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  1. I haven't been to the Isle of Man since 2009. But I'd go back, not expecting to see things as I last saw them. It would help the island's tourist industry if certain people in authority wouldn't demolish historic buildings. I recently read that HMP Douglas had been demolished. I think that there was a lot of tourist potential locked up in it (pun intended) and it wouldn't have competed with the other Manx prison in Castle Rushen. Douglas prison could've alternatively been used as a conference centre or a gallery, for example.
  2. OOPS! https://fb.watch/7EJ8tbZUuN/
  3. Not a problem. Anytime I visited the Isle of Man, I always enjoyed outdoor eating in places such as the Min-Y-Don cafe and the veranda cafe in the Villa marina theatre in addition to The Cosy Nook.
  4. Incorporating the Laxey mine tunnels, do you think?
  5. Please accept my most sincere, humble and grovelling apologies that this report of a proposed roundabout under Ellan Vannin is sourced from the Daily Mail. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9283331/Boris-Johnson-wants-giant-ROUNDABOUT-Isle-Man-connect-Britain-Northern-Ireland.html?ito=social-facebook&fbclid=IwAR0He7dZg3tNALGd_jCUy1tEAWQZqkj4xO_vui8-4sRe1a24j5qFIYF4LQI
  6. I would've thought that was obvious. Pick up practically any Manx tourist guide book and it tells you "It has its own parliament, laws and postage stamps". It wouldn't surprise me if people still think the Isle of Man still has hanging and birching for certain offences.
  7. A pearl of wisdom from the Wail. Roofer, 28, who crossed the Irish Sea on a JET SKI to visit his girlfriend is jailed | Daily Mail Online
  8. Thanks very much. I enjoyed that. I remember staying in Port Erin way back in 1965. Happy days.
  9. Robot Overlords. Starred Sir Ben Kingsley and Roy Hudd. Was that really the Marine Hotel in Peel which featured in the final scene of the film?
  10. I Googled the worldwide coronavirus cases this morning. If the figures for the Isle of Man are correct, you have 29 confirmed cases and so far, no deaths. I hope nobody on the island dies from this awful virus.
  11. Langweilig

    Manx Tunnel

    There's been a lot of talk, particularly before the General Election of the possibility of constructing a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland. It's met with a lot of criticism not just because of the expense involved but the difficulties in building on top of the Beaufort Dyke and with it all the munitions packed shipwrecks that lie there. Over the past couple of weeks, attitudes have changed from a bridge to the construction of a tunnel. But the Isle of Man isn't expected to be a part of that, if it ever got underground.
  12. Here am I refusing plastic bags and cutting back on groceries packaged in plastic containers. Then this happens.
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