. If what I was told years ago is true about how the media works with many iconic sporting events, it's more likely IOMG will have to pay Sky or someone else to cover it.
  9. So, knob shots weren't encrypted as promised. Asking for a friend...
  10. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/teenage-motorist-fined-for-fleeing-police/ I've just been watching car chases in the USA on YouTube. The cops there tend to scramble a couple of dozen cruisers and at least one helicopter for every pursuit, which usually ends in a crash or the Keystone Cops shooting the errant motorist dead through the windscreen. It seems the IOM is more relaxed in sentencing miscreants. £300 seems a reasonable fee for a flat-out Cannonball run sometime.
  11. A cynic might suggest that this is our government of control freaks not wanting to answer questions on a major news story or clarify things - a press release at 5 to 5 on the Friday of a Bank Holiday weekend! Ah well. We are where we are. It is what it is. Lessons will be learned, moving forward.
  12. The. Me. At whom the slur had been aimed.
  13. Indeed. THEIR coverage of the Woodvile Terrace (possibly) Disaster was much more informative. As is their coverage of most Manx news.
  14. That's probably because if the local media DIDN'T report on any Manx resident doing anything even vaguely of note anywhere at any time, they would have a bagful of complaints and posts on here slagging off the 'useless local media'.
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