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  1. it's good to virtually see you too 2bees, RL is going ok, no complaints, hope RL is good for you and that you have a great Christmas!
  2. I don't know why but i suddenly got nostalgic for the time when we all got into playing the Mafia game here on Manxforums, and I ended up staying up late and reading through those old threads. I had such good fun during that time, i was convalescing from a spiral fracture of the tibia and fibula, so it was a welcome distraction, it's almost 5 years ago now. I don't often visit Manxforums anymore, are many of the players/mods/spectators back then still active here? or alive even? Anyway i had great fun, even if we did somehow manage to lose the cop on the first night every damn time, without fail!
  3. Artificial intelligence? some signs of biological intelligence around here would be a good start.
  4. Well, I've got to admit it made me chuckle too. now I've got to go find a video of him doing it again!
  5. Scary seeing all the science denial going on in the world, evolution, climate change, conspiracy theorists even flat earthers. I'd book myself on the first flight to a moon or martian colony, if i could afford it, a colony on another planet would have to be science embracing right? Knowing my luck i'd end up wherever the fundamentals travel to to restart their religions, like the pilgrims heading for America.
  6. But what i want to know is: Does Mary still love Dick?
  7. The Judo has been absolutely astounding this time round. Some really exciting battles, the rules changes seem to really have helped to facilitate flow and action. And I'm seeing a lot more ground work (newaza) Armbars, strangles and pins which is great.
  8. Lao

    Forums Slow

    It'll be all them pokemons hiding in the servers from the mobile phone zombies.
  9. That would make it just about time for another foreign invasion again. will it be an old familiar like the Scots or the Norse, or someone new? When it comes time to sell it back to the crown, lets see if we can get the price down a little, Two falcons every coronation? it's a bit steep for such a backwards place, after all some of this lot still think the earth is flat and that the British monarchy is a corporation, hell I've spoken to a few folk round here who still reckon sliced bread will never catch on!
  10. Pfft, this is all what the Rothschilds want you to think! Amateurs!
  11. Bloody hell, imagine what having a home cinema would do to you, it would totally ruin the experience of watching movies at home!
  12. Unless you include diversion, entertainment and merriment under "necessities of life" all you are doing is creating a subset of society so separate from the rest of the society, that they cease to feel connected enough with that society to play by it's rules. Whether it's because of a desire for the material possessions they see other have but they don't, or through a need to feel fairly treated, rather than harshly condemned by an unforgiving society that blames them for the predicament they find themselves in, or simply from a crushing sense of ennui, the obvious outcome of disenfranchising part of the population will be violence. But don't let that stop you from being a upper middle class tosser who thinks they can fix societies problems, whilst simultaneously skewing the end results in your favour, all while doing absolutely zero research on the subject and completely ignoring all the hard fought for advances made by societies about governance since the industrial revolution. It must suck only having one holiday a year because the riff raff are stealing from you via taxes!
  13. If only more people thought like you.
  14. Two coins tossed an infinite number of times WILL have the same number of heads. in both cases there will be an infinite number of instances in which the coin is heads, and an infinite number of tails also. you can't manipulate infinity, you can't have half an infinity, nor can you divide it by any number without still ending up with infinity as an answer.
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