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  1. Frances

    Peel Marina

    I always thought it a strange place for any effluent to reach - it was just so noticeable an effect on the dam during the time that quite of lot of work was being done on the place - maybe there was work above the dam that would not be visible from the bus tho I often used to drive along the narrow road and didn't notice any major works.
  2. Frances

    Peel Marina

    most of it is still there - used to watch the transformation when regularly used the No 4 bus - covered with new soil + landscaped. There was I think some runoff as at that time Eary dam turned brown as viewed from the bus and the ducks seemed much fewer in number but life returned after a year or so.
  3. I voted in the Peel election - catch was there was only one I thought suitable + no way did I want to support the others - maybe there should be a negative vote option
  4. As the 'original' mongoose was the invention of a somewhat strange young girl who had it seems a wide vocabulary of rather coarse language and apparently enjoyed playing to the gallery of some deluded journalist from London, the reuse of the moniker would appear to have keep to the founder's vision.
  5. what surprises me is that none of them looked back thru the rear window to see if they were being pursued when surely they would have noticed the attached body?
  6. the T-cell hypothesis looks as tho it may well explain differing responses between countries - I wonder if there has been any research to see if the many annual flu vaccinations esp for older patients has provided any immunity as flu and Covid belong to the same family of viruses and exploit very similar pathways.
  7. I guess the suggestion re manhunts indicates that some are missing the traditional Manx blood sport of the TT.
  8. I believe the term you are looking for is lebensunwert - the Germans decided on this in 1941 in the T4 Aktion - 70,000 used for practice until they felt ready to handle the Jews, Gays and Gypsies (+ the odd religious who felt the policy was somewhat wrong)
  9. there were some Manx amongst these indentured servants around this period - see www.manxnotebook.com/famhist/v10n2.htm#55-66
  10. A significantly cheaper option is to apply pressure on certain landowners to allow the coastal path to be actually near the coast in several key areas.
  11. Pity about the loss of sections of the track from Ballaugh to Ramsey - with the back entrance to the wild life park it would allow easy access for cyclists at least during road closures assuming TT is allowed to restart. It would be good to get the drainage problems fixed - the rebuilding of the lost bridges would certainly open the trail up.
  12. in that what was placed on this forum was almost certainly derived by OCR from a printed document - the 'rn' error is typical of typewritten docs or typeset documents - you may well find the original has a small break in the 'm' character.
  13. optical character recognition - probably from an original typewritten document - most OCR programs would flag these errors
  14. interesting set of typos "rn" for "m" in several places - typical of OCR errors (I'm an 'expert' here) or possibly re-typing by a non-english speaker from a misread ?handwritten original
  15. I recall house repairs were also 5% at this time (early 2000) - came in useful when the needed repairs on my newly brought flat came to somewhat more than I'd anticipated - wasn't anything that was local to the Island and could not be exported, subject to the Vat reduction
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