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  1. That's because the perception of what presenters earn is influenced by what they read in the papers about Zoe Ball and Chris Evans. Maybe I should have said BBC Local Radio, which is equally accurate and probably more relevant.
  2. LL, you're right. In my defence I check in here for a bit of light relief and banter rather than wanting to research or fact check everything. I've no reason to sing the company song any more, but there are still some misconceptions that I feel need to be addressed. I don't think the current MD is earning anything like 6 figures, although the previous one probably was just about (after 20 years increments in service). There are NO big salaries at MR (compared to, say, BBC equivalents) and whilst a manual worker might consider it 'easy money' for 'not a proper job' it is simply a different set of skills. Whether the output is appropriate and it's run efficiently and well is for the board to answer, but I think by most metrics it is. It IS a subvention. That's what it's always been. MR is owned by the Manx public who - for it to continue in the form they approve of - must pay for it. They already get a good deal compared to our UK friends in that MR is paid for from general taxation and not an additional tax (the licence fee), and is expected to raise over half its operating costs from commercial activities. It operates on a statutory footing, unlike the other two stations which are purely commercial businesses launched to compete in the same advertising market. I admire both Ron and Juan for what they have achieved, but get tired of hearing about the lack of a level playing field - they both knew what they were up against yet chose to launch and take their chances anyway, and government was happy (in the name of 'media plurality') to allow them to take listeners and advertising revenue from MR. Talk of it being a subsidy is just wrong. The taxpayer owns the station and pays for it - if anything the commercial income subsidises the taxpayer. I don't (and never did) listen to much of the specialist speech and music programming, but I am content to chip in knowing that it's important to others. Like I won't ever ride the flumes at the NSC. Government could sell MR to (for example) Tindle Media tomorrow and save the subvention entirely, but nobody would buy it if they had to continue the breadth of current programming, so at best it would end up just another bland Top 40 commercial station with most of its (freelance) presenters working from back bedrooms in Slough or Stoke Poges with its news mainly from Sky.
  3. I'm late to the party, apologies. I suspect that adjusted for inflation the subvention has probably gone down over the last five years.
  4. Not me, I don't think I've ever sat outside the tills at Shoprite. Ever. Maybe it was George Clooney.
  5. Run Forrest, run. And take Larry and Mo with you. You start a thread with a title like this and accuse ME of silly abuse? Get a grip if you can give it and not take it.
  6. You're a village idiot. But have a nice day as you jog on...
  7. You do understand what 'independent' means, don't you? Would you really prefer the cat fight that is PMQs?
  8. Yes, I thought that too before I was elected. Do you know the difference between motions for positive, negative or no resolution? The purpose of laying items before the court? How the standing scrutiny and select committees work? The role of the various officers of Tynwald? How to frame questions and supplementaries to get the answer you need? Who best to go to if you have a constituent problem? The limitations imposed on you by standing orders (different rules for both chambers). I was not prepared for any of this procedural stuff as a broadcaster as you're only dealing with the output, and whilst everyone is most helpful, the last thing I want to do as a newbie is make an absolute dick of myself at the input stages. Added to that, I have no public sector experience at all, and things seem to be done very differently to the commercial world I've spent 50 years in. The 'style' of the video is the same as I used for my election videos, which people said they liked. And it's a standard form of presentation that people are familiar with. As for the justification, I think people deserve to know why I voted yes to something contentious they might think should have been a no. Not everyone will be interested, but nobody is being forced to watch it - and the feedback I've had so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Point taken about the pan - by the time I do the next one I'll have found out how to edit that move to make it smoother, and positioned a lamp so you can see my eyes. Difficult to do everything as a one-man studio crew. Every day a schoolday!
  9. Youse guys crack me up. It was something I promised on the doorstep, so I'm keeping those promises rather than try to win and entertain new friends. The CLAJ Committee I'm on doesn't pay any extra, nor does the OFT gig - so I could happily be fired from either without having to cancel the caviar. Fact is, I want time to bed in and get my head around the completely different working environment to anything I've ever done before, and not worry about interference from CoMin if they don't like what I say. Declan - motorbike, music and Jordan Peterson (et al) talks and lectures, climate change stuff and a bit of shuffle dancing. I'm cheap - for the next one I'll vape a lot if someone will lend me a laser...
  10. Apparently yes, we have a proper UK firm doing this for us now. I presume their fees will be part of the overspend, but I don't know that for sure. If they bring the project in on time and to the new budget, I expect they'll be worth it. I think it was Chris Robertshaw who said in summer that we'd sent 4th division negotiators to play a premier league team in the UK. I don't do football, but it seemed an apt analogy. I said in December Tynwald we (the public) would be happier if there WERE heads on spikes, but there were a few murmurs about intemperate and unparliamentary language. Zero given...
  11. I don't know whether the briefing is in the public domain so can't post it or any details here. Not being awkward, but some of it is probably commercially sensitive stuff that could be used against us. The only comfort is that this will all be painstakingly scrutinised by a Tynwald committee at some point, names and pack drill included, and I expect that WILL be in the public domain. I didn't feel inclined to vote against it because of the reasons I gave earlier - even had I been convinced beyond reasonable doubt that there was something sniffy about the project, the fact would remain that we were deeply invested in the site and would have lost that money and not had a berth in Liverpool.
  12. Just a quickie: no we MHKs haven't been told to 'nod it through'. We were briefed on the current situation by DoI before the vote in Tynwald, which included where the major cost overruns had occurred. I've no experience of civil engineering projects so possibly asked some wrong questions, and it's probable we were given answers biased by the DoI closing ranks and presenting the 'extra funding' vote as the only option, although all the others we could think of were discussed.
  13. I don't know if there's a price you could put on this project which is anything other than 'too much'. Like the Prom, Richmond Hill and the NSC slides. But I voted for the extra funding because to have done otherwise would have wasted £40m+ already spent (and on contract penalty clauses), caused us reputational damage and left us without a Liverpool base. There are allegedly no other suitable alternative locations, and as we've seen lately Heysham has problems of its own so we need a second port. I can only hope that the new Minister and acting CEO of DoI, and the new project people working for us in Liverpool are able to bring this online without your second question being realised.
  14. Whilst music for most is possibly not an academic subject, I think it's essential that children be given the basics and encouraged to take that further as an interest. Playing recorder at school led me to having private clarinet lessons, learning the rudiments of sight reading music and doing a bunch of grade exams. Later in life that foundation led me to playing saxophone a bit, then guitar, drums, piano and bass - not to much more of a standard than 'noodling' and having an enjoyable hobby. I encouraged my children to be musical but sadly none of them did. Same with my grandkids. Makes me sad.
  15. Stu Peters


    I suspect not. I asked a Programme Controller some years ago how many applications he got from Manx people for presenter jobs. I think he said less than a handful a year.
  16. Biggest eye-opener to me in home audio was the extension you get with a subwoofer. Even after years of using Tannoy dual concentrics.
  17. Oh no I didn't. Read what I said. Anyone: thank you for your nihilistic, defeatist nonsense, every small victory (and I've had a couple already) will taste all the sweeter knowing you said it was worthless trying. And I'm not in the pension scheme as I already get a small one from my years on staff at MR. Billy the Kid: I'm resisting but am sore tempted by the base Emira due in 2023.
  18. I was earning more on an hourly basis doing radio than doing politics, its just that I do more hours now. Easier? You should try it, although I doubt you have the temperament or ability. Avoiding roles? Well, apart from being Vice Chairman of the OFT and member of the Tynwald Constitutional, Legal Affairs and Justice Committee, but then I offered to be elected Benevolent Dictator For Life and nobody took me up on it.
  19. Untrue. I announced my departure to stand for Keys in the second hour of my last programme in June. As a freelance contractor, not staff since 2012. Do try harder.
  20. Not taken according to the annual report.
  21. Pongo has repeated his oft-aired treatise on the end of radio, so I feel no shame in sharing mine. Especially since I have no skin in the game these days. Manx Radio does a bit of everything, unlike the others who do 'more music' (which is far cheaper). Its probably closest to a BBC LR station and it does that job just as well for FAR less money. The people that hate it so vehemently have no regard for those who love it. If it sounds like there are lots of new newsreaders, there are new, young hacks who will all be encouraged to go on air, rather than just do the grunt work. Nobody at the station is on a BBC level salary, there are no fat cats or superstar wages. If Pongo prefers silence, why moan about a radio station he dislikes. I don't watch BBC sport or news, but I still pay for a licence. That's because I'm a grownup and don't spit the dummy if there's anything I don't like. And finally, these comparisons between the three Manx stations are a nonsense. Manx Radio has a specific remit for mixed local programming (in return for part funding) that the 'more music' stations don't. That's not to disparage them, they do a good job and I assume return a profit. And the new morning girl on Energy is top class.
  22. Apologies if I'm wrong, but I think the original £3.5m was simply for the lease on the piece of land (and rights to dock there etc). AFAIK the agreed budget for the whole job was £30+m. So it's only double that, not ten times it. I know, but every little helps, right?
  23. I'll readily admit I don't know enough about major schemes like this to add much, but it does seem that most of them globally go significantly over budget. I'd have thought a fixed price contract would have been preferable, but I'm guessing nobody would tender on that basis?
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