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  1. I found my figures on this at the office. BBC Jersey cost just short of £3m annually in the most recent accounts, so I'm not sure how the BBC mandarin reckons they could cover the Isle of Man for half that. But then she would say that, wouldn't she? As to the sales office, I think it makes significantly more than it costs. Without that income either the output or the taxpayer would probably suffer.
  2. Thing is, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. 'Do podcasts' says MF. So the station does podcasts. 'You should have been doing them sooner' says MF. 'Too many staff'. It takes as many people to run a full service radio station with 85,000 potential listeners as it does for 850,000 or 8½ million. The Myers Report was generally highly supportive, and any subsequent decisions taken are well above my fee grade so I can't comment. Just trying to be objective here (although I'll always be a cheerleader for the station). MR has an ageing audience because it was forced (AFAIK) to cede its youth market (KikFM at weekends) to the new Energy which was licenced purely to serve the youth market. And we all know how that ended up. Did it get any grants or special rents for using Summerland? What about 3FM? Has it really created a 'plurality of broadcasting' as promised, or just diluted the commercial market? MR's traditional audience aren't early adopters of streaming or podcasts, and I suspect the station wanted to wait and see how it all evolved before jumping in. Remember it was roundly condemned only recently for installing studio cameras to enable efficient VOD. It is trying to establish what people want - hence the latest audience survey. I suspect most will say they like it as it is, but the programme controlller and new MD are probably working on a station refresh that includes new jingles (at last!). |If people listen to the other stations (and I often do) it's because they prefer the music mix or just want background music with 'this is, that was, here's a timecheck' links. Nothing wrong with that but it's certainly not what a PSB should be doing. There are things that go out that irritate me too, but usually if you dig a bit deeper it's not a lack of care, it's a lack of time or resource. Yes, it costs a couple of mill a year to run. From memory (I have the figures at work) that is less than half what a comparable BBC LR station costs - and they have the massive resource of the international BBC machine behind them. I genuinely believe that any impartial expert would spend a day at the station and conclude that if anything the station tries to do too much with too few people rather than being overstaffed, and certainly 90% of the people who work there aren't overpaid, just the opposite. ETA: Just reading Juan's FB post. Lots of supposition there, and misinformation about anyone being brought in to do anything other than training for a couple of days. Financial disgrace?? Apart from a very marginal overspend a couple of times, it's very tightly controlled financially. A 'private firm' would sack all the PSB and news/current affairs content and become yet another automated jukebox, voice tracked (sounds live but isn't) from a warehouse in Slough or wherever. As to 'disastrous audience' I'd love to compare MR's to his. But then he doesn't have any independent numbers for us to look at...
  3. An interesting if foolish conclusion to draw from my observations. Did your wife/sister dictate it for you?
  4. Oh Juan...anyone would think you were still bitter! I'm not a spokesman or member of staff, but:- a) An organisation like MR needs a Managing Director/Station Manager. Ideally one with wide-ranging industry experience. New guy ticks all the boxes. b) How many 'so called professionals' are on £50k+? I can probably count them on the fingers of one hand (excluding thumb). c) The 'consultant' came over for a couple of days only to provide expert training. I am now a Ninja Broadcaster so it was worth the fee. d) Above measures probably an attempt to address the changing listenership. Headline losses don't reflect a move to new platforms (VOD, Podcasts etc). e) Costs are controlled more than a Tory MP at a BDSM party. f) New jingles. The old ones have given sterling service for probably 10+ years, but harpsichords are so yesterday. HTH.
  5. At least they're not talking about 'renumeration'!!
  6. If I ever get arrested for anything horrid, remember to smile for the official mugshot so I don't look guilty....
  7. Quiet. Friendly and efficient ATC and fuel guys. Admin side and security possibly not so user friendly but have had too little contact with either to complain.
  8. Alf Cannan said there were NO plans to privatise it, but set up a company effectively owned by IOMG to run it more efficiently. Is Ann Reynolds still in charge - someone suggested maybe she's not?
  9. At current growth rates it would take around 63,000 years for that to happen Sidney. Don't worry. Be happy.
  10. Which huge stories would YOU have featured today WKRAP if you were editor? The mass murders in Maughold this weekend or the plane crash disaster in Pulrose yesterday?
  11. So, you reckon this isn't something that should be reported? That acute bile duct has infected what was left of your brain.
  12. Got told off by a politician by email today during the show for saying that 'growing our economically active population' is gubmint speak for 'needing more taxpayers'. In my robust reply I asked said person what 'other' benefit is there to growing the population. I guess I might have a reply next week after it's been put out to consultation, or perhaps be sent on a Tynwald remedial training course... Not that I'm against growing our economically active population, but I agree with the earlier comment that the authorities can't cope with the perfectly reasonable demands of the existing 85,000 people. Healthcare is a shambles, roads are falling apart, prices are out of control and the place looks and feels horribly run down. Watched a clip earlier of someone agreeing with John Cleese that London really IS a shithole - 3 times the people there than was ever planned for. When it rains the sewers are overloaded and spill into the Thames. Yet there are still 60,000 people moving there every year, many of them working the black economy and contributing diddly. Mustn't happen here.
  13. Man down the pub this weekend told me the airport bosses are planning to move the fuel farm and relocate the airport fire station. I'm sure they have a very pressing reason to spend millions doing that...
  14. Never too old to learn, although I started making '2CK' radio ads for a living in 1975 and I've never heard that expression before.
  15. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but have you seen her? Typical SJW type, no doubt with a sense of entitlement and a desire to make mischief. Probably unsurprisingly, those protesting her innocence are mostly commie pinko lefty types, and those defending him are privileged capitalist pig white members of the patriarchy. Except me - I'd be as supportive if Glenda Jackson frogmarched a Trump supporter out of a climate change convention. If you're a vexatious and disruptive gatecrasher you deserve the taser.
  16. No, because I've not seen any footage subsequently that has changed my mind in the slightest. He did the right thing in a proportionate way. And I have three daughters...
  17. No, you were correct. Whoever misspelled it 45 years ago was wrong and allowed to get away with it.
  18. Mr Fixit Nick Knowles has been convicted of a motoring offence. 'The presenter received six points on his licence for the offence, which resulted in a driving ban as he already had six points on it. He was fined £666 for speeding and £666 for using his phone, with a victim surcharge of £66 and prosecution costs of £85'. That's a lot of sixes! Could have been a clean sweep if the prosecutor hadn't been so greedy...
  19. I believe that after the success of the horse tram 2019 launch the DoI is taking over TT2020 and running races only from the Grandstand to the bottom of Bray Hill and back again. Lap records will be broken for sure (will anyone beat the 38 second lap?) and nobody will question the other 37 miles missing out of the 'old' course. Low cloud over the mountain will certainly no longer be an issue and the roads can be closed for fixing potholes over the fortnight instead.
  20. I'd be interested to know how many of the recent intake of MHK's and MLC's have ever previously earned anything remotely approaching £1000 a week.
  21. Caller on the programme today made various points about TT coverage, presenter said very little...
  22. I'm not involved in the TT side of things so don't know the full facts. And if I did I'd probably be best advised not to discuss them on t'internet.
  23. This thing about the millionaire fireman. Someone has mentioned it on air a couple of times. I didn't believe it then or now - am I wrong?? Surely even the most senior and long serving fireman/person could not accrue that kind of pension pot, could they?
  24. If what I was told years ago is true about how the media works with many iconic sporting events, it's more likely IOMG will have to pay Sky or someone else to cover it.
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