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  1. So not Head Bully in a CoMin full of bullies then? Who didn't bully Colas on the Richmond Hill surface dressing fiasco before Colas fought back with email evidence? Who didn't bully Dr Glover? Who aren't bullying Dr Ewart? Who didn't try to bully the suppliers of the original replacement NSC slides until they were forced to buy a second set that were actually the right size? Who have shown their true fascist colours on the matter of a perfectly legitimate Manx Radio question (and who have been equally intransigent with Paul Moulton and others)? The same Council of Ministers that have overspent and underdelivered on the Promenade 'scheme'? Are throwing money at creating a glass palace in Liverpool when a few posh Portacabins would have done perfectly well? And who have now thrown their hands up on Covid and told us (effectively) it's every man for himself? I don't know who you are (unlike others it seems) but I suspect you're living in a parallel universe where everyone is equal, except CoMin members who are more equal than the others.
  2. As you keep saying. Repeatedly and tiresomely. But you're not so you can't.
  3. Plan B is to consider what I want to do if Plan A doesn't work out. Time enough for that after 23/9.
  4. Racing incident IMHO. We WANT wheel to wheel racing, both could probably have avoided the incident but both were motivated to win and not concede an inch. Collateral damage that could have gone either way.
  5. Faulty banter - makes little sense.
  6. Marvellous idea. People who don't want to discuss democratic politics should definitely use them and save ALL candidates a lot of time.
  7. If you're on Fairways Drive I left it inside your house as your front door was wide open but nobody answered the bell. Just be thankful I wasn't a thief. You have some lovely neighbours by the way. If you're somewhere else it will have been delivered by one of my helpers who were out and about in the baking heat this weekend on my behalf. I take it you don't want one of my lawn signs then....?
  8. Exciting start and end, processional for the majority of the race. And again, a relentless and precise race from a punchy Hamilton who fully deserved the win.
  9. In answer to Chie's post: 1. How do you intend to rectify these issues to be able to gain the support of those voters you have previously taken issue with? That presumes they need to be rectified. I always tell the truth as I see it, and usually after talking to many people. I'm certainly not going to pander to gain votes, even if it costs me the election. Greta and the Snowflakes (great band) will never vote for me anyway - but I'll happily talk to them to see if we have a common objective but with a different approach to achieving it. 2. Going forward, do you intend to try to be more understanding and open to the issues faced by those in the wider society and help contribute towards making the island a safer and happier place to live?. I've always been quite open to anything that will make the Island safer, better, more prosperous, more equitable and happier. 3. What support do you plan to provide towards helping combat the current climate emergency?. The impact of any MHK on climate change (I don't believe it's an emergency) is going to be precisely zero, but it's a good bandwagon for many candidates to jump on. Instead, let's look at spending the millions every year that IOMG has earmarked for 'Climate Change' away from committees and consultants, reports and research and into the economy in the form of grants for insulation and clean heating, charging stations for electric cars and a power station that will cope with the extra demand. 4. Do you plan to help improve our current healthcare system?. If so, how?. Again, a candidate is in no position to promise anything, so most manifestos are at best a wish list for Santa and at worst an outright fraud. Our health service seems broken almost beyond repair. People can't get appointments, NHS dentists are like hen's teeth (see what I did there?) and we're apparently paying consultants here an average salary of £190k compared to their counterparts in the UK scraping by on just £120k. I don't have the answers but can think of lots of questions that might help focus better minds than mine. 5. What are your thoughts on the legalisation of cannabis and the potential multi million pound tourist industry it could create for the island? I have no problem with cannabis BUT it can apparently cause paranoia and other mental problems in SOME younger users. I don't think it's a gateway to harder drugs, and it's less harmful (apart from the tobacco most people use to smoke it) than booze. Anything that makes people giggle rather than fight has to be good. I suspect that IOMG has to listen to Westminster on the issue of legalisation though, so it may not be within our powers to change the law.
  10. You guys are too rough for me. I'm feeling disrespected and bullied so I'll report you all to HR and meditate quietly in the MF Safe Space Pod.
  11. I don't understand your point, I drive around Middle a lot. And see lots of cones, hence the FB question. It's not a forensic investigation so I'm not going to pay for details from CR (and probably wouldn't recognise any names anyway). The worst sort of MHK is the Nodding Dog. We have enough of them already and I don't intend to be one.
  12. I dislike almost everything about Hamilton but have to credit him with being a great driver. Yes, he's had the best car but where his team mate will sometimes crash or give up, Hamilton is relentless and always seems to give 100% effort. But he has nothing left to prove - so he has a target on his back for any young charger wanting to make his bones. Hamilton will always play the odds whereas the young guns will take extra risks that chance breaking cars. Lando Norris is a great driver (albeit with a silly name. What's it short for: Landowner??). He's also capable of giving 100% consistently. I'm sad that Daniel Ricciardo is having such a difficult time in the other McLaren. He strikes me as one of the most likeable drivers, and some of his overtakes when in a Red Bull were audacious. I think he struggles more with a strong team mate - maybe he needs to feel the love of being top dog in the team?
  13. Let's draw a line under this. I've known John for around 20 years (both professionally and personally) and we've always got on well despite our differences, but I've obviously said something that he took grave offence to recently, which I regret. John was very generous with his time during a family legal matter some years ago and I'll be forever grateful, so I'm not going to have a public fall out with him. I agree with pretty much everything Manxman said on the previous page, but would just add that over the last few years we've arrived at a point where we can no longer discuss issues rationally and respectfully without fear of offending someone. That was never something I set out to do, but it happens. I'm with Stephen Fry on offence. There have been some epic spats on this forum over the years, but nobody has ever faced losing their job over it, yet a small group of people a year ago took offence at my comments about BLM (and before that naughty children in restaurants) and tried to have me fired. These trolls must have nothing better to do than seek out people to attack - and I'm absolutely against that kind of fascism. Someone wants to offend me by saying I'm overweight, old, opinionated, untalented - that's fine as I can argue back. But the minute someone throws in an '....ist' card the converstion is over and the hate (often based on third hand accounts) begins. In my experience it's the people who preach inclusivity and giving everyone a voice who are the least tolerant of anything outside their strange (to me) world view. Even using your own rather than their approved words draws condemnation. But at least Declan is warming to me and agreeing with some of my points...
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