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  1. they are however re-doing the somewhat grotty waiting room at Heysham - when I joked asking how they got Peel Ports to do any of the much needed improvements the staff said no it was the IoMSPCo paying for it
  2. The Waitrose branded stuff was often 40% or more markup tho recently they do seem to have become less greedy as stuff I buy across is often just 30% more on Island; they carry few if any of the Waitrose special offers.
  3. It is threads like this that make me wonder how long ago it was that some posters were on the Island - there was for many years post completion of the hospital significant traffic calming bumps that did have gaps set in them to allow the Peel to Douglas buses diverted up this road to serve the hospital to pass unmolested - these I suspect became a nuisance when the new bus fleet was established (maybe the gaps didn't fit? ) and a series of chicanes formed from large flower tubs was established that caused even more mayhem + traffic problems that they too were removed leaving just a couple of chicanes left to restrict the flow. The parked cars + vans still cause problems as often a bus can't get past when oncoming vehicles on the wrong side of the road try to round a relatively blind corner only to find a bus blocking their way - much amusement occurs on bin-collection day! The houses do have parking spaces and garages but often accessed via a steep slope and/or very tight turns - the large + I guess expensive houses also tend to go in for several cars, many also large and expensive, that probably don't fit the smaller parking spaces of yesteryear hence the use of the public road - visiting 'white vans' etc add to the blockage. I suspect the traffic calming came in when Ballamona was in operation and one could not always rely on the sanity of those walking in the area. The selection of the site for the new hospital I think was based on the feeling that the TT/MGP was coming to an end and maybe the 100th might see it finished - otherwise the stupidity of making it very difficult to reach for 4 weeks a year seems at best unthought through.
  4. until the last couple of years he did, unlike many on this board, check his facts - I often saw him generally towards the end of the week in the Manx Museum reading room checking out something he was planning to use in the next article or sometimes just chasing down a suggestion for a story given him by one of the other habitués of that place - I suspect now he is relying on a bank of researched stories + probably the large amount now online (there are some reliable places)
  5. I'm currently in UK at moment - several of local buses I've seen (tho not used) are green electric + very quiet - they look about the same size as the full size single deckers bought a few years ago - maybe some smaller electric buses might be well suited to the flatter north of Island and the 'on demand' local service being trialled there
  6. Actually I think the demise of the TT will be the failure of the fast craft - the logical thing for IoMSPCo is to get 2 RoRo boats capable of working freight into Heysham thus the 'supercapacity' of the current fast craft that is only stretched for a few days in TT and possibly 1 or 2 days in MGP will go - hence on any reasonable booking mechanism prices will rise for such traffic peaks and the army of orange vests will find that they can find other places to go without paying a lot of money for 2 weeks in the wet especially if more speed restrictions are brought in.
  7. Frances

    IOMSPCo Delay

    might I suggest that tides float your boat - a flexible mooring allows for them - today's cable would probably be recognisable to Drake though probably made in a more efficient manner - throwing a light weight cable over to shore to drag in the heavier mooring cable is quick and easy
  8. John - the QR boarding card had my name on it so at least linked to ticket purchase which if by card will certainly be linked to some credit checking database - will they still accept cash payment without asking for ID? - suspect checking payee details might throw up drug mules? - haven't crossed with a car for some years as boat/rail is considerably cheaper for me now as a single passenger but don't they now also ask for passenger names? Yes true it saves manual data entry and this is probably the immediate driver but are you sure they are disconnected from UK checks - such certainly came in during the Irish troubles as for example all Manx flights used the 'Irish corridor' at Heathrow as IoM was used by both parties as 'neutral ground' . Such exchange of details will be needed if the CTA with Dublin becomes inoperable if 'free movement' of EU nationals ceases.
  9. These QR mechanisms enable the immigration control that will come into to play on 1 Nov if Boris's statement that brexit will immediately end free movement for EU nationals - quite how the Irish/UK CTA will be handled will be interesting - some years ago Mec Vannin wanted to see passport control for access to Island - it looks as tho their wish will come true.
  10. Frances

    Mountain Watch

    Both the TT and the later MGP were seen as extensions to the summer season and for many years 'bookended' it - remember that until the English August Bank holiday was moved from the 1st Sat to last Sat in August some years ago, this early August Bank holiday was the peak of the season - the races have been moved closer together as post the 80s fewer and fewer tourists would be inconvenienced by road closures and the bike fans became the major tourist group - practice in those years was early morning - I recall the 'beware sun' notice on the west side of TT course
  11. QR coded boarding cards were in operation at Sea Terminal on Thursday - along with the 'TT-MGP" timetable that allows for considerably extended loading/unloading times
  12. historical note - Ruabon red brick was ballast + cargo for the return voyage of lead-ore transporters to the lead smelter on Anglesea also corresponded to a period of affluence on the Island and in some parts pride in decent architecture to reflect well on the owner - the untidy part of South Quay was once industrial premises eg Potato drying and herring houses - what is really needed is to rebuild that area but on a human scale rather than 7 storey functional blocks whose sole function to to make large profits for Dandara and like Ramsey St Pauls square become slums in a couple of decades.
  13. that certain individual would then effectively control access to all transport on/off Island - surely not even Tynwald could agree to that
  14. There might actually be the basis of a good idea here - Derbyhaven was at one time intended to develop hence the construction of the breakwater - though the beach is probably gently sloping, hence its attraction to the Norse and early Derby Lords as a landing place, protected from South Westerlies, there may well be sufficient deep water to handle the smaller cruise ships - we had 2 in Peel within the last 10 days though one, Canadian Adventurer, stood outside the harbour + launched a couple of kayaks from what appears to to an integral slipway in the side. It, like Peel, is a much more attractive place than the dump that is Douglas and I suspect much more the sort of place that would attract visitors
  15. I have just received by post a questionnaire handled by Ipsos MORI on behalf of Jefferey Robinson Director of Highway services asking about footpaths, cycleways etc - would appear to be a cut + paste from an English document as refers to Council provided services (?parish council ?) + also asks how may journies I made by train excluding underground or Metro Is this a serious document ?
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