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  1. Just phone an Uber driver to pick up/deliver (I'll just get me coat).
  2. For those of us who don't do phone speak what is ADR?
  3. Let's be honest most drivers can't work out how the roundabouts at the QB operate, never mind a bus lane.
  4. But that's the best bit.
  5. "Slavery was a bad thing, it still is, but there isn't any slavery now in which Britain" Really, do you live in a bubble? Never heard of traveller tarmac gangs or Vietnamese cannabis farmers, not to mention prostitution?
  6. Somebody might throw a pastie or a McDonalds bag full of plastic shite, send in the troops.
  7. Not enough Status Quo these days, can't believe the the bike helmet will be gathering dust for another 12 months. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QTp8lTzqUI
  8. If your feeling flush you can buy a whole one, but you still only get 3 legs.
  9. Just empty the bins, never mind blue lights you muppets.
  10. victorian dad


    I think that might be the best post I've ever seen on here (I did edit it)
  11. Good to hear George Ferguson back on the air, he knows a top Status Quo tune when he hears it.
  12. & Possibly Alannah Myles.
  13. Nuff said. Bring on the TT.
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