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  1. Perhaps you are called Juan and I can claim my £5. Only a poor craftsman blames the tools. I wonder if that's the reason Energy FM stopped subscribing to RAJAR, although I also wonder if it was after a particularly poor ratings quarter for them?
  2. Whilst you're right to congratulate Aaron for his programme I suspect that only a handful of people would be prepared to pay directly for ANY radio programme.
  3. Tell me what news of national import you're interested in Sidney and I'll have a word with the news editor.
  4. Bollocks. Tens of thousands of people in the IOM listen to radio daily, and not just us 'old farts' (how VERY dare you?). If you were right (and you never are) we'd all be doomed, and we're not.
  5. No it doesn't. No it hasn't, ever, to my knowledge of the last 20 years there. If it's a story it gets reported with NO favouritism shown to clients. Sales team and news team have completely discrete responsibilities.
  6. Again, a purely personal observation and not a company stance: I imagine you have to be careful with FOI requests as I'm assuming only MR would be subjected to them. Which means there's no shortage of opportunities for competitors to seek to gain an advantage (possibly by proxy to stay disguised), if only by causing disruption. I suspect this may have been the case in the recent MLC paper which apparently sought to decimate the national broadcaster for the benefit of the commercial operators. There's been a lot of noise about a 'level playing field'. Remember that Manx Radio built that field (with taxpayer funding) and trained all the players on it, bar a few foreign imports. It was there long before the competitors (who knew exactly the market they were entering) defected to start their own minor league.
  7. That was a bit of a cheat. My eldest daughter is getting married on Saturday and apparently 'their song' is Push The Button (I daren't ask!). Middle daughter asked me to record a bit of video of something to do with the song, so I was busy mugging for the camera whilst playing that.
  8. Give it a week or so before making your mind up about the new schedule - like anything it will take a while for the players to find their feet. Whilst I'm looking forward to my new slot tonight, I know it'll be a shambles of missed cues and cock-ups until I get the hang of it. People on here have been calling for a shake-up for years...now it's happened you don't like it! As for deckchair arranging, there aren't hundreds of radio presenters here lining up for jobs, so it's inevitable that existing, reliable and proven resources are recycled. Should the bosses have imported more English freelancers? I'm not a spokesman for the station, or a member of management privy to their discussions with government - but for all those banging on (again) about funding, my understanding is that the station has never 'demanded' anything. But every government report in the last 20 years has concluded that the station we all own as taxpayers is doing a good job and needs to be properly funded. I think Tynwald has repeatedly voted to do that and then failed when the money for their pensions started to run out - so the station has to keep going back and saying 'tell us what you want us to do'. Of course it could operate on less money, but that would of course impact on and reduce the service to another voice-tracked digital jukebox. The government could demand a rebate on the UK licence fee to fund the station (my favourite solution but I expect it might not be possible). It could be given to the BBC, but do proud Manxies really want a foreign broadcaster calling the shots? Tynwald could decide to fully fund the station and allow it to drop commercials, but there are arguments against that too. Radio TT could be self-funding but I think (I may well be wrong) that now they 'own' the event they also want any revenue. What I'm saying is that there probably aren't any demands from Manx Radio - it simply wants a better steer from Tynwald than 'we want you to do everything we want, and more, but for less money'.
  9. Please point me at all this first rate Isle of Man content being produced with almost no money.
  10. Nope - the Corkmeister still has a good slot. Schedule
  11. I know what you mean, but in defence of my colleagues it's a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. I remember very early in my radio career being told by John Dog how to pronounce Andruss, as he'd been born there and knew. So I complied and then got told by dozens of others that he was wrong. Maybe he was just winding me up on purpose. Same thing goes with Heysham/Heeshum - people get so upset that The Boy Brindley uses both pronunciations during his sailing updates. Same with Foxdale/Fosdal. If we use Anglicised pronunciation we're criticised for 'not being Manx' and if we go for the Gaelg we're accused of trying too hard. Can't win.
  12. I do hope you'll be listening then Charlie.
  13. Slip of the tongue. I will be live every weekday evening 10pm-1am.
  14. Is it that you're just stupid, or can you not read? I had the choice of staying on afternoons and chose to move to late nights.
  15. For the avoidance of doubt (and you know I love a good conspiracy theory) I've not been dropped, sacked or shifted - the move to the late show was my choice. It suits my odd body clock better (I'm a night owl) and it allows me to have more fun as it's after the watershed. It was what I originally wanted to do 20 years ago when I started knocking on Manx Radio's door - I was always a fan of late night radio in the UK (Stannage, Whale, Dicken et al).
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