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  1. Theory - Grumble smokes, and thinks people should just live with it? End of the day, is seriously bloody rude.
  2. Yeah, I'm still waiting too. I spoke to a MT telephone engineer a month ago who assured me the ADSL lines were being upped to 2mb at the beginning of August. Nice one...
  3. I doubt I can be alone on this one. How annoying is it when you're walking along the street, perhaps chatting with a friend? Or maybe even enjoying a lovely sandwich? When the person walking in front of you decides they just HAVE to have a cigarette?? Why do they have to do it? WHY?! Does it not pop into their minds that all the other people in the street don't want all that smoke crap in their faces when they're just trying to get from A to B? I mean, you wouldn't walk along the street spreading dog mess behind you, and that probably smells less! I just don't get it.... Hmpf..
  4. My ex girlfriend works for Euromanx in the Operations Department. I think part of the problem they're having is due to the fact they don't own any of their own planes, and they can't get enough cabin crew to man the flights. Or so I hear... I personally won't use them, I try to get a BA flight whenever possible.
  5. Cubbernuckle Word me girlfriend and I invented. Used to describe someone who hogs all the bed cover during the night!
  6. In all fairness, I'd overtaken everything else on the road, he shoulda kinda known I was going to overtake that car as well. He just didn't want to not overtake me. Every time I overtook something, he'd do the same, he didn't want to be stuck behind me.
  7. Well I passed my test in the UK
  8. My sisters PC has got all messed up with regard to MSn as well. She won't use the AV or firewall programs I give her, net result, her MSN keeps messaging EVERYONE on her list saying hi then telling them to check out this link. the link in question logs your e-mail address for god knows what purpose, probably to spam/attack you.
  9. I just got this: /wanders off wanting 2MB connection....
  10. Was just driving from Peel back to Douglas this afternoon and had gotten onto the long straight bits of road at national speed limit. Was overtaking a small blue van or family carrier thing and had NO idea the Evo VIII behind me had pulled out to overtake us both, was in my blind spot. He was on the approach as I pulled out into the side of the car. Again, no way I coulda seen him. Net result, I nearly put him into the side of the road in a ditch. On the plus side, it's a good job Evo's have the best brakes you can get!
  11. Yeah all Volvo's use sidelights, you can't switch them off unless you turn the car off Don't know about Saabs, don't think they do.
  12. bobbarley


    Aye, if anyone knows here, I hope she's alright!
  13. bobbarley


    So my girflriends at Tesco this morning doing our weekly shop. She finishes and heads over to the checkout. She queue's up, and starts putting our stuff onto the conveyor belt. Eventually she's at the front and the checkout lady starts scanning our stuff through. All of a sudden, the checkout lady screams, falls to the ground, and starts coughing up blood!! Luckily there was a doctor in a nearby queue, and the ambulance got there pretty quickly, but wow!
  14. Ehm.. I use ADSL and I was online from 10pm until 4am last night and wasn't disconnected once, it worked perfectly. Btw, I'm living in Douglas
  15. It's nearly time for your *induction*
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