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  1. I'm one of those oldies, but this apparently isn't a 'local' award for advertising, it's an industry accolade and the winner deserves our unfettered support. Lee Iacocca said (and I paraphrase) 'whatever you want to be, CEO or waitress, you owe it to yourself and others to be the best you can be'. That's why I'm one of the best gobshites (and getting better day by day).
  2. What award did you ever get that you're most proud of?
  3. Clearly English isn't your first language, so well done for making SOME sense. But your grasp of global economics is flimsier than my own - this inflation and (dare I say the word) recession is absolutely NOT the fault of our government but as a result of outside forces - not least (IMO) this headlong rush to net zero and bugger the consequences. While we've been 'setting an example' and grandstanding to Greta et al the world has gone to hell in a handcart, Putin playing a role but the massive power of the seemingly untouchable energy companies, their bankers and commodity brokers being the biggest factors. Follow the money, this is going to cost the IOMG not make it any richer.
  4. I no longer have a dog in this fight but still believe that closing Manx Radio down (or turning it into another automated jukebox) would be a bad move. It has the broadest remit of any local station and caters to minorities in a way that a purely commercial station couldn't justify, the cost is modest compared with (say) BBC Radio Jersey, it is NOT controlled by Government, albeit IOMG is the source of most 'news' stories (see Paul Moulton's excellent IOMTV channel to compare). I think the 2019 programming changes were a mistake as MR is never going to appeal to a young audience (you need to grow into it) and the output has dumbed down since the era of greats like David Callister et al. But that's partly a societal thing - most listeners wants bite-sized junk food rather than proper meals. Saving a million quid a year will benefit nobody in cash terms but will be another loss of something that makes the IOM unique.
  5. Reach for the stars but keep your feet on the ground...
  6. Serving notice I believe.
  7. Sure. The taxpayer has been let down by the DoI, their contractors, suppliers, experts and consultants. It's a matter of public record that Peel Group declined to develop the site for us as they deemed it too risky, but someone here decided we knew better. Had they been right it would have been open by now in time for tea and medals all round. I was one of those who voted the additional spend as to pull out would have wasted £40m already sunk in the ground, ruined our (essential) relationship with Peel Ports/Group and done reputational damage to the IOM. It was the first bitter pill of my tenure, but the alternatives were worse.
  8. But that's hardly unique. I know they have party politics in the UK but the cabinet is selected by the PM, and the PM is appointed by the party.
  9. But isn't that the 'strength' of our system - where the people are represented by ordinary people from all walks of life? The alternative is to return to some pseudo feudal system where only wealthy landowners sit in Keys (I'll conveniently ignore the debate on LegCo for the purpose of this discussion). I don't think (m)any current colleagues claim to have been captains of industry, usually just the opposite. To get elected it helps to be a known face, but there are others who through political persuasion, work in the community or local government have built a profile. Keys to me is like a jury - ordinary people with a range of beliefs and experiences arriving at a consensus, based on the advice of experts (CS, consultants, unions, lobbyists etc). It's far from a perfect system, but it works (for the most part) and has evolved over many centuries. Calls for a smaller government wouldn't save money as you'd have to pay those remaining much more and give the individuals more power. To me the biggest problem with government is that (to quote the Beamans Report into the DoI) it/we measure efficacy by outputs rather than outcomes. As long as everybody is (apparently) working hard all is well. Except that it isn't because nothing is being done. If you have a hole in the road you need a bloke with a bucket of tar, not an unmet needs survey, a committee to prioritise the work, a feasibility report, consultations with the public and commissioners etc. But in the litigious and vexatious society we've somehow evolved into, that seems increasingly impossible and is one of the reluctant realisations of my new job.
  10. Yes, let's forget democracy and have an unelected politburo instead.
  11. No room for the Felt Museum, and you can't have one without the other...
  12. Sandwiches were made fresh in our kitchen every day and kept in the chiller cabinet for 24 hrs (IIRC) and then disposed of. Usually to me for my tea... We tried all sorts of variations when we opened as I felt the same way as you about boring butties. So at first we offered Noa sourdough versions or seeded batch with some more creative fillings. We soon learned that over 90% of people simply wanted a boring butty on white or brown and the more interesting fillings often didn't sell. We also did panini, fresh home made soups etc. Our coffee was the best anywhere (IMHO). Because I've watched too many Gordon Ramsey shows I wanted a 'signature' dish and so for a while we tried to make proper hot Steak Canadienne baps, and another time I bought a continental hot dog steamer as I thought that might be a bit different. We also did pasta dishes, bacon butties, salads...but time and time again we found we were wasting food as the 'different' stuff wasn't selling. One customer made a strong case once for Bulletproof Coffee as he and all his friends would be daily customers for it, so we bought the stock and sold about six of the bloody things. Vape stock was again a customer suggestion and since my business partner and I were both users it seemed worth a go. Didn't sell many but did a decent trade in liquid and provided a service. Running a coffee shop was a bucket list thing for us both. We thought we had some good ideas, but getting the staff to make them work was challenging and most times we gave up and went back to the basics we knew worked.
  13. That would be a foul swoop. Check out the Tynwald website to see what MLCs do apart from scrutinise proposed legislation.
  14. Some sensible comments, especially from Gladys (I also batch cook and freeze and therefore waste very little) and Roxanne (relieved to hear your back door is protected). A pal who knows I live alone suggested an Instant Pot six months ago and despite costing £150 I reckon it's paid for itself in energy savings as it does pressure cooking, air frying and pretty much everything else (saute, bake, slow cook etc). Whatever you do, don't listen to the mob and set fire to your MHK. Whilst in my case I would render slowly and provide heat to the community for a considerable time, if my last meal was beans on toast there could be an explosion that would take out half of Santon.
  15. Stu Peters

    Garffs MHK

    I was offered the gig out of the blue, so no blagging involved.
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