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  1. rog I thank god i dont have much need of the hospital at this present time but my thoughts are with you both, what your wife has been through is a disgrace I hope she soon is well, take care both of you .
  2. sunny


    oh hell I young mildpuss, boys showing his age now lol
  3. sunny


    lovly piccies wilddog your a lot bigger than i remember u!? look like your father though boy!
  4. sunny


    lol mildpuss would that clown be someone from peel then!?
  5. see your home from your honeymoon then!? whens the belated stag do happening ? sure we're all up for a good old fashion xxxx up!!!!!
  6. so who do you think will go tonight then? I really like all of them so will be sorry to see anyone of them go, I do think what they have done to michelle is really unfair poor chicken !!!!
  7. have you ever seen a black man thats looks as girlie as victor? long hair a bit of make up you would swear hes a female ! glad its van thats going not daniel !
  8. congratulations to mr and mrs wilddogx
  9. Happy Birthday for tomorrow mr wilddog the big 40 !! have a great day if you can at your age?x
  10. ok whos going to go friday { if it happens!!?} I want Van to go
  11. hi everyone sorry bout the other forums slim and thanks they were great, ok where we sticking BB up dates then ?
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