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  1. So, knob shots weren't encrypted as promised. Asking for a friend...
  2. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/teenage-motorist-fined-for-fleeing-police/ I've just been watching car chases in the USA on YouTube. The cops there tend to scramble a couple of dozen cruisers and at least one helicopter for every pursuit, which usually ends in a crash or the Keystone Cops shooting the errant motorist dead through the windscreen. It seems the IOM is more relaxed in sentencing miscreants. £300 seems a reasonable fee for a flat-out Cannonball run sometime.
  3. A cynic might suggest that this is our government of control freaks not wanting to answer questions on a major news story or clarify things - a press release at 5 to 5 on the Friday of a Bank Holiday weekend! Ah well. We are where we are. It is what it is. Lessons will be learned, moving forward.
  4. The. Me. At whom the slur had been aimed.
  5. Indeed. THEIR coverage of the Woodvile Terrace (possibly) Disaster was much more informative. As is their coverage of most Manx news.
  6. That's probably because if the local media DIDN'T report on any Manx resident doing anything even vaguely of note anywhere at any time, they would have a bagful of complaints and posts on here slagging off the 'useless local media'.
  7. I reckon they should get the team that relaid the Tesco car park to do Richmond Hill properly. They can obviously work tarmac/asphalt without the sun having his hat on. And they're fast workers.
  8. And yet the sun DID shine today...
  9. Are you suggesting the BTCC bosses 'bribe' ITV?
  10. No you couldn't Yisser Hughes, because - contrary to your avatar - I suspect your balls are too small to risk appearing live on radio.
  11. Apparently that's the way many sports get TV coverage nowadays Derek. I was surprised too.
  12. I think it was Richard Nicholls from Greenlight who told me (to my amazement) many years ago that much motorsport coverage on TV - including high profile events like Touring Cars - is paid for by the series organisers to increase exposure (and thus sponsorship and ticket sales). The broadcaster pays nothing. I suspect (but don't know) that Twitch has hit a nail on the head.
  13. We need to check out who gets what and who has rights to what in the contract before accepting that viewpoint.
  14. FLF - I expect you also think brain surgery can be done with a spoon...after all, who really needs 7 years med school and aseptic technique?
  15. A fella with a loudhailer could broadcast to all of the Goodwood estate standing on a chair. Same with Radio Le Mans etc. The whole Isle of Man is a bit bigger an area to cover with hills in the way.Over the years MRTT has flogged cheap pretuned radios - I've still got one here somewhere. I'm not sure why they predominantly broadcast on AM - possibly because they don't want to abandon their core audience. They do have separate FM transmitters in Douglas and Ramsey though now, which serve the majority of people.
  16. FLF - please hold your breath waiting for that. One of my claims to fame reflected glory is that I was one of the first to use Steve Coogan professionally. In fact I made the demo showreel cassette that got him Spitting Image, and produced the first corporate video he appeared in (for CIS in Manchester). I DO worry that I may have been an inspiration for bits of AP - I had a Phil Collins 'No Jacket Required' denim jacket in those days and bought my Lotus Esprit in 1990 when he had an MX5. I also have a sheepskin flying jacket and like Abba...
  17. FLA - I obviously didn't make my point clearly enough for you. I'll use thicker crayons:- The only comparison I draw with the emergency services is that they are also public institutions, owned by and run for the nation and funded in whole or in part by Treasury. Since the TT is also a national institution, it makes sense to me for it to be covered by the national broadcaster and not put out to tender, although that is of course always a future option. I suggest you wait until we all know the terms of the contract before spitting all over your screen again.
  18. Like the Fire & Rescue or ambulance boys don't tender for providing a service. Those fire engines and meat wagons are probably subsidised by the taxpayer too.
  19. I rely on a feeling in my water. With an ageing prostate I get it much more often too! So I've always had a problem believing the 97% of scientists who assert that climate change (or global warming in old money) is man made. My aqueous membranes disputed that, and today I watched a video that explains all and has led to the Peters Hypothesis On Climate Change: Apparently the poles are moving faster than predicted. Magnetic North (and South) always drift a bit so navigators need to allow for magnetic variation when plotting a course, but it's gone mental and could be a precursor to a complete swapping of the poles - which has happened before every gazillion years or so. Of course, as Our World is one big magnet with a molten core that creates electricity, there's a magnetic force field that surrounds the planet and protects us from deadly sun rays and cosmic winds. So my hypothesis is that it's predominantly changes in this magnetic force field that are causing climate change. And that is my theory. The End. Except to say that you can all buy coal fires and V8 motors again and tell the eco warriors to fuck right off.
  20. I agree with all that. These 'charity spectaculars' seem more about 'virtue signalling' than anything, and as others have opined it's somewhat ironic having millionaire celebrities who avoid taxes imploring the great unwashed to dig deep. The point about governments providing these essential services is philosophically sound, but in practice any additional revenues would more likely be spent on maintaining the differential between the 1% (and their acolytes) and the rest of us.
  21. Advertising Standards Authority maybe? No agency involved.
  22. Which advertising agency said that? Saatchi? FCB? The one in that Mad Men?
  23. You have to be careful with cumulonimbus occlusions - they may lead to uncertainty over horatio.
  24. What is the truth? You couldn't handle the truth...
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