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  1. If your feeling flush you can buy a whole one, but you still only get 3 legs.
  2. Just empty the bins, never mind blue lights you muppets.
  3. victorian dad


    I think that might be the best post I've ever seen on here (I did edit it)
  4. Good to hear George Ferguson back on the air, he knows a top Status Quo tune when he hears it.
  5. & Possibly Alannah Myles.
  6. Nuff said. Bring on the TT.
  7. Did they have a tunnel of goats this year?
  8. Oh come on Ted, that'll be the Christmas tractors.
  9. Make the "scraaap metal" fella a 24 hour DJ with a fresh copy of 12 Gold bars by the mighty "Quo", more turnip growing advise & everybody would be happy.
  10. Bring back "The Castlereagh Line" & the fat Policeman reporting on the theft of milk bottles in the early hours of the morning.
  11. If you like a full-bodied red forget that awful French crap, the Aussies are the cream of the crop. California comes a close second but it's way overpriced.
  12. Presently surprised at the first episode, not as cringe worthy as I thought. If you don't like it there's a boat in the morning
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