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  1. Please tell me what that is - I'm sure both my parents would have opted for it rather than what they ended up with.
  2. I know it's one of my pet tinfoil hat topics, but does nobody else see a complete disconnect between this (and similar proposals) and the clear and present danger (allegedly) of climate change and rising sea levels?
  3. Its not so much the time trial part that puts me off, its the danger. I can understand the thrill, but frankly I'm just too scared for the riders. And like F1, I think you can only really follow it on TV (and I say that having been at Silverstone the year Mansell won and was mobbed).
  4. My employers are the people of Middle. Who stand to benefit significantly from the deal. It's them I represent, not Greta Thunberg and her supporters.
  5. The post before mine from 2112 talked about 'suicide tourism' and my response had that in mind. I'm not suggesting that's why we should introduce the legislation as I've always thought that the most fundamental human right should be to have the option to check out if today was unbearable and tomorrow is going to be worse. I only hope that I have the mental and physical ability to determine that for myself if that's how my dice fall.
  6. Believe me, my motives are completely honourable, having lost both parents to cancer and seeing that palliative care isn't always the best option for EOL patients.
  7. With all due respect to Ian Rush, I'd prefer to listen to the expert (Diccin?)who was interviewed from Crogga.
  8. No, the pipeline already exists and is bidirectional allegedly.
  9. Too serious to joke about or try to score points, but if the UK doesn't introduce their own legislation and we do, I think the IOM would be preferable to many over Switzerland (or wherever).
  10. I'm guessing that R2D2eli has an exercise bike with a dynamo to run his CB radio rig. Anyway, this is local gas for local people, not for the likes of you lentil pastie eaters.
  11. I'm all for it - local gas for local people, and the surplus sold to Ireland raising substantial (c.£5bn mentioned on Mannin Line interview with the man who knows) taxes and duties for the Treasury. Not a penny to the UK, as thanks to David North and others we own the mineral rights to that bit of seabed. Would buy lots of healthcare and pothole repairs, never mind reduce the PS pension scheme defecit. The Catch-22 here though is that Crogga will probably only spend millions on a detailed survey if they know a drilling and extraction licence will follow. The green lobby would let them do the expensive survey and THEN veto extraction because a blade of sea grass might suffer, or a crab move home. If I was Crogga I'd need solid guarantees before I spent a penny more.
  12. Thank you Declan, I made the point about IOM vs. UK earlier in the thread. My Tynwald question was to see if it was still the case that all the VED was spent on roads, as had allegedly been the case some years ago. What I was taught in 1969 had little to do with it but add context on here.
  13. So a teacher in 1969 gave a class of boys some duff information. And now it's MY fault? Get a grip.
  14. You're right, and given the financial pressures on things like healthcare I'm not suggesting that. The reason I mentioned it though is that in an Economics lesson at school in Manchester in the 60s we were told that Road Fund Licence revenue HAD to be spent on roads maintenance. I appreciate the IOM might never have adopted that, or dropped it in the rebranding as VED. And as stated earlier two Transport/Infrastructure Ministers told me on Mandate (2003-2008) that ALL VED was spent on roads 'and more', and that has clearly changed.
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