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  1. It was recorded after 1974,so it must be!
  2. Yes, absolutely. My only proviso to unequivocal support for this is that IOMG shouldn't bear the burden of exploration, and should get a reasonable return on any product. We should have cheap gas for all consumers, leading to cheaper electricity and revenue to complete every possible bit of infrastructure, pay off the PS pension defecit and support moves to net zero. Field of dreams...
  3. Lots of people are saying 'we need to involve our young' and 'how can we stop our young people leaving the Island?' One of my fellow candidates at the Comis meeting last night talked about a trainee teacher who was being forced to go to the UK for a year of work experience, who 'might like it there and not come back'. My view is that most young people won't be remotely interested in politics until they get a little older and start to be burdened by responsibility. You grow into certain things (like Manx Radio will never appeal to that demographic, but many people will 'grow' into it). Same with the youth drain. When I went to school very few of my class went to University...now (since Blair) it seems to be most kids. You're at an age where you WANT to spread your wings and get into the big wide world, and the fast pace of most large cities must be intoxicating. With often better job opportunities why would you want to come home? Maybe later, with children, you'll begin to realise that the Island DOES have a lot to offer, not least being close to your own family members. Like climate change, I think it's natural and will sort itself out without knee jerk reactions.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKHWXFwHaaQ
  5. So happy for the winner - great return to form. And second place was a hella brave drive.
  6. You're right, I didn't.
  7. I'll be looking out for your interesting headgear.
  8. Oh I don't know. Although on reflection...
  9. Yep, I'm all for the tensioners...
  10. Next year when they spend £500,000 planing the £50k dressing off and relaying it with the sort of stone chips the contractors wanted in the first place.
  11. Gosh, you're actually stalking me! I can tell you're warming to me.
  12. Peter Karran was a member of CoMin for a tiny part of his career. I'm not aware he was ever banned from Manx Radio. But you know best...
  13. In the published report into the DoI one of the main conclusions (to me anyway) was that the department currently concentrates on effort ("Oh no, everyone in the department is working flat out already") rather than results. No real measurement of actual performance. Hopefully the next parliament will change that.
  14. He was often the lone voice of dissent before the fact, and therefore unable to change policy. Even after the event (with the benefit of hindsight) he was usually voted down by the nodding dogs who were paid extra to agree with the CM and CoMin block vote. I've come to realise over the years (the benefit of hindsight again) that he was absolutely right in calling out the 'clubby clubby', 'matey matey' 'one party state by patronage'. I'm convinced that the next parliament won't have so many 'yes' men (and women) and that government and departments will have to do better. That's not to say the back benchers will vote every time against CoMin on principle (as happens in the Commons) but that scrutiny will be much stronger.
  15. The word 'intergovernmental' is the main clue Joe. And the fact that governments fund their research. As we've seen here recently, the science often comes second to the politics, so I think expect they carefully select their advice from scientists who are on-message. Only my opinion, I'm not trying to convince anyone I'm right and they're wrong, just explaining why I've come to this viewpoint.
  16. Mine just in from the printer, so mailing begins tomorrow.
  17. Same with climate change. I've not been trained (nor am I smart enough) to read or digest peer reviewed papers on scientific matters, so like most lay people I read articles and watch documentaries by people who probably are. The trouble with that is the bias shown by the opposing factions means you are reduced to applying your own common sense judgement to decide which argument makes more sense to you. I may have made a mistake having the jabs, time will tell. I might also be wrong about climate change, again only time will tell.
  18. Nice conflation Declan. I knew I could rely on you. I've tried to stay away, but they keep pulling me back in. I'm talking about a trial programme that would cost nothing much to run and could provide a major benefit for our hospitality industry. Or it could achieve bugger all, but at least we'll know and it won't really have cost anything. You're talking about something that is more to do with politics than science that will cost trillions to 'address' and provide no benefit except to the global industrialists who have a vested interest or the politicians who will use it to tax us all to the hilt. Even if I conceded that it's all about carbon dioxide and it's man-made (which I don't), I don't believe there's a damn thing can be done about it. Anything that improves the environment is a great side effect, of course, but that's not the root problem. I said at the hustings tonight that I'm not trying to change anyone's mind about climate change and I meant it. But people who cite alarmist IPCC reports don't mention that it's a political organisation that cherry picks the reports and research that promotes its objectives. We've had 50 years of 'scientists say...' doomsday predictions, from imminent droughts to floods to a new ice age to famines...and they've all proved wrong. Al Gore's predictions were wildly exaggerated. Even the IPCC agreed that 'no confident prediction about global mean temperature or it's impact can be made'. So I have more questions than are being answered about climate change, I think it's real but cyclical and natural, but if you're convinced it's my V8 and gas boiler, that's your absolute right.
  19. Your bile is palpable. If hundreds of people over some 18 years tell you the SPC fares are what is limiting tourism, is it not worth at least testing that premise - and for no real cost? My idea would at least provide a great marketing opportunity. These were genuine comments from a wide range of people, so I didn't need to research anything (and often wouldn't have known what to research beforehand). I know SPC offers deals (and I think the fares are cheap enough) but if you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result, you're delusional.
  20. I appreciate that there are good deals outside TT/FOM, but for the last 18 years hosting phone-in programmes the most common gripe when we talk about boosting our tourist trade is the cost of the ferry. To me its at least worth a punt, and more importantly it would be predicated on a quid pro quo deal to benefit the wider economy.
  21. My view is that the SPC is operating lots of near empty boats. On the basis they have to be staffed anyway and use the same amount of fuel, why not offer massive price cuts to holidaymakers (who I've been told for years don't come because of the ferry prices) who book accommodation or car hire as part of a deal? You'd have to be careful of substitution, so maybe just off-peak sailings.
  22. Sorry chaps, but I'm having to recuse myself from posting for fun until 24/9. Whilst I enjoy the rough and tumble, cut and thrust of banter, bullshit and badinage on MF I just know that someone will take offence at something said in jest, post it on Facebook to discredit me and enrage an angry mob. Normal service will be resumed by October, win or lose.
  23. Pffft. Bunch of surrender monkeys all of yers.
  24. My syntax was correct, my comment sincere. That you both chose to ridicule my post says more about you than me.
  25. You're not an aggressor, you're a poor troll. And you can't fight trolls.
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