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  1. I reckon 10 days-ish in motels. But under canvas depends on the weather, I'll be cowboy camping when I can!
  2. So... has anyone else from the Rock hiked the PCT? I'm starting this little meander from Mexico to Canada on 4/14 (Getting into the US mojo). I'm really hoping to make it through the 2650 miles, but who knows what injuries might befall me.
  3. Companies house allows you to do the same, only in beta for now though https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk
  4. There's a sign down at union mills opposite spar.
  5. Omg I can't believe you sick moon, how dare you not take the piss that he's ginger too. All these people that don't know him would be even more offended
  6. Bouncers seem especially confused by Manx driving licenses. I'm more surprised when I'm across and they don't question it. When I got IDed in Vegas they had the IOM license in the acceptable driving licenses official book, I wasn't expecting it to be in there!
  7. I've got weird ground dwelling bees in my garden this year, like little pets. My house seems to be on a bee flight path tho, my car is constantly covered in bee poo.
  8. A fiver for a butty? How the other half live... Give it a break Slim, you're in that other half!
  9. A light where they used to be?
  10. No but I have a bad neck and back which makes it strenuous to contort my body to see the lights
  11. But that's the point, it's not in your line of vision when you are on the line. ETA if people are telling you it's not right, why not listen, I know of no other light set where I have to move my head so much to see lights.
  12. True to your word :-) There used to be a traffic light on the other side of the road down Tromode Road. That's the traffic light post that is empty.
  13. But yet John still hasn't moved in, been years now!
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