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  1. molly

    Ben grounded

    2 boat hit the pier in less than a year, come on now, have you heard of it happening any where else on the British isles or ireland? pretty sure this wont be on the front page of the times so i would know as much about other incidents as people afar will know about this
  2. molly

    Ben grounded

    Are you for fooking real? totally...
  3. molly

    Ben grounded

    its really fucking windy and its a big high fucking boat, shit happens. what is it some folks think will be any different with another shipping company?
  4. dont know him but seen him,, or rather heard him loudly talking on the boat etc, thought what an absolute cunt. I dont follow or have any interest in the shite he preaches but saying that, listening to him when not in front of his brainwashed captive audience, he is in it for the money. Did i say what a cunt he was
  5. that would have been truly embarrassing if he got in
  6. well no one asked me in marown tonight, not that i would have said anyway
  7. Just bought some machinery from rileys and they price matched a leading uk retailers online prices.
  8. molly

    Traffic lights

    would an option be to mount a baby set of light on the same poll similar to the one at the courthouse crossing junction/circular road?
  9. i did think the same when i heard the nick name king coal.
  10. Id guess he means the water crossing.
  11. Still going strong yes and in good health apart from a bad ankle , not sure he was the organiser or not.
  12. Keith shimmin (Q&S Motors) told me about that using bikes, mini cooper minis as fast as poss to the breakwater and onto a power boat. sounded quite an epic race. If youre ever walking around cristal port soderick , hes the guy who has the duck pond. Nicest guy you could ever meet.
  13. a mate used to do similar when racing but hang the knickers from the rear view mirror, was not such a boast when most of them hung over the dash as they were errm large lol
  14. Thanks for the replies, i took the back of and checked all the connections to the board and its booted up as normal. guess somthing was loose.
  15. Any mac buffs care to give some advice please. I have a macbook pro that has an intermittent problem of not booting up, its gets as far as password and then it just dies and looks like it goes into sleep mode and thats it. bit of history, i did spill a glass of wine over it and its just had a new unibody/keyboard £306 ouch, not really been right since i got it back from the repair (not suggesting its anyones fault) did this once and then amazingly started working again. its not now though. cheers.
  16. yeah, should have been built in pully
  17. Anyone else experiencing shite mobile data these days on MT, not talking out of the way places either.
  18. Kerosene? Should work fine for heating. Jet A1 fuel (Kero) - has no lubricity additives; caution domestic CH use due to potential for seized fuel pump/injector. Tempting though, as JA1 doesn't have tax due. Around £0.33/litre last time I dealt with it (late 90's). TBT. Jet A1 is the same fuel and 28sec heating fuel and comes from the same storage tank at battery pier.
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