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  1. Why bother? Just send a load of Abbeylands residents down to moan at the rally crews. I overheard one girl whinge at one of the marshalls, "My son can't get to his gymnasium...shut in...shut in again....shut in some more after that. Who do I write to? I'm going to complain." Moan, moan, moan.
  2. what a load of crap, sod it ban everything I agree. Ban rallying and they will find me revolting.
  3. If tou think that's bad, there's a nasty rumour going around that Port Soderick is to be granted city status!
  4. Could I ask if the three semi-submerged shopping trolleys near the bottleneck car park have been removed yet?
  5. What do you do if a bird craps on your car windscreen? Don't ask her out again. George Bush walks into a doctor's surgery with a frog on his head. The doctor asks, "What's wrong?" And the frog says, "Well doc, it all started with a lump on my arse!" Two cows in a field. One says to the other, "What do think about mad cow disease then?" The other cow says, "Don't ask me, I'm a helicopter." What do you call 100 chavs at the bottom of Calf Sound? A start What's black & brown and looks good on a chav? A Rottweiler. What's the best thing to throw to a drowning chav? His wife and kids.
  6. Bob the Builder-Can he fix it? No he can't!
  7. Unhappy with McD's? Check this site. http://mwr.org.uk/home.htm
  8. No, unfortunately not. I stayed at Hutchinson Square last year so I'm familiar with the area. And now I've had the crap scared out of me. The Manx authorities do need to take a tougher stand against knife-wielding druggie scum. From what I've read of Manx history there's only ever been one hanging on the island and that was back in Victorian times.
  9. No rail loss there IMHO. I'm going to take a train journey from Douglas and spend time exploring Laxey. Ramsey? Forget it!
  10. Want to moan about crappy driving on the Island? Click this http://www.baddriving.com/ There are no reports from Ellan Vannin....yet!
  11. The thief shouldn't get very far. They'll have to stop to wind up the rubber band. It's probably a student thing. You wouldn't understand.
  12. I've just found this item on the Daily Mail website. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...in_page_id=1770 WOOHOO! GO JEREMY! Give him a job clearing all the drunken hoodie scum out of all Douglas parks.
  13. So the park in Hutchinson Square is to close. No surprise there then. When I stayed in Hutchinson Square I saw youths sitting drinking in the park to all hours. I saw plants being pulled up by a child of no more than ten years of age. It's really gone to Hell hasn't it. I always thought the IOM was free from that sort of thing. I call for CCTV in ALL Manx parks.
  14. And the supreme irony is... There's a shop called "Model World" I've seen better so it should be re-named, "Model-that cardboard box in the corner."
  15. May I present a provocative theory here? I believe that most of the time, none of the presenters actually drive the cars they test. I watched the edition on the Dave channel where three cars were tested on the IOM up on Marine Drive. I could swear that in one shot, Clarkson's hair actually changes to blond and his build is heavier. We only see them "drive" the cars when they're making comments.
  16. Ramsey? Nah, too good for 'em. Relocate them to Port Soderick and maybe they'll all die of boredom
  17. So if the pic was of a car in front of a manx lightouse, would that be better? Fuck that lighthouse is left lob sided, jesus don't stand next to that erection as it's ready to droop errrmm I mean drop Last 10 In photographic parlance- Converging Verticals! Please view some of my Manx images. http://s151.photobucket.com/albums/s150/pe...x%20monochrome/
  18. Yes, the Hilton seems to be built arse about face. The entrance is around the back of the hotel. With all those ugly little cube-like rooms next to car park it's not exactly pleasant, is it? The Bank of Scotland near the Bottleneck car park. What were they drinking when they designed that?
  19. In answer to your first point -Tourism on the island lacks some realism. I for one am fed up with sitting about in airport departure lounges and going through numerous security checks. I go on holiday to take stacks of photos and I do not want to put my camera equipment on a plane only to never see it again on arrival. I'm sure there are many more like me who would prefer a short ferry journey to hours and hours of inconvenience in an airport. Those are the people you need to encourage. Secondly - You are paying lip service to tourism. I was amazed at the number of luxury apartments that have sprung up in Douglas. One converted hotel, a cinema facade preserved for more apartments and yet more apartments in Central Promenade. All you seem to want now are the very wealthy-and lots of them. I'm sorry to say that the "Jewel of the Irish Sea" is now nothing more than a tax haven. What activities are likely to encourage a considerable number of visitors? You say that you're the road racing capital of the world. Good! If it ain't broke don't fix it. The reason why I've travelled to the IOM is to see the Rally IOM. I found the final day at the TT grandstand very well organised and extremely enjoyable. If you look in the photographic press you may see photographic holidays advertised in the Scottish Highlands, Cumbria or Wales for example. So why not the Isle of Man? What can you do that can't be replicated elsewhere? You need to actively promote the Manx language. I've seen it in its written form at Cregneash and on Peel fire station for example. But I've never heard it spoken. I've visited Cregneash fully expecting to see a little bearded man in one of the cottages, muttering and singing to himself in Manx. No chance! It must've been his day off. When you arrive at the sea terminal, the first thing you notice is the Triskelion flying from the tower of refuge, the Triskelion woven into the carpets in the the terminal and proudly flown from every flagpole on Douglas promenade - ditto: Peel, Port Erin and houses in Foxdale. That's what makes the difference.Oh yes Toto. We're not in Kansas anymore. Why not have the people of Duke Video produce DVD's on speaking the Manx language? Here's a major bone of contention. Change the name Isle of Man to the Manx Ellan Vannin. If it's good enough for car number plates then it's more than adequate for the whole island. Tourists love things like the IOM Steam Railway, the Manx Electric Railway and the horse trams. Don't change these for any reason. I really enjoyed places like Laxey and Bride and Nairbyl Bay. You could do more by way of promotion though. I found the Waterfall Hotel at Glen Maye by complete accident. A superb place to eat and a great little scenic glen. I only found out about the Tynwald Mills shopping centre due to an entry in a guide book. I found Hizzy's Place because I was literally out chasing rainbows over Douglas Bay. Please do something about Jurby and Port Soderick. I visited both and nearly lost the will to live. More investment is needed as far as the hotel, B&B industry is concerned. Some hotels in Douglas are either closed down or just run down altogether. It really is unsightly. I was amazed to find that The Carousel is no more. Finally, encourage your Government to tell all the PC hand-wringers and the EU to go and knit fog and bring back the no-nonsense style of Manx law and order. I want to visit the Isle of Man to get away from drunken hoodie youths, not encounter more of them.
  20. OFGS! That's absolutely sickening! If I correctly remember the layout of Ramsey, the RNLI shop is within sight of the courthouse and near the square where the police park their cars. In fact there's a cop shop there too. It's an obscenity that closure should be considered on an island where the RNLI was born. I'll buy that Airfix kit of a Severn class lifeboat by way of a donation. Kharma is not necessarily a good thing for some. as these scrotes will find out someday. Albert Tatlock Sir, your suggestion of a term of imprisonment in the tower of refuge is too lenient. Maroon the b'stards on Chicken Rock near the Calf. That would be a better alternative.
  21. What's happening with the Villa Marina arcade. Is it being refurbished? In 2005 there was a plan to turn it into a medical centre but the traders in the centre campaigned against it.
  22. Last time it was, "Sorry, but the gearing system in engine 4 blew and we're waitin' for a spare part!" I had to laugh everytime the engineers were called to unblock the bogs. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Cpatain speaking. For our outward journey, we'll go around the south of the island and see if you can hang on to your breakfast." It's no use.....BLEEARRROOAGH!
  23. Be careful what you wish for. It's your choice. Personally, I found that the Shoprite in Douglas was better then Tesco because it had a greater variety of goods for sale.
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