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  1. Whoever wrote the script for the latest season is to applauded: Catweasel, Alf Garnet & Mr Bean all in the same show!
  2. I heard somebody changed a lightbulb in Ramsey last month, down with this sort of thing.
  3. I'm talking about the councillors knobhead.
  4. I can feel a set of commemorative stamps coming on.
  5. I'm surprised it's not written in crayon.
  6. They should install seat back TV's showing "The last of The Summer Wine" on a permanent loop, charge £1 for 24 hours. What a money spinner. (& the Mannin Line would be freed up for more complaints by the prom fairy light protester & multiple house owners bitching about how poorly done too they are by the landlord bill).
  7. Expand the horse tram network.
  8. "Already happened on the manninline at lunch time ffs" Howard, Murcott, all it needed was Flint & Fowler and possibly the promenade festoon lights guy & all the Islands problems could have been solved in 50 minutes.
  9. F**k he was an expert on everything.
  10. Manx Radio must be debating whether to dust off that Alannah Myles record or mothball it for another 12 months.
  11. More adverts, less chat, records & that scrap meal bloke reading "King Orry".
  12. So long as they have ancestors who were raped by Vikings, they'll fit in fine & bring back the fairy lights.
  13. Build the wall, anybody who's ever so much as looked at the mainland, birch them, hang 'em & point at the the ashes.
  14. Thankfully the job centre has access to computers, maybe not.
  15. "HM, the soul" & Fowler is this a lost episode of Father Ted?
  16. Just phone an Uber driver to pick up/deliver (I'll just get me coat).
  17. For those of us who don't do phone speak what is ADR?
  18. Let's be honest most drivers can't work out how the roundabouts at the QB operate, never mind a bus lane.
  19. "Slavery was a bad thing, it still is, but there isn't any slavery now in which Britain" Really, do you live in a bubble? Never heard of traveller tarmac gangs or Vietnamese cannabis farmers, not to mention prostitution?
  20. Somebody might throw a pastie or a McDonalds bag full of plastic shite, send in the troops.
  21. Not enough Status Quo these days, can't believe the the bike helmet will be gathering dust for another 12 months. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QTp8lTzqUI
  22. If your feeling flush you can buy a whole one, but you still only get 3 legs.
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