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  1. How much? I am a beekeeper. I just have one so far, trapped behind a curtain. It would be great to have two so I can start a bee-farm.
  2. Sorry Mission and others, that I did not get to meet any of you. I have been trapped in a dark place for the last decade, with my only company being voices in my head talking nonsense. It was very dark in there, but I am now released into the light. It turns out that I had been locked in an abandoned container behind Edmondson Electrical down on the Middle River Site, along with a consignment of flecked pedestal mats. Sadly for them also, they never met the toilets they were destined to grace. So it is back to the back lane life and staring at the sky, just to make sure it behav
  3. If you want better reporting of the evidence to the Committee, go to manxherald.com where much fuller and comprehensive reporting takes place - of all the evidence sessions. Not particularly easy to find them all on the site, but they are much more accurate and the reporter grasps the implications of what is being said.
  4. And how does one contact either of these individuals? Tut, I despair of you children, have you no concept of culture.....
  5. If you want proper advice on sheds, contact Arthur Jackson Or Bobby Sadler - good quality at near B&Q prices.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone, and the offers of help. Pongo came round and did the business, for which I was very grateful. It was in the end mostly down to the password for the router not being recognised and the machine inputting it's own IP address, rather than that of the router. Or something like that. I just live in a back lane and get my news from old crisp packets. I must learn not to get above myself and buy pretentious things like Apples. Lessons have been learnt.
  7. Ah, the mythical yellow cable. As the engineer said, "you should have a cable with the router" No, MT didn't provide that either, of that I am sure. That may have helped me sort matters out myself, but as it is I am stuck in a wireless world tonight. And I understand Immortal what you say about their responsibility - but I would have thought there are enough Macs on the Island for MT to have some idea what to do. I had a similar problem when I tried to set up my manxnet email account on the Mac. They just could not sort a it out, and still haven't. Their instructions j
  8. Thanks Alias. I have neighbours - about six other connections show up besides mine (Netgear etc) Not sure what the rest of your post meant, sort of a foreign language to me. Do you mean find the BT Voyager site and do something there? Mac access list and Speedtouch are also words from that foreign country. Thanks
  9. Very slow speed on my Mac and a Laptop PC until Sunday - then connection on the Mac kept dropping off, and occasionally on the PC did not connect either. Eventually each time I logged onto the Mac, there was no connection, but I could gain it by going through the diagnostics and selecting my router (BT Voyager) and inputting a WEP password, which was actually a number stamped on the bottom of the router. Often though, that did not work and does not work at all now. Telecom came up today and re-set router and other things and increased download speed from about 300 to 1900, and con
  10. I am not sure as age may have wearied the brain cells but at the time Bob McIntrye and Mike Hailwood were racing on the island, i watched some of the races from the Creg, i cannot recall anyone being charged for anything other than beer and refreshments, also i cannot recall there having been any hikes in prices either by the steam packet or anyone else. Times have changed since then, there were i think 8 vessels on service through out the summer season and the crossing from Liverpool took 4 hours. Hope i havent given my age away. It was free, and you could even earn a load of dosh as
  11. This is totally the responsibility of the Police - nothing to do with DOLGE or Environmental Health - The Noise Act 2006 was passed and designed to exactly address your problem. (and barking dogs etc) It gives the Police powers to stop the noise, serve notices to stop and to issue Fixed Penalty Tickets. When it happens again, call the Police and remind them of their powers under the act - it is my guess that they are trying to pass the buck or taking no action that they are not even aware of their powers and in ignorance of the laws they should be enforcing. http://www.gov.im/li
  12. Still not sorted - Manxnet have no idea at present - and my set up is exactly as rallybug says - but I keep getting the error message to the effect that the username and password are not correct. Apple tell me manxnet should work ok. Followed the Mac advice exactly, and ditto the Manxnet advice, and the best brains of Macforums. It will be something simple no doubt, but no-one can sort it, least of all me. As I bought it refurbished online, would it be too cheeky to approach local dealers Big Fish?
  13. So, forget googlemail - can I definitely go back to MT and tell them they are wrong - and ask for proper support and instructions? I just keep getting messages saying my username and password are wrong - when I know they are not. The words, for the Incoming box are roughly, "Trying to log into the POP server "mailin.manx.net failed. Make sure the username and password you entered are correct, then click Connect The Outgoing box does similar, "Trying to log into SMTP server "mailout.manx.net failed. Make sure the username and password you entered are correct , etc. I know
  14. I think I can configure a googlemail account with the Mac - but how do I get googlemail to receive my manxnet accounts?
  15. Tried ringing 151 they not having rang back as promised - and finally got to speak to someone. Incredulously, they tell me that manx.net mail does not work with Apple - (despite having a page on their site telling you how to set it up). http://www.manx-telecom.com/pdf/Set_up_Mac...anxnet_Mail.pdf Does this mean that the thousands of Macs on the Island cannot use the Apple Mail with manx.net? I have manx.net accounts arriving via Outlook on my PC - I thought it would be simple to do the same with a Mac. So what was all the online help about then? Is this duff information?
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