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  1. the SP website doesn't show it as returned - did it land any or just turned around some distance away
  2. She was apparently just a petty criminal - the real ones, some of whom escaped any justice, were, like today, those who indulged in financial crimes eg the failure of Dumbell's bank in 1900 wrecked many peoples lives.
  3. In that period there was no attempt at education whilst in prison - the aim seemed to be retribution based on the amount stolen and also in taking petty criminals off the streets during the short holiday period after which they would generally return to Liverpool (other cities available), as petty crooks preying on the local population could be dealt with by somewhat unofficial methods. I'm a bit surprised the exhibition haven't also gone for those 'supplying' the military during WW1 - eg see http://www.isle-of-man.com/manxnotebook/history/intrn_ww1/knckaloe/ymca.htm (look down to bottom of page)
  4. please add the missing comma - I guess you know where - I tend towards telegraphese in emails + M/B replies
  5. yes - thought that was in my profile
  6. there is a potential Manx contender - the other Jemina Corrin nee Murphy in 1881 born Peel age 23 (parents Thomas Corrin + Martha ) - had large family - maybe some could check the 1911 census to see her circumstances - surprised they didn't give an age in exhibition as life then was hard especially if you were poor and in 1915 there would be very few if any tourists to prey upon.
  7. there is a probable match in 1881 census but though married to a possible Manx mariner (he is away in 1881) age 39 born in Scotland - judging from children's ages + birth places only came to Island in 1880 - she looks about late 50 or mid 60s in photo
  8. One aspect that has been very noticeable, to me anyway, is the number of commercial vehicles parked outside domestic premises together with the unmarked 'white' vans - I assume that companies are now finding it cheaper to allow staff to use their vehicles for private purposes than to pay rates etc on garage or yard space - I also assume the company insurance policy covers such use. Even Post-office vans are commonly seen in the mix.
  9. Is the 'R' plate restriction ever enforced ? - I suspect it is inherently useless as I suspect the car is being used by both a recent driver and another member of the household without removal of the R plate (likewise for the L-plate on a family car) and gives little value to other drivers.
  10. I liked Barrie's description of a home chemistry set as he named many of those chemicals (admittedly in relatively small quantities) I had in mine some 60 years ago as a pre-teenager keen on science with a father who pushed all his children to what would now be known as STEM subjects where he saw future jobs in the postwar world - those days very easy to buy (or get parents to buy) them - you could even beg some off workers in certain factories.
  11. Much of my on-Island shopping is at the Co-op - that at Peel and Duke St Douglas have restricted choice and somewhat higher prices for some items than the large branch at Ramsey, prices at Ramsey where I often went to shop on wet Sunday afternoons post acquisition of the bus pass, prices seem to be the same as the larger branches in the UK but this is based on a few visits in UK as no large branches within easy reach where I am in SE England - their fruit + veg are nearly always considerably better value than Shoprite + Robinsons especially once the 'divi' is considered. I gave up on Tesco some time ago when the quality was generally poor but possibly things have changed since then.
  12. I do a regular commute to SE England (supposedly in high cost stockbroker belt country) - across the road is a Waitrose where on my regular shops compare Muesli £2.50 with same in Shoprite £3.50 (ie 40% markup), bottle of tonic water 57p but 70p (ie 35% markup) in Shoprite - other Waitrose stuff seems have have a similar markup. M&S seems to have the same price structure on Island as across (and now regularly undercuts the now rather diminished street market tho for how long their lower prices will last I'm not sure) - there is an Aldi but some distance away but their prices seem to be less competitive as compared with M&S + Sainsbury than when they opened a few years ago but it's not on my shopping route except when I transit via Liverpool - I suspect the makeover of that + other Aldi stores has needed a markup in prices, Lidl may be cheaper. Since I'm now shopping for 1 (and a non drinker + non meat eater) my shopping will be somewhat different and less price sensitive than a family shop but my estimate is that shopping around in UK is about 20-25% cheaper for similar lines of food. I no longer eat out enough to compare UK + Island prices - some years ago I reckoned the UK (away from London) was about 75% of Island prices.
  13. The problem with 5 trips is the excessive loading + unloading times required for motor bikes - you can't it seems speed that up - in last couple of years the Racket have allocated an extra hour turnaround and even then usually miss their timings. If the Island does impose a 50mph limit in an attempt to decrease the death rate to something approaching the UK figure then maybe a by then older + wealthier clientele unaccompanied by a bike can be enticed - altho little of the hospitality money would stick 2 x 3daystopover small cruise ship could bring a number for a revamped TT
  14. If we have only 2 plodders then I suspect the existing peak loading due to the TT will be impossible to handle unless another vessel is chartered at what is the height of the tourist season in Europe - also as Liverpool will be unavailable for the all essential freight service then I suspect one of the pair will at best provide a single daily return trip to Liverpool which makes the cost of a Manx only dock very much a vanity project. Improving the rail link out of Heysham (at one time until mid 60s electrified) with the now excellent rail links from Preston to Liverpool or Manchester looks to me a worthwhile investment
  15. JW Re differences between Premium lounge + Exec Club - in terms of facilities probably little - in terms of clientele a lot - all I want is a table space large enough to work on, a seat, a reasonable cup of coffee (the Costa one is ok tho the current machine in the club on the Ben is IMO undrinkable whereas the old one was fine), and generally being left alone + the essential of no screaming kids running around and no background music or video.
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