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  1. Ray Harmer was given the poisoned chalice in DOI - most of the actual workforce were dispensed with some years ago in an attempt to cut costs with the department consisting mostly of managers who sub contract the work - however it seems either the day-to-day supervision of these is incompetent or the actual job specifications were incorrect otherwise how come simple tasks such as resurfacing the road from St Johns to the Hope required to be done twice, let alone jobs like Douglas Prom - too many such jobs seem to be mired in cockups for it to be purely accidental. Isn't this lack of knowledge within the dept one of the points highlighted in the Laxey report.
  2. you need the correct link (or MR changed it to confuse MF) - https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/policy-and-reform-minister-chris-thomas-sacked/
  3. Wrighty - a 1m rule would make most things possible except possibly crowded public transport and as found in South Korea crowded dance halls, many smaller shops could easily fit in - shared resources such as toilets etc may still be a problem. It seems to me that the 2m rule was plucked out of the air without reference to any research but then the UK response has it seems been usually wrongfooted in so many ways.
  4. My widowed mother used to go on coach trips in her 70s and 80s, usually with the same company each year - usually there were sufficient people from a small number of pickup places to fill the coach as typically there was usually a small group eg in her case from her dance group, who would book to be together, I guess that way they could guarantee dance partners - the coach + driver would stay with the party throughout - on the Island they were supposed to employ blue badge guides for the trips around the Island but not always the case I hear.
  5. the IoMFamHistSoc publish a cd of those already 'incinerated'
  6. actually I suspect the charity shops will be bigger losers as the OAP coach trippers were good customers especially in Peel as the charity shop was next door to the ice cream parlour
  7. they brought over many over 50s for off-peak coach tours of the Island - no doubt useful shoulder season booking for the hotels now lost for a couple of years at least
  8. higher cost partly due to few economies of scale though this should be offset by relatively small distances but by far the greatest cost is the ownership who are there to maximise income (rather like Manx Gas with its mythical 10% profit cap) at the lowest acceptable service level and monopolies can set this far too low.
  9. suggest re-reading 1984 and the 2min hates required by Big Brother - people under pressure soon resort to acceptance of fascism to 'keep them safe' from the enemy without
  10. you will need fibre to connect to the many needed 'brain rotting' 'baby roasting' 5G towers - 5G merely provides the last few hundred metres at best and probably less in the hilly areas away from the northern plain - tho given some of the comments on here I suspect some have very little brain left to rot but no doubt there will be major problems in siteing the towers.
  11. maybe Peel Ports want the cash upfront?
  12. the Waitrose stuff was often marked up 30-45%
  13. all the prom is built on reclaimed land dating from early 1700s thro to 1930s for the bit near the current sea wall - certainly the 18th C sections were just rubbish stone + soil etc tipped into a blocked off part of foreshore with a sea facing stone wall and then the whole area stamped down to consolidate it - the 1930s stuff was probably concreted stone work facing rubble infill - quite how deep foundations of the sea wall go is an interesting question - I suspect not that deep
  14. actually it was dead horses that saw significant changes to the Grand National - two-legged animals are it seems not so important
  15. But the Government has encouraged one direction - that of motorsports eg the large subsidy given to the TT (eg who pays for the medical costs, the high additional spending spent on the 37miles of road, none of which info is in the public domain) - you had skin in the game making use of near zero cost in road closures for private benefit, the costs of which are spread amongst those who need alter their own usage of resources their taxes have paid for.
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