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    Cycling, reading, watching tv, good listener, holidays, socialising, walking, shopping, dancing, drinking and having lots of fun. I love smiling to and been happy.<br />;-)
  1. I tend to post when am at work as i don't have a computer at house, but wen i move to ma new house the first thig am gettin is a computer then i will be posting all day.
  2. Galvanise by the chemical brothers is a klass tune.
  3. Anna-Marie

    Cruise Boat

    The cruise ship in the harbour is doing a tour all around england some1 told me at work. Last week in the courier it said that the ship was starting off here and there was a fone no that you could ring and you could go aboard the ship only about 200 lucky people were to get the chance though. shame am working all day otherwise i wouold have gone on it.
  4. If your reffering to the dance mix of hungry eyes by "eyeopener" then it's dreadful and you need to be shot with a ball of your own poo for liking it. If your referring to the original, then i will hold back on loading your poo into my gun. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I am referring to the original don't worry my poo isnt been loading yet then.
  5. Ethan in my heart is a gr8 tune to. Mylo - Drop the pressure is good to. Has any1 heard of the tune hungry eyes? am not sure who its by but its the sound track from dirty dancing the file its a bit cheesy but its still good.
  6. Mine is Wonderful Nightclub by fatboy slim. This is a gr8 tune.
  7. I have seen a red ford fiesta that seems to be always parked down on north quay and the size of the ssexhaust is completly mad, its just not the sort of car that you fit that to. Its a joke.
  8. I agree my bro has loads of stickers on his car and he gets loads of people starring and saying things to him threw the window, it got to him so much that he peeled them all off.
  9. My brother has a spolier on his car. some cars look awful with them on. If you have a spolier on your car you can't get it washed up at the polar wash in the business park as the rollers have pulled them off so i was told one came off a subrua impreza. I suppose every1 with spoilers will be washing their cars themselves then. ;-)
  10. The clubmix 2005 cd that is out at the moment is out of this world, i have just bought it and its fab. ;-)
  11. Can't imagine every1 crammed into vibe 2nite for lisa lashes that place is tiny your all gonna be like sardines in a can. I thought that she would have been playing in the venue its bigger for a start.
  12. Not sure if i can make it but will know abit nearer the time. It will be good to see the faces behind the names.
  13. Summerland baths was gr8 i learnt to swim up there 2. I remember seeing some1 once at the deep end and there was big lights down there, i used to see people walking around down there. The octopuss was gr8 fun. happy memories
  14. Can't remember much about skool didn't like it, how people can say that there the be B) st days of their lives not true with me.
  15. Am not that old only 22, i just remember every1 at skool talkin about the youth club in kensington rd went there once it was good anyway bak to the venue relocation i think it would be gud 2 hav a club down there on south quay it would be good to start off at say the british then head to the venue it would brighten up south quay for a start i think.
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