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  1. Here's one I don't understand, today I received an email asking if I could manufacturer 36000 drive shafts!? "Yours truly, We need 36000 (axis), if you can produce, please refer to the attached drawings and specifications Thank you very much. Allen Mobile: + 86 17828042718" Even sent a technical drawing that I dared to open out of curiosity.
  2. Had the same myself last week, nice to see them trying new things.
  3. jim

    St. Helena. ?

    Not forgotten, fantastic place.
  4. jim


    It is reopening, but it's a brewery pub so I'd doubt the guy from the sidings would be interested.
  5. Possibly the last casualty of WW2!? Get the heritage people on to that, erect a memorial, build a museum Ramsey's newest tourist attraction millions will flock there.
  6. I don't know hang on I'll ask my buddy.
  7. If the Island cut all its Co2 emissions tomorrow I very much doubt it would have any measurable effect a global scale. Douglas prom is reclaimed land any was so it's just nature reclaming what once it's own, no loss really.
  8. That's nearly as good as my photo
  9. You should get a motorbike, they're good on fuel.
  10. in what way ? they have front and rear diffs and middle diff. not some strange viscous joint jobby What doc fix it said no lockers front and rear, plus they're bloody slow!
  11. I wouldn't mind so much but they're not even true 4x4. Better off with a G wagon.
  12. I take my doors off in the summer, saves them getting dings, me making dings and allows me to park in smaller spaces.
  13. Ace, I've been striving to achieve such an accolade for years, for it to come from Mr Sausages makes it all the more revelable in.
  14. I've driven one, I'm likely to drive one again at some point It's not mine, I don't want one. Am I a Twat?
  15. I have briks, not aktive yet but I'm collecting.
  16. You might want to rethink Peel. I certainly wouldn't be going into the water there.
  17. Bigclive you'd make a great teacher. As a bonus any little brats that didn't listen in class would get fried doing their homework.
  18. Judging by the quality of that translation it's coming direct from China is probably fake and will no doubt burst in to flames the first time you try to charge it.
  19. Have you seen American cars? Not a chance the majority of them would pass an emissions test if they're not up to the same tricks, Or conveniently in another testing bracket.
  20. What sections? I've recently done Port Erin to Peel with no problem and Port Erin to Castletown, TT week I went from Castletown to Douglas was a bit wet and windy but paths were fine. I got to Peel and didn't see another soul out walking untill I got to Corrins Folly, and it was a gorgeous day. The ferns at having a growth spurt at the moment but they're hardly making the route impassable.
  21. There's also a letter in today's Examiner from Rev Dr Mel MacArthur visiting form Australia who complains that the much lauded Way of the Gull is several kilometres inland in parts and hardly a 'coastal footpath' round the Port Soderick area. Which is a fair and valid point, the coastal footpath should be just that. It also comes inland at Dalby and Cornaa
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