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  1. Get this. Sitting having a meal in the new Manila Thai place and in comes a bloke with 3 kids with 3 bags singing at each table begging for money. Not like you would have sweets to give them is it. Cringe worthy moment
  2. And that as well, i now use gmail far less faff when traveling etc
  3. i had similar problems, the settings change depending on what you are running, snow leopard or what ever, think you have to change one of the pop ports or something.
  4. cheers for that. Edit for asking an obvious question and being a lazy arse
  5. Ok folks, decided to move from iphone to the samsung s3, any recommendations on android apps? navigation and messenger. I use viber on iphone quite successfully are ther any issues on android? (not got the phone yet) been trying install it on my htc desire phone but cant get the access code. navigation i use tomtom although i am aware that the new tomtom android app is not available for the s3 i hear is does work if its transfered from another phone that it is compatible with. anyone tried this? thank you please
  6. We have an Ipad at home here but i dont use it as i find it to big to hold. Just got the kindle fire hd and its far more usable and handy to hold, im really impressed with it.
  7. John mcguinness ‏@jm130tt Judging by lots of your comments! Think I've got more chance of getting a wank off the pope than getting an acting job!!#enjoyeditthough tweet from the man himself lol
  8. red pedal,red pedal drive in slowly now and then stop,press the red pedal
  9. molly

    Screw Fix

    and starbucks, think they paid zero tax even in UK
  10. You can buy an ipad 2 for that at present! not really the point is it? the idea is its smaller and more handy for on the move
  11. Kindle fire arrived today, cant seem to get it to connect or show up on my mac when its plugged in. any ideas?
  12. I doubt they sell it to be honest, being a food retailer and that. I suspect that all these years you've been smearing Primula Cheese Spread on your rectum. with chives?
  13. I dont often agree with Woolley but I have to agree with you here - if the worst case scenario is that the Island reverts back to where it was before the real assholes moved here from the mid 1990's and tried to turn it into an English provincial town then it will be an event worth waiting for. If my house loses 50% of its current value to get us there then I think its a price worth paying too as most of us know that for the last 10 years or more our economy and lifestyles have largely been built on bullshit. The island is in a very sorry state across the board - shit roads, shit infrastructure, shit property market, and a completely arrogant shit government that has wasted hundreds of millions in financial windfalls from the UK government and ended up with nothing but a massive wage bill it can't afford and off balance sheet debts (£200 million in the name of local authorities, £400 million or so in the name of the MEA, and around £1.8 billion in actuarial liability for public sector pensions) that by far exceed our current reserves and no strategy capable of making anything any better. The last few governments we have had (which were made up of many long term MHKs who are still in government) have failed massively in almost all areas and now they are looking down the barrel of a gun still can't made sensible decisions that are in the long term interests of the Island to save their lives. In many areas this place is more f**ked than people care to realise or admit. Reading your post makes me so angry at the fuckers in government that got us into such a state yet still think they are so fucking smart.
  14. I have to say that I agree with you, I am a proud manxman but I am also considering leaving the land of my birth My beautiful island is being spoilt. Too much building, congested damaged infrastructure,increase in criminal activity a goverment that does not listen to its people. whatever happened to our quiet way of life that people were keen to adopt? I I feel exactly the same, the differences the island had from the UK are rapidly diminishing, Only for family/work commitments i think id move to the Lakes tomorrow.
  15. think you will find it didnt explode. the camper caught fire yes and did burn a hole in the side but there was no explosion as you describe.
  16. I have on occasionally gone 'airside' to carry out maintenance and although its a faff all you need is ID and get escorted to your destination of work.
  17. When you grow old and lonely it is more than likely that one of the children us as parents have invested your hard earned cash will be looking after you.
  18. molly

    Douglas Bmx Track

    see the bmx track is in the news today again, cost a shit load of money to build and now needs another 60 to get it to a racing standard. WTF??? On a lighter note maybe they could run http://www.bmxunion.com/blog/daily/bone-deth-rumble-pit/ on it
  19. Belgravia Road IS a residential area and has been totally spoiled by having anything up to a dozen camper vans parked along it for many years .All the residents I know are totally fed up with it and the sooner this law is complied with the better.Your van I guess is one of the many that park next to the tennis courts alongside Onchan Park.They are a danger to other motorists ,pedestrians and make what should be a pleasant residential street look like a motorway parking area.I think most residents of this road will be pleased to see an end to this eyesore. Fail to see how they are a danger.
  20. Genuine question here, What is your experience in passenger transport W Halsall? Molly, apologies for the delay in replying but I have been away for a few days. In answer to your question: I have had my own business since the very early 90s (and worked in the industry prior) that specializes in Bus Stop Infrastructure, Hardware and associated aspects for the Passenger Transport Industry. We deal with a significant amount of Passenger Transport Authorities throughout the UK and also many Rail Providers. After a total of 27 years, I am therefore fully conversant with most aspects of this industry. If you ask the same question to the 3 Wise Men: Graham Cregeen was a Painter and Decorator with his dad in my village of PSM, then a postmen, like Nick Black (another CE from England), he knows fuck all about this industry and has only recently arrived in it. Ian Longworth is actually fairly knowledgeable when it comes to running a Private Bus Company, and appears to meet the demands of the politicians, particularly with regards to standing up to the onions regarding the drivers pay. He worked in the industry prior to having the opportunity to start his own Private Bus Company in Bolton, which he managed to sell. His knowledge of Ticketing Systems, Bendy Buses, Passenger Information, Passenger Comfort, Marketing to attract Passengers etc. and his over use of mates from NW England to act as consultants is however utterly appalling. In my professional opinion he is out of touch and depth with regards to the needs/wants of the Manx people regarding Public Transport, and he appears to be trying to create a legacy. Sadly, both of his colleagues lack the knowledge to challenge him, and despite my offers of assistance, both Crookall and Cregeen haven’t returned calls to me. I hope that answers your question. Yes thanks
  21. Now Now lets not bring common sense into the island ! Common sense? shipping unused salt back to uk? are you guys for real
  22. Redbull missed a trick there though, you thought they would have given him wings.
  23. Genuine question here, What is your experience in passenger transport W Halsall?
  24. It is saturday, not full staff and neal the boss is away,, hey are busy for a reason. Oh well that's ok then - when the boss is away everything falls to shit - Neal put your foot in your staffs arse and teach them some customer relation skills. You won't be busy if they are not capable of the basics of customer service. sure he will be gutted to lose such a polite customer I think he should be more gutted that he cannot trust anybody to look after his business while he is away - I own a lot more than 1 car and have 20 staff that also all drive, they will not be using this garage. Mainly down to you annoying me even more! You sound like you need to go to a 'kwick fit' type place where staf are well trained in kissing ass.
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