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  1. I had a type 182, i also had type 247 with the rare M855 option package. (Profile pic) Now I just have a beetle.
  2. I've got a cat S60 the FLIR cam on that works well enough, you can get them as a separate as on for other phones. Industrial thermal image cameras work in a different way and cost ££££'s, I've compared the two side by side and in normal light where the phone combines it's normal camera image with the thermal one there's not much in it.
  3. My guess is they have solar panels and are green when they're running for free and red when running from the grid. They do seem to spray light in all directions though, not good for dark sky's.
  4. The Bay does cash back, and that gives you an opportunity to sample their excellent new IPA while you're there.
  5. Put it back to standard, anything else will be shit on Manx roads.
  6. In my experience if you still have the old yellow log book you still have the number, last thing you want to do is hand that in and get a retention certificate that you have to pay for each year.
  7. We have had very expensive consultants time and time again, they've spouted shit and got away with it. We don't need consultants.
  8. Made up figures I'll do it for half that, all the hard work is done (god bless the Victorians) Absolutely nothing wrong with Peel, it's ace, if our governers grew some balls it would be done already.
  9. Maybe then, that is a big jump from the parents though, also on 24/7 but only does the hot water.
  10. Oil fired aga / Rayburn ideally need to be left on 24/7 unless fitted with a pressure jet burner even then they need to be on most of the time, they are not easily on and off able as they take a good while to warm up and cool down, for this reason putting this with a solar system will offer no appreciatable saving what so ever. Adding a wood burner into the equation will add to the complexity, and probably require a non off the shelf cylinder increasing the cost further. How many of you are in the house? I very much doubt the £20.00 a day figure for the running cost quoted above, my parents have an Aga and have had for years, admittedly​ it's only doing the hot water but it costs roughly £5.00 a day to run. This heats the kitchen, provided 24/7 cooking and clothes drying and provided plenty of hot water for 2-3 people. They also have solar, but that's all a bit random.
  11. Yes 2-3 times a week and I don't bitch about the price either.
  12. jim

    Antenna Jurby

    Please tell me they haven't received a penny of government grants.
  13. I always thought side lights were for parking at night on unlit roads hence the low power consumption. Driving in daylight with them on is entirely pointless.
  14. jim

    Spooky Google

    Came 2nd in the list for me after only typing difference.
  15. You can get Manx cheese in the States 3x3, there's a chain called Publix there that sell it.
  16. If you're down this way the Bradda is good, also for the price the Falcon is a bargain @ £8.00 and was spot on for the price although the chef has changed again since I was last there. Bradda Glen is probably my back up option Is the Falcon a carvery or a plate of roast dinner? carvery
  17. If you're down this way the Bradda is good, also for the price the Falcon is a bargain @ £8.00 and was spot on for the price although the chef has changed again since I was last there.
  18. I can take the doors and roof off my not ford so there!
  19. I've got a couple of Mk 2 roofs if that counts in the mines better than yours comp.
  20. Totally agree Jim, but don't resort to their low- life language. We are above that, aren't we ? Fair point, I put at home twice, I've edited the original post now.
  21. I liken this thread and the posters moaning in it to people who moan about the pubs being quiet and not what they used to be. It's because you fucktards are all at home sitting on your fat arses in front of your flat screens drinking tinnies, winning about the price of this and the cost of that, get out and enjoy yourselves, walk over the hills, have a few beers, talk to people. Moving to England will change only the view out of your lounge window you'll still be the same boring prats when you get there as you are here and I for one won't miss you.
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