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  1. Isle of Man Post Office is great. The End.
  2. Another scientist with seemingly impeccable credentials speaks out. The interviewer is annoying (talks too much and listens too little) and there are 2 mins of ads at the beginning. It's too long for most, but if you can afford 8 minutes, watch from around 55'00" in. https://youtu.be/5Uf_AbyG6ho
  3. I think contact phone/email details are, but not all choose to publicise their home addresses. Could be something to do with UK MPs being murdered, or the increased chance of someone disagreeable turning up at your home unannounced.
  4. You're right. I think it's human nature to gravitate towards someone who you agree with (or vice versa). But I DO listen to people (the majority) on the other side of this too to try to understand why I'm so out of touch with the mainstream. Generally I go along with the experts, so like others I had the C19 jabs. But this whole 'climate emergency' has always struck me as a political or commercial movement rather than a scientific one, and it usually relies on things like the discredited '97% of climate scientists agree' line. As I get older I've learned to rely more on my gut reaction to things, and I've had indigestion since 'An Inconvenient Truth' in 2006. That started the movement for many and I think that every single 'truth' in it has been found to be false or wildly exaggerated.
  5. Listen to the science, they said. Educate yourself. Think of the children! Here's a climatologist (not just any old scientist or schoolgirl truant).
  6. I soon changed that to 'within the first year' after a number of critics pointed out (correctly) that you needed skin in the game to effect change.
  7. But they're owned by real people, either as second homes, inheritances, investments or (I presume) to maintain Manx residency. IOMG could attempt to buy them but it can't steal them. Maybe that's why my colleagues have gone to Guernsey, to find out how a scheme like that could work here.
  8. I’d place a significant wager that despite my senility I can kick your fast reactions arse on a trackday, but since that would involve letting you drive one of my fast cars rather your mum’s Nissan Micra, it’s never going to happen.
  9. Note to self: don’t make jokes when baiting trolls.
  10. I try not to respond to The Vibrator, but as an old dodderer I can't resist. My lovely gas-guzzling German V8 is limited to 155mph too. So I'm thinking of having it chipped to remove that... BTW I didn't know Clive except to say hello to.
  11. ‘the OP is the current roads minister’ No I’m not.
  12. BBC story We should be more like Holland, allegedly. I wonder of the new Director of Public Health realises that we're a bit colder, windier, wetter and more hilly?
  13. You guys have given me a Great Idea! Let's scrap the railways and trams and tarmac over the tracks to make motorcycle-only trails! More motorbikers here than steam fans, it's democracy at its best!
  14. In fairness that’s probably a problem of the crew arriving before the airport was open for business - I assume the hours were promulgated by NOTAM.
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