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  1. I've got a signed version of that by the Manics (including Richey) off eBay for about £8 a few years ago. Another example of this was a Lifter Puller album I found on the Amazon Marketplace for about £110 the other week.
  2. I thought they were really really good. The best reaction I've seen a band over here get at the Villa for a long time. Bit gutted they didn't have North Country Boy or Just When You're Thinking Things Over in the set list. And even though I only knew probably 12-15 songs by The Charlatans before I realised just how many strong tracks they've got, and even the ones I didn't immediately know still got a reaction from the crowd.
  3. I normally order my stuff from Play.com they used to take 3 or 4 days to get delivered, but I've noticed lately it's taking about 10-14 days.
  4. I always hear people complaining about the cost of Flybe. But I travel regularly across to England for gigs and stuff, normally going afternoon or evening one day coming back morning the next, and have always found that booked in plenty of the time the fares are reasonable enough. Just booked to go to Manchester the second week in September £44 return. I also booked back in May to travel over August Bank Holiday weekend and that came to £52 return, much cheaper than getting the boat and getting the train or coach. Simple way you can save £30 is don't choose your seats in advance. Plus you haven't said in your post how many people you're trying to book for either?
  5. I thought that the 18+ Proof of Age cards had always been accepted. I've never had a problem with mine, even when using it across.
  6. It's part of the British Isles. It's not part of the UK. Britain, aka Great Britain, is not the same as the British Isles. It just consists of England, Wales and Scotland. Hence Britain's karaoke does not apply to the Island. Hope that clears that up for ya. We are a British Crown Dependancy though, and hold a British passport, Manx citizens are able to be classed as British in terms of national recognition (sports etc.). I therefore don't see a problem calling it Britain Karoke on the Island. (But just to be clear I am not condoning this type of crap TV)
  7. It's part of the British Isles. It's not part of the UK.
  8. Source? Just had it on Radio TT, problem with the exhaust apparently. Plater confirmed as winner, McGuiness second, Amor provisionally 3rd although his bike is still being looked at.
  9. There were another couple of incidents at Bedsted on Saturday as well, one before the Superbike race and another during the Sidecar.
  10. Pretty over-rated I think. Been into them for just over a year or so. The album's got 3 or 4 really good songs on, but Jon the lead singer is far too full of himself and trying to make himself out to be such an inspiration when he's just trying to be Ian Brown really.
  11. I could just hear the 21.1, I expected mine to be a lot worse than that.
  12. Gerrard won't get any as he can get away with alsorts in a derby the dirty little cheat I think you'll find Gerrard has been sent off twice in Derby's actually. And as for that, well the game was lost (I mean it's not like Liverpool have EVER scored three goals in 10 minutes before is it? ) there was no need to risk Torres who'd already taken a couple of knocks.
  13. Surely 34 top 40 hits in 16 years is better than 63 in 40? Apply the same logic to 15 top ten hits to 22. Along with 7 out of 9 of their albums going top ten. Although the other statistics are incomparable due to the length of their careers. Plus I bet at least half a dozen of those "hit" Quo albums are greatest hits compilations or live albums of some sort.
  14. If I was the promoter, I'd take the 1,500 people through the door. You'd easily take 1,500 people for the Manics.
  15. I actually went to see the Manics in December across in Birmingham, and trust me they are an entertaining band to see live. Although it depends what that entertainment you want is, if you want to be entertained by watching a band that have consistently produced great music for 15 years (OK discount Lifeblood because that was an appauling album) and are well and truly still at the top of their game, attract an audience of all ages, and rattle out the best part of two hours of great songs. Or do you want to have 1,500 people singing along to 25 year old novelty songs?
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