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  1. molly

    Phone Boxes

    I used to do that on the home phone when the folks fitted a lock to the dial.
  2. molly

    School Trip

    Going for it Molly? I think I'm spoiled by the Scouts trips they do, cost virtually bugger all for a week away! Yeah i cant begrudge him a trip away as he does enjoy it, Did think it was a little bit steep at first but i suppose if you add things up its not too bad,
  3. molly

    School Trip

    My young fella came home tonight with a form for a school trip. He's in year 6 primary school and the proposed trip is 4 days at a venture center type place called Lockerbie manor. £450.00 per child.
  4. How many fit on pallet and think how much a pallet costs to ship
  5. Im sure strand street is only pedestrianised after 10 am
  6. I like to wear Lycra so when you fast guys race past in your fast cars with ace wheels and stuff you can see my stiffy. Once I nearly came in my pants.
  7. Do keep up,the "let's start a cycling thread to piss of cyclists" has been done far too many times.
  8. molly

    Petrol Prices

    Scotiom You work for EVF fuels right ?
  9. molly

    Drugs Haul

    Tea and biscuits this weekend then..
  10. Im not a rally fan and find it a right pain when roads are closed when getting to customers houses etc but to make an estimate of 20 tourists? really? did you not see how many uk reg keved up rally cars following the rally about? all brings money in. every little helps
  11. I so knew that was the advert before looking lol
  12. seen it in union mills last night, I think its a beautiful bit of engineering. brought back my christmas memories from years back when i got my first meccano set, still got it in a box in the loft and when i got it out to build something with my son i was amazed how much more difficult it was with my now bigger hands/fingers.
  13. I have a workshop in a Back lane in Douglas and the corpy do a fine job of cleaning up after the dirty fuckers who think a back lane is a tipping area. not even mentioning the dog shit...
  14. I was down Ramsey last night and popped into the traf for a pint, place was full and a few fine ales on, somthing must be right.
  15. are any manifestos available on line?
  16. camper plus one booked today for 3 weeks time £226.00 Iom-Heysham,dont think its outrageous. time of year etc.
  17. spent a lot of time at the rabbit hole this year, The egg were amazing on sunday night.
  18. you guys never heard of clay shooting or game shooting?
  19. had the knok on the door last night and a letter through the door today, caved in
  20. Many thanks for your sensible advice. I would much rather the job went to a Manx registered worker but not to the extent of paying double for what the job is actually worth. If I cannot find someone to do an honest days work for an honest days pay I will import a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to do the job , there are plenty of good plumbers in England who would love a working holiday on the Island. Who knows they even might want to set up business here. I cant believe what the chip shops charge for a portion of chips, so i bought a few spuds and took them to the terrace chippy and asked them the fry them for me to save a few quid. where they get the prices from i dont know.
  21. Many thanks, I think my daughter was thinking a little less than that but I do not think she has taken into account that very expensive stretch of water. Best thing to do would be for her to buy one of the packs (combi-boiler, 7 rads, rad stats/room stat, a load of piping and t's/elbows etc) for about a grand or so and then pay a corgi-plumber £500 or so for a few days work and testing/certifying....less than £2k all in. institutionalised much? id be very surprised if you find someone to fit some shite boiler and rad kit you bought yourself for labour only.
  22. I dont think he has ever claimed to own or take credit for the pictures on his FB page, more a public album where others share and tag him in
  23. molly

    Which Phone?

    What are you, a goat herder? No sheep are more my thing, BB, i do have a power monkey thing to charge phones and other stuff, but you still then have the charge time to consider which i think is a pain.
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