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  1. I thought you were born either caucasian, afro-caribbean, asian etc etc - I didn't think anyone was born as a practising memeber of a religion. Presumably even if you don't think your officially a Catholic then you feel you a a member of a greater church community so what does it matter?
  2. he's not going to be paying for it is he so he can suggest anything - as far as he's concerned he will spend as much of your money as he wants and you can't do anything about it.
  3. didn't they look on the beach at Blackpool?
  4. MHK's must re-consider voting for any money requested by Manx Radio for plans to "upgrade" to Digital Audio Bradcasting DAB - its a flawed plan based on a BBC model that doesn't require commercial support. Announced today by the UK's leading investor in DAB:- "DAB is not an economically viable platform" GMAC Group which owns the Classic FM and Capital 95.8 stations, plans to concentrate on FM and broadband. The audience for broadband has been growing rapidly and GCap now has 1.7m broadband listeners as well an audience of 15m for its FM stations. Its broadband service is close to breaking even. It has also announced the first lived streamed radio to the Apple iPod Touch in the UK. Ms Hazlitt said it was working with Nokia as well as Apple to develop mobile handsets and MP3 players as platforms for the future. Ms Hazlitt said consumer uptake of digital radio had been slow and the costs of broadcasting on DAB had been too high. Some industry experts such as Richard Wheatley, chief executive of The Local Radio Company, see Digitial Audio Broadcasting (DAB) as radio’s equivalent of Betamax, a failed technology in the face of a mass of better alternatives. “I think the radio listener is migrating much, much more to the internet and in any case I don’t see that DAB has a ‘killer app’,” said Mr Wheatley, who also conceded that the cost of broadcasting on the multiplexes also daunted him.
  5. Monitored on Manx Radio this afternoon - mention of a EuroMillions lottery winner with £8million odd says he wonders how to spend £1000 odd pounds a day interest. Any ideas?
  6. Add a 50p per person to an arrival tax and issue a freedom to use ticket
  7. Sounds like Ballakermeen or any other of the IOM secondary schools
  8. but so what cos there is supposed to be a public use elevated walkway alongside this stretch of river from the bridge upwards towards the Nunnery
  9. It will be ok. A properly constructed, high quality building will be able to cope with the water. On second thoughts Tesco better stock up on bilge pumps. They'll be doing a booming trade buy why would Tesco need pumps up at their new site and petrol station up next to Ballapadaq
  10. spock


    or maybe they are taking the Art Store and making a bigger sports shop all on one site - but then again maybe not 'cos they wouldn't be able to open on a Sunday 'cos the properties are owned by the Methodist Church which imposes restrictive covenants on the properties then again maybe they don't own them and there are no restrictions on what is sold or when the shops are open - take your pick you all always do.
  11. spock


    * starts inevitable starbucks rumour* that'll be the one opening in Regent Street soon
  12. There is a high profile IOM business which you can Google under the word "Equiom". Is this the one and the same as Equiom Limited that has been noticed in the IOM Examiner this week on page 29 - that it is In Members Voluntary Liquidation? If it is the same, then what's happening to the jobs - sorry for anyone out of a job at this time of year. This is also what the Registry web-site says:- Isle of Man Company Details Company Name EQUIOM LIMITED Company Number 094650C Company Type PRIVATE, LIMITED BY SHARES Registered Office First Floor Jubilee Buildings Victoria Street Douglas IM1 2SH Date of Incorporation 16/02/1999 Presence of Charges N Status LIVE Previous Names Name Type AIT Limited PREVIOUS Liquidators/receivers appointed Date Liquidation Commenced 03/12/2007 Date Appointed 03/12/2007 Liquidator/Receiver Name MAXINE ANN MAYHEW Address JUBILEE BUILDINGS VICTORIA STREET DOUGLAS Status MEMBERS LIQUIDATOR
  13. arthur stanley or Spencer Walpole
  14. This topic is already well under discussion in Local News under thread started on 23 January title:- Emergency Comin Meeting Agenda Item.
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