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  1. This is interesting as a number of people told me that it was a DoI directive to use the wrong grade of chippings (against Colas' advice) that caused the alopecia. And Colas eventually revealed emails to prove they had simply done as they were told. But now they're fixing it at their expense! Maybe they've surrendered this battle to win future contracts like the A5 rebuild further south (which was to have started in September but appears to have been shelved for now).
  2. This. There's so much more that people might find attractive: low taxes, sense of community, clean (for the most part) low crime, safe and secure, no long commutes. High property prices are a problem, but plenty of areas across have caught up and I sense a crash around the corner.
  3. I know someone who replaced oil heating for an air source heat pump system. Cost £25,000, which she thinks is probably worthwhile, except that you never get instant heat out of it (it's gentle underfloor heating) and it makes an awful noise. She has a large detached house so the noisy equipment is at the end of her garden, but can you imagine the noise pollution from a street full of the things? Will nobody think of the children...?
  4. Passing Time is spot on. I'm reminded of the Derek and Clive 'some bloke came up to me and said hello' sketch.
  5. Happy to oblige as Vice Chairman of the OFT (the reason I seconded). Fundamentally a supply problem with the old optics, which are essentially unavailable now unless you buy a job lot of them and leave them on a shelf for years. 25ml is the UK standard (Roxy may be correct about Scotland) and universally available. Booze manufacturers often give them away to account customers, so there shouldn't be much of a cost to the licensed trade. USA still works in fluid ounces, but they're different to Imperial measures. Pints remain pints and yes, you're entitled to a full measure, although why anyone would kick off because a glass isn't brimmed to overflowing is (and always has been) beyond me.
  6. Yes, it was OK because it was a joke (we still have those, right?). A play on the KFC strapline. Who was it insensitive to, the people prepared to sit in their cars in a ridiculously long queue? Throwaway comment, unworthy of another witch trial. I'm with Ricky Gervais on having a laugh. I don't go out to offend people (except the usual suspects on here and Facebook) but some would take offence (often by proxy) at absolutely anything I say, so zero given.
  7. It greatly amuses me that you're talking to yourself, you think I get drunk before posting (booze is one thing I CAN do in moderation) and that Augustus is my pseudonym. It isn't. But you're right, I'm possibly a shir bag.
  8. ...and the secret seasoning. It's window licking good, apparently.
  9. My understanding is that around 50% of the profits from this will go into the IOM Treasury, plus we'll have energy security, and Crogga will reinvest some profits into alternative energy schemes - all at no cost to the taxpayer. At least until Comrade Helix launches a cappuccino coup and turns us into a totalitarian Marxist state funded by wishful thinking and grotesque taxes on anyone who earns more than him.
  10. Saw an interesting meme yesterday about petrol/diesel prices, along the lines of 'nobody will buy an electric car when pump fuel is still affordable'. Sounds about right.
  11. Thank you - that was always my understanding. It was the use of the word 'payoff' that concerned me. Like it or not, if your pension scheme includes a lump sum on retirement that's a different thing. I wouldn't ask questions in Keys about specific cases unless I had significant concerns, and even then I'm not sure I'd be entitled to an answer.
  12. Do you know for sure there's a year's payout for people who retire/resign?
  13. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/three-young-people-said-to-be-responsible-for-damage-to-douglas-gas-tank/ Consequences could have been lethal to hundreds if not thousands of people - let's hope they get a commensurate sentence.
  14. I'll mark you down as a 'possible' member of my fan club then. And I've never joked about rape, ever. I have three daughters and three granddaughters.
  15. I've thought long and hard about that approach Doc. Two things keep me biting. 1) I mostly enjoy the banter and bullshit on MF and value different opinions 2) If people are allowed to post nonsense about me without it being challenged, it becomes fact. But you might be right.
  16. Chie - it's slightly disturbing that you have such a detailed list of things I said over 18 years on the radio that you found offensive, and whilst I can't remember some of them (and they actually sound unlike me) I'm prepared to take your criticism on the chin. I'd be happy to sit with you over a coffee or a drink any time you like to discuss and offer a defence, just send me a DM and we'll arrange it.
  17. I'm all for cleaner and greener and renewables. Burning stuff is so last century, but for the immediate future in the IOM (which makes virtually no impact on global CO2) we're stuck with it. It's lazy and just plain wrong to suggest all politicians are greedy and in receipt of fossil money, although of course they're an easy target. For the record I'm triple vaccinated and was always ambivalent about Brexit beforehand. The reason I post these videos is that they deal in facts and not projections. I can't believe you watched this one without it at least challenging your view on the 'climate emergency'.
  18. Which stats did he quote that you know to be wrong? Or is anyone who doesn't buy the promulgated narrative talking 'absolute bollocks'?
  19. I'll have to defer to your climate science qualifications and remarkable ability to consider alternative points of view. Around a hundred years ago a hundred learned people criticised Einstein for his dumb ass opinions on relativity (and no, I'm not comparing us). There is more of a link between the rising global population and global warming than anything else, but that's not going to win hearts and minds, votes, increase taxes or fund research.
  20. I can confirm I'm on no 'promise' from anyone connected to Crogga. And if having a different opinion to you makes me a dumb ass, so mote it be.
  21. I expect IOMG ducks are in a row, despite late challenges. Certainly one of the big delays in doing anything quickly is the restriction on when Crogga can survey - to 'winter' months only. Because fishermen or swamp grass or something. Then the same people will say 'it's not a quick fix, this gas reserve'.
  22. Who was that then? Obviously not me as I got almost a thousand votes and came clear second out of five candidates.
  23. I note with dismay from the Tynwald website a number of written questions about this and whether CoMin had the vires to sign off on the licence. I have a great deal of respect for my green colleagues and realise they're in a sticky spot being considered to support this after waving the green flag in their manifestos, but I wish they'd stop and see the massive upside of this if the Crogga projections are only half right. It seems a relatively new phenomenon in politics (Brexit a good example) to keep fighting lost causes rather than just getting on with things.
  24. May I suggest an MF Cappuccino Challenge evening. Contenders to bring their own machine and ingredients, Roxanne and two others to judge. Make me Entrant #1
  25. Fixed. And I speak with some mea culpa authority.
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