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  1. Here's a regional news report. http://www3.u.tv/news/LocalNews/index.asp?id=90370
  2. At 2am it should not be 12 year olds, but regardless of the time of day a couple of kids playing with matches for a laugh is not that funny. I agree, especially when you consider the events of August 3, 1973. Two kids playing with matches caused the deaths of at least 50 people and injured as many as 100 more. Every fire appliance on the island fought the blaze that they started.
  3. I'm just waiting for the headline: "Newsagent in sea terminal manages to do a full day's work!"
  4. I was a spectator on the Rally Isle of Man stage at Ballagyr Lane, Peel. The safety marshals had the road taped off and instructed the spectators to stay back behind the tape. Unfortunately, one spectator (I apologize that it was one of my own countrymen) shouted a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse at a marshal just because his son had both feet out beyond the tape line. I heard him shout at the marshal, "Fucking Hitler! Fuck off back to Douglas! He's only a child, leave him alone. He isn't doing any harm!" Well, during the stage two cars overshot the turning point, not dangerously, but you can see why the marshals take no chances. Add to that, they went absolutely crazy when four idiots on scrambler bikes (the ones often seen riding up and down Douglas promenade) turned into the lane. They shouldn't have been there.
  5. Will this proposed demolition of Ramsey pier be a complete demolition or partial? They've left part of Summerland standing and the Villa Marina arcade? They've sodded off and left it unfinished. One of the workers even left a hi-viz jacket as a memorial.
  6. Why bother? Just send a load of Abbeylands residents down to moan at the rally crews. I overheard one girl whinge at one of the marshalls, "My son can't get to his gymnasium...shut in...shut in again....shut in some more after that. Who do I write to? I'm going to complain." Moan, moan, moan.
  7. what a load of crap, sod it ban everything I agree. Ban rallying and they will find me revolting.
  8. If tou think that's bad, there's a nasty rumour going around that Port Soderick is to be granted city status!
  9. Could I ask if the three semi-submerged shopping trolleys near the bottleneck car park have been removed yet?
  10. What do you do if a bird craps on your car windscreen? Don't ask her out again. George Bush walks into a doctor's surgery with a frog on his head. The doctor asks, "What's wrong?" And the frog says, "Well doc, it all started with a lump on my arse!" Two cows in a field. One says to the other, "What do think about mad cow disease then?" The other cow says, "Don't ask me, I'm a helicopter." What do you call 100 chavs at the bottom of Calf Sound? A start What's black & brown and looks good on a chav? A Rottweiler. What's the best thing to throw to a drowning chav? His wife and kids.
  11. Bob the Builder-Can he fix it? No he can't!
  12. Unhappy with McD's? Check this site. http://mwr.org.uk/home.htm
  13. No, unfortunately not. I stayed at Hutchinson Square last year so I'm familiar with the area. And now I've had the crap scared out of me. The Manx authorities do need to take a tougher stand against knife-wielding druggie scum. From what I've read of Manx history there's only ever been one hanging on the island and that was back in Victorian times.
  14. No rail loss there IMHO. I'm going to take a train journey from Douglas and spend time exploring Laxey. Ramsey? Forget it!
  15. Want to moan about crappy driving on the Island? Click this http://www.baddriving.com/ There are no reports from Ellan Vannin....yet!
  16. The thief shouldn't get very far. They'll have to stop to wind up the rubber band. It's probably a student thing. You wouldn't understand.
  17. I've just found this item on the Daily Mail website. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...in_page_id=1770 WOOHOO! GO JEREMY! Give him a job clearing all the drunken hoodie scum out of all Douglas parks.
  18. So the park in Hutchinson Square is to close. No surprise there then. When I stayed in Hutchinson Square I saw youths sitting drinking in the park to all hours. I saw plants being pulled up by a child of no more than ten years of age. It's really gone to Hell hasn't it. I always thought the IOM was free from that sort of thing. I call for CCTV in ALL Manx parks.
  19. And the supreme irony is... There's a shop called "Model World" I've seen better so it should be re-named, "Model-that cardboard box in the corner."
  20. May I present a provocative theory here? I believe that most of the time, none of the presenters actually drive the cars they test. I watched the edition on the Dave channel where three cars were tested on the IOM up on Marine Drive. I could swear that in one shot, Clarkson's hair actually changes to blond and his build is heavier. We only see them "drive" the cars when they're making comments.
  21. Ramsey? Nah, too good for 'em. Relocate them to Port Soderick and maybe they'll all die of boredom
  22. So if the pic was of a car in front of a manx lightouse, would that be better? Fuck that lighthouse is left lob sided, jesus don't stand next to that erection as it's ready to droop errrmm I mean drop Last 10 In photographic parlance- Converging Verticals! Please view some of my Manx images. http://s151.photobucket.com/albums/s150/pe...x%20monochrome/
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