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  1. Your thoughts about this, please. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/05/23/iranian-actress-leila-hatami-flogging-jail-cannes-festival-kiss_n_5377893.html?icid=maing-grid7%7Cukt1%7Cdl1%7Csec1_lnk1%26pLid%3D266728 IMHO. Totally and utterly bloody stupid harsh punishment for a little peck on the cheek.
  2. I think I should change my avatar.
  3. IIRC, the "N-word" was used several times in the Dambusters movie. The squadron mascot (a dog) and the codeword for a successful mission.
  4. I wonder what Deemster Henry Callow thought about passing the death sentence way back in 1993? There has only been one hanging the island. And that was way back in Victorian times.
  5. If you have a branch of Currys on the island, check out the Sigma 70-300mm macro zoom lens, available for £99, Argos have the same lens for £149. Unlike Currys, it's only available via home delivery. With Currys - straight over the counter.
  6. Your image is fine as you've shot this portrait with the intention not to produce something like a passport or driving licence mugshot. I think you could crop the image slightly to get rid of the car with the headlights - it's a distraction. Also, crop a bit off the top as all you really have there is a bland, empty sky. Although it's not evident in monochrome, the subject's eyes seem lifeless. Don't be afraid to use a bit of fill-in flash (yes you can use flash outdoors in daylight) to introduce a "catchlight" in the subject's eyes.
  7. Yes. Notice the cute teddy bear in the picture?
  8. Laxey station in 2008 and as I'll always remember it. Enjoy.
  9. A few weeks ago, I bought a Nikon D3100 from Argos at a cost of £289. By all means go for a D3200 if you can find one brand new for under £400.
  10. If I remember right, the Douglas-Peel bus also serves Noble's hospital. Just how are you going to get a bendy bus up through those narrow roads out of Union Mills? Picture one of those buses trying to negotiate the Esplanade in Castletown. IMHO the only useful purpose they may have is to serve Douglas-Ronaldsway Sorry, but no. Whoever had this idea clearly has more money than sense. You can curse them when they cause traffic congestion.
  11. Thank you for pointing that out; I am not a driver myself, so I wouldn't know. What I do know, however, is that when I'm a passenger on the bus, I always worry the driver might have a heart attack or nervous breakdown --- or crash. It just amazes me every time they manage not to crash --- especially when they go so fast. P.S. Guess again! Yeah, well. As the saying goes, ""Life's a b****h and then you die!" I remember a bus journey from Douglas to Peel. The bus went supersonic between Union Mills and Ballacraine. I enjoyed that. I'm not sure bendy buses would be suited to some parts of the island itself. The mountain road down into Ramsey would be a case in point. I'm not sure if a bendy bus could wind its way around Peel, along the promenade and double back to Derby Road. IIRC, there was a time when motorhomes weren't allowed on the IOM.
  12. I took this colourful shot in August 2007 while I was waiting for the Rally Isle of Man to begin.
  13. I remember my first journey on the tram to Laxey in 2008. The tram slammed to halt near Baldrine. The driver and brakeman discovered a fragment of a tree on the line. It had to be cut up to be removed which meant a delay. One comedian on the tram said, "If we've to stay here much longer we'll have to eat each other!"
  14. A pearl of wisdom from the Torygraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9297496/Calling-someone-fatty-could-become-a-hate-crime.html
  15. Last time I visited the island, I went by the Steam Racket. They charged me £5 fuel surcharge each way. As a foot passenger, I think that was a little too much.
  16. I have now had six, yes six attempts to scam me out of money by telling me that my computer has a virus/malware/ reversed peristalsis and so on. All six attempts have failed. The last call I received was from someone calling themselves Jesus. After the rant I gave him over the phone, as far as that scammer is now concerned, I am the Prince of bloody Darkness. They must think I have the memory span of a goldfish. They keep trying and they always fail. A quick way to stop them is ask one question, "What's my IP address?" They can't or won't answer that. If they claim to represent Microsoft, Norton, AVG etc. Just ask them "By making this call, why are you violating your own privacy policy?" Lately, I have given them a rant.. "THIS IS NOW THE SIXTH TIME YOU'VE TRIED THIS SCAM. IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK. I AM NOT DOWNLOADING DODGY SOFTWARE. I AM NOT PAYING YOU FOR IT. I AM NOT GIVING YOU ACCESS TO PASSWORDS AND I AM NOT GIVING YOU CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD DETAILS. DO NOT RING THIS NUMBER AGAIN!"
  17. Induction, compression, ignition, exhaust.
  18. Manx kippers and custard. Yum yum.
  19. A very common misconception ---- rabbits are not rodents or vermin --- they are, in fact, lagomorphs HAIRY JAPANESE BASTARDS! Fr. Jack Hackett, Parochial House, Craggy Island.
  20. I can remember vending machines next to the sea terminal way back in 2009. When you've to be up and about to catch a ferry at stupid o'clock in the morning, they can be a lifeline.
  21. The captioned photograph instructions on how to wash your hands in the toilets in Douglas Sea Terminal.
  22. Nice image but I think she should've covered up...that tattoo, brushing her hair over it without the need to photoshop it out. To me the tattoo is a little distracting. Otherwise, a good image.
  23. I can because it isn't. "It is also my belief, through lengthy research, that the Isle of Man is the remnant of Atlantis." HA HA HA HA! Who told you that? That's a wind up if ever there was one. The Isle of Man was created by the Irish giant Finn McCool as a result of an ongoing dispute with a Scottish giant. One day, Finn McCool picked up a lump of earth from the centre of the North of Ireland. The hole which remained became waterlogged and formed Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles. The lump of earth missed Scotland and its giant completely and landed in the Irish Sea and thus became the Isle of Man. It must be true as I saw a mural depicting this on the Snaefell. Tsk Tsk! Atlantis?....My arse!
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