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  1. Fat Boy slim was Amazing, first he twiddled the left knob, followed by the right knob & then he gave a thumbs up it was awesome!
  2. Did you get plenty of green shield stamps Grandad?
  3. I am so going to use this & I've got an arse like wizards sleeve.
  4. The TT has been a bit shit ever since Suzi Quatro stop coming.
  5. The Monkey's Paw, witchcraft build the Wicker Man!
  6. I expect the great Manx public will once again blame Johnny foreigner & start locking up people for buying petrol on the way home while banging pots 'n pans for the NHS.
  7. I sense a new set of commemorative stamps will be imminent.
  8. Just open up the giant potato completion to the rest of the World, problem solved (apart from the hotel accomodation).
  9. For sale complete set of Manx Radio Covid statistics for the last 2 years signed by Andy Wint, serious offers only. Free Manx face mask (sweet as the mountain air).
  10. A bigger gene pool would help, where friends & family don't get preferential treatment.
  11. Trump is currently looking for work, get him signed up as chief minister & build a wall, fortress of Mann.
  12. Spuds 'n herring, no need for fancy goods.
  13. Bloody Germans stealing our gas, the bombed our chippy during the war!
  14. Why would anyone want to leave the wonderful IOM? The Airport should be one way, just like the Eagles "Hotel California".
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