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  1. victorian dad

    OddBins no more?

    yootalkin2me replied to yootalkin2me's topic, what a dick head.
  2. victorian dad

    Low IQ drugs mule gets 2 years

    A prime candidate for the next elections, the gene pool needs some diversity.
  3. victorian dad

    Fairy tales?

    I'm surprised how "The Little People" have gone from being something to be feared in such a short time, any believer in Manx folklore would stay well clear. "Peace of God and peace of man, Peace of God on Columb-Killey, On each window and each door, On every hole'admitting moonlight, On the four corners of the house, On the place of my rest, And peace of God on myself".
  4. victorian dad

    Manx Radio

    The original DVD is pretty good apart from Charles Guard's dreadful sounding 80's synth track, the composition is fine & I like his narration, but the terrible dated sound needs updating from when a Casio was the pinnacle of technology.
  5. victorian dad

    Abortion plight should shame us all? Really?

    I agree, take responsibilities for your actions.
  6. victorian dad

    Manx Radio

    Juan Turner was the best DJ Manx Radio ever had, second only to Ben Hartley even Norris McWhirter would bow down to their musical knowledge.
  7. victorian dad

    Man waves knob at traffic

    What a bell-end.
  8. victorian dad

    Disabled parking missuse

    Woosh, I saw what you did there.
  9. victorian dad

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    Agreed, nothing new to see here....
  10. victorian dad

    Farage Against The Machine

    Only the same dickheads who buy the hardware.
  11. victorian dad

    Tesco car park.

    About £20,000 so i'm told
  12. victorian dad

    Tesco car park.

    Get a fake car-roof magnetic "Taxi" sign & you can park anywhere, even 2 deep.
  13. victorian dad

    Water wheel at Groudle Glen

    Put a collection box slot & pretend faeries are real, within a few weeks the Muppets will have paid for restoration, problem solved I thank you.
  14. victorian dad

    Manx Culture

    Commemorative stamps & first day covers, total class.
  15. victorian dad

    Memorial Ride Out

    Don't forget Jade Goody, the state funeral was a fitting tribute to the true "Queen of hearts".