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  1. I have been using it for a while now - I was a bit miffed at having to download the encoder but never notice it now as whenever a new bill is emailed it just opens automatically. I guess a way around it would be to issue PDFs which have been password protected with your password choice when you register for online billing maybe?
  2. I have been on a the last bus home a few times and usually there are some fairly wasted people on board and have witnessed fights and drunken arguments which got out of hand - didn't envy the driver at all having to deal with that which is probably why they don't have a service much later than midnight!
  3. not something I knew of either! I bake a lot but tend to use vanilla extract as it is made from Vanilla Pods and usually just alcohol whereas vanilla essence or vanilla flavouring have far too many additives in the ingredients list and don't give the same flavour - now I definitely won't be using it!!
  4. Went in for lunch on Saturday was very impressed - slow roasted pork belly was amazingly good. Making my stomach rumble just thinking about it! needed more of it though but that's just me being greedy! Service was great too but then it was fairly quiet in there.
  5. Ate there last week with the other half, couldn't fault it. I had the seabass which was gorgeous and himself had the pork belly which I tasted and was amazing too. The restaurant was full and didn't have a problem getting the waiters attention. Might be hit and miss maybe and we got it on a good day
  6. I preferred Casino Royale too. There was something about Javier Bardem's character I just didn't like - he just wasn't bad enough
  7. http://www.ramseynationalweek.com/where-in-ramsey-photograph-quiz.html
  8. they are better in audio quality unfortunately not in fit
  9. maybe whoever owns it is called Da Vinci and is spanish - either way sounds good to me must check it out
  10. No doubt there will be a Manx connection of MR's 'web site' sometime this week. and here it is - I would have thought they would have come up with something better tbh I am a little disappointed http://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_147966.html
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