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  1. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    I'm not impartial and never claim to be. I'm not in the newsroom any more where that is a fundamental requirement. What I DO aim for is fairness and human decency in allowing dissenting views to be heard and providing some form of balance when necessary. I read WKRAP's email in full but refused to be drawn further for his vexatious amusement, and because I've always thought it foolish to give ammunition to MR-haters. In terms of giving short shrift to anyone suggesting MR should suffer for the benefit of the other stations, yep, guilty as charged. There is zero evidence that they could do things they're not doing now any better than MR is currently doing, and it would no doubt cost just as much for the taxpayer - so the only motives I can see revolve around malcontents with dull axes. I'll admit I expected more business on the topic, but I think people are fed up of it by now. To PP's point about context, if I restated the topic in full every time I returned to it, it would be exceptionally tedious for people who listen to the whole hour (or two). And I suspect few listeners have seen the video in question - I only became aware of it on MF.
  2. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    You're wrong, but I don't suppose I can prove that to you, or that you'd believe me if I did.
  3. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    I'll not comment on the video for obvious reasons, but to answer a couple of Roger's points, I believe CG is correct in saying MTTV is unregulated as it is a collection of taped interviews like any other (i.e. YouTube) online-only channel. Manx Radio by comparison is uncensored but highly regulated. And I'm sure Paul would concede that the cost per minute of what MTTV puts out is MUCH higher than the equivalent MR output - even if you only compare it with the huge number of online video interviews posted (as it should - they are mostly studio pieces whereas his are mostly on location).
  4. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    I disagree Woolley, everybody at M.R. cares, but sometimes trying to juggle a number of balls in the air at once means that one is sometimes dropped. I don't know who was on duty, but the late shift is often just one person taking clips from recorded interviews, writing scripts, editing videos, reading the news, answering phones and the front door. Mistakes happen, but it seems this one was corrected.
  5. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    I've answered a couple of anonymous texts over the 10 years of presenting Talking Heads telling me off for not playing more Manx music. I've made the point that in my personal opinion good music will always get airtime, and that simply being from a Manx musician shouldn't guarantee anything. And again a personal observation is that 95% of new records released around the world every week are tosh destined for instant obscurity. Anyone with a laptop can make an album these days for next to nothing - I've got a £60 DAW package on my laptop that is 1000 times more powerful than my old pro 16-track studio in Salford that probably cost £50,000 to build and equip. Which means there's vastly more recorded music, but no financial or quality filters on what's coming out. Manx Radio features more Manx music than anyone. To some it will never be enough. To others, it will always be too much.
  6. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Damned by faint praise. 15-20 minutes of adverts an hour - wow, my watch must be massively wrong! Better product - assumedly you think that can be done for less money? I note that you choose to disregard all the industry awards for content. Just so we all know, what colour is the sky in your world? And interesting that WKRAP reckons to know MUCH more about the Tynwald presentation than anybody at Manx Radio. So tell me, how much did the video and AV hire cost?? Go on... And Twitch, MR doesn't distort the local market, it created it. I wouldn't have set up a commercial radio station for just 80,000 people knowing the established public broadcaster had a loyal listener base and was funded by a mix of public and commercial income. Or maybe I would, and then tried to lobby suggestible MHK's to close down the public station...
  7. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    I take issue with a number of your assertions Kopek: 1. You seem to care little what the outcome is, as long as it means the destruction of Manx Radio. I can't imagine what the station has ever done to you for you to feel that way. 2. The million pounds saved wouldn't make you, me or the majority of taxpayers a penny better off, it would just disappear into the government's black hole. 3. The only winners would be the other island media organisations. Many of whom were trained by Manx Radio. The other radio stations have complained about not having a 'level playing field'. The field is perfectly level as it was laid and sown by Manx Radio. The others chose to pitch their tents on it, knowing exactly the lay of the land. 4. To suggest MR is only there to provide air time to politicians is disingenuous. The lack of an opposition party means that the only public scrutiny of the machinations of Tynwald is via MR and the newspapers. 5. I can only assume you're not Manx - as I can't imagine any Manx person (even we naturalised Manxies) would gladly give up their own public radio station in favour of a service masterminded from London. 6. All the expert reports over the years - including the one done fairly recently by Treasury - suggest that MR is very good value for money and does a sterling job. It costs £2m a year to do what MR does, and any 'new service' would either have to provide far less or cost a lot more to achieve the same. You may not listen to Women Today or Countryside - neither do I - but there is a worthwhile audience of people who do. 7. You seem keen to promote 3FM and Energy, neither of which has the listener figures of MR or the broad reach. Does your 'real' first name begin with a R, G or J? 8. Both other stations provide a good service - I often listen to them in the car if all I want is pop music and not talk. But they are completely different organisations and not comparable. MR ceded its young audience (Kik FM at weekends) to the newly-formed Energy in consideration of an increased subvention - how much more would you like to hobble the station before you perform the coup de grace? This is the short video shown to Tynwald members this week:
  8. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Isn't an organigram what Jane Fonda used in Barbarella? Either way, I don't know. I expect there's a 10 year old internal phone list at home somewhere, which I could compare to the current version. I suspect it will be much the same.
  9. Stu Peters

    The 'Trans' Issue.

    I saw an interesting comment the other day: "not long ago transexual people were simply called fetishists". And didn't a bloke prisoner claim to identify as a woman so he could be transferred to a women's jail and abuse women? Meanwhile, live and let live etc.
  10. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but there were just as many people (if not more) producing Mandate content 'in my day' as there are now - the difference is that instead of a single host/presenter the newsroom staff pretty much all get a chance to present when they're considered ready. I think that's probably a good thing. Don't know why you think it's more of a gravy train - everybody on the front lines is expected to do more than ever before and resources (as in many organisations) are stretched pretty thin.
  11. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    I worked full time in the newsroom for 5 years producing and presenting Mandate. At no time was I EVER asked not to cover a story because of a commercial conflict. Not once, ever! I can't answer for my former colleagues but I suspect you are spouting bullshit or you've been talking to someone with their own warped agenda. ETA: Of course the station is fighting back. It's under attack from politicians who know the cost of everything (including their massive PS pension shortfall) and the value of nothing, despite numerous glowing (and costly) reports commissioned by pretty much every new administration over the last 20 years. Would YOU roll over and take it? As to the advertising, I took from Charles Fargher's letter that he found it odd that they would consider removing over half of the station's funding if what MHK's really want to do is save the taxpayer money. And other local broadcasters and the papers won't hesitate in covering this story as it unfolds. Can you really imagine me getting Ron or Juan on to bolster MR's case and provide 'balance'? The overspend is not the real problem - which is about the fundamental basis of the public having its own radio station. It's no good cutting the coat until you know what cloth will be available after Tynwald has had its say.
  12. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Well Chas, whilst I appreciate you are probably trying to show us all how much better you understand the tech than me, all I can say is that some (not all) £30 GoPro clone 4k camera footage is much sharper and nicer to look at than £60,000 DigiBeta with a £20,000 lens.
  13. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    This IS a new video from Duke, probably using a 4k drone rather than a Jet Ranger shooting SD. I think Charles Guard has also done a similar job which is coming out as a book first with clips online later.
  14. Stu Peters

    Daddy Bush

    According to some, he had JFK's blood on his hands. And his son the blood of 3000 on 9/11. Conspiracy theories maybe - but neither would surprise me in the least.
  15. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Maybe they will - that's their decision and not MR's. But it's still a newsworthy item, and my advice to people with a limited budget is to try simple PR (as in this case) and/or Facebook advertising before anything else.