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  1. All hail the Pisces!!! Happy Birthday, m'lady!
  2. Did you also happen to notice the drawings at the beginning of the episode? The guy is looking through various papers, one is a map and the second is a drawing that looks like it explains the time travel --- there were three timelines, Real Time, Future Time and Imaginary Time. I think the 'Imaginary Time' will explain A LOT
  3. Watched The Curious Case of Benjamen Button -- wasn't too impressed -- thought it was a cross between Forest Gump and Titanic. I usually love Cate Blanchett but she was awful. Its worth a watch on dvd in my opinion but I wouldn't rush out. Also saw Don't Mess with the Zohan with Adam Sandler. Again, love Adam Sandler and it was funny for about 20 minutes in the middle and the rest was craptastic. Zack and Miri Make a Porno --- worth a watch - quite funny
  4. Burn After Reading ---- quite good Pineapple Express ---- cute but not quite as good as I was hoping
  5. Incredibly haunting, isn't it. So superbly acted it almost seemed real.
  6. Stardust --- really liked it. If you liked 'The Princess Bride' you will love this --- lots of cameos, a bit cheesy, but visually beautiful and better than I expected.
  7. Hi everyone I want to book a table at a boot sale - any boot sale - preferably one with lots of traffic, but can only see ones for the next week. Does anyone know where there is a list for ones that will be coming up in the next month or two? Plus, can anyone give advice as to what would be a high traffic one? Many thanks!
  8. Looking to change our ground floor old shop window into a proper home-type front window. We will need to submit professional drawings in order to get planning permission but we are on a very tight budget. I'm hoping somebody knows a draftsman who could knock up a drawing suitable enough for submission. Really don't want to pay an architect firm. Any suggestions welcome!!!
  9. Dames Aflame


    Well this may have been discussed already but I want to make sure what happened to me doesn't happen to anyone else! Just got back from seeing my family in Atlanta, Georgia USA. As always, I took two bags over but put one bag inside the other as I always bring lots of stuff back with me, so technically going over I have just one bag. Booked on flybe using my 'Rewards 4 All' points going to Gatwick, paying for one bag going over and two bags coming back. After taxes and such my 'free flight' was over 80 quid. Fair enough, though, I thought. Not free, but still cheaper than paying regular. Going over I was bringing some good old Manx ales for family and friends and so my one bag was quite heavy - about 24 kilos. All went well though, they put one of those orange 'heavy' stickers on and away I was to the USA. British Airways was, as usual, fantastic. Cue journey home and someone fell ill on my BA flight to Gatwick. We also had a 45 minute late start due to weather in Atlanta and when we landed at Gatwick we all had to stay put until paramedics could retrieve the sick passenger. This took a good 20 minutes. I am now racing through Gatwick to get my flybe flight. I get to the flybe desk and when asked how many bags I have I say 'two'. When asked how many bags I paid for I say, 'two'. Then the lovely lady behind the desk asks for the two bags to be put up on the scale together. Odd, I thought, usually they want to they them one by one. The two bags then come to 35 kilos. I am informed that even though I paid for two bags, the limit is still 20 kilos - whether you have one bag or two. So paying for an extra bag does nothing. Heh? How does that make any sense? I'm not happy but keep my cool and ask what needs to be done then? Well, she says its 10 pounds per kilo overweight that I have to pay. That's 150 pounds. Heh? I paid an extra 15 pounds for an extra bag and they wont even take that amount off the 150 pounds!!!! She then announces that all of this is very clearly stated when I booked my ticket. Well, true, shame on me for not reading the fine print, but it sure as hell doesn't proudly announce it either. I have just got back from holiday and its before payday and I'm ashamed to say 150 pounds is going to damn near clear me out. I'm still keeping my cool as I know being an asshole does nothing to help you in these situations but I can safely say the lady behind the desk was actually enjoying this. I am then told that they have just closed the gate on my flight and that I have to go to the customer service desk to get everything sorted out. So I go to the desk and am told that not only do I have to pay the 150 quid but now also pay for a new flight back because I have missed my flight and since I had booked this 'free flight' with my Rewards for All points that I would have to pay for a new flight!!!!! So now we are looking at a total of almost 300 quid. This story is getting far too long now so I will try and sum up. I managed to (after much persuading and wrangling) get the next flight for free and talk them down to 80 quid for the extra weight. When I went back to the normal check in desk to check my bags it was a different lady who had seen everything I was going through and she leaned her head over to me and started whispering, 'it really is very naughty you know --- they should be more clear --- this is not fair for you at all' She was very nice, but it just goes to show that even their employees don't think its fair! So to sum up people ---- if you book a flight on flybe and pay for one bag or two bags the maximum you can take is 20 kilos total -- whether one bag or three. Also, if you buy your ticket using your rewards points then you will have to pay for a new flight if you miss yours --- even if it is not your fault that you missed it. Careful people!!!!!!!!
  10. Take the easy/best way out and tell your boss. He/she will then have a word with them and you don't have to be the bearer of bad news. And Stu baby --- ketosis actually means your body is sick ---- you are not detoxing you are making yourself unwell! Don't make me worry about you!
  11. Would you have to eat dog poo as well?
  12. Hey Lonan! Have a fabulous one, dah-ling!
  13. No - that's Chinese dentist time
  14. Remix / Cover version of aforementioned song by Faith Hill? Has all the kicking and studying for a PHD in it. Oh my goodness --- Ean thank you and Loaf I'm so glad you made me have a second look. It is Faith Hill! She must have recorded several versions as the first one I went to didn't sound right at all so I discounted it without really giving it a good listen Thanks to all!!!!!!!!
  15. Microphone, pc recorder...problem solved! I was convinced it was Faith Hill as well, thought the paying attention to the crap my girlfriend listens too might have actually paid off! Thankfully I don't have a microphone --- I really wouldn't want to subject you to it! Faith is sort of along the right lines, but not country --- but the song is very upbeat with fast bongos in the background ---- I think it was a one hit wonder as well.
  16. Thank you Mission but I'm afraid its not it either I've got the tune so well in my head but the lyrics are just way too muddled up
  17. Thanks guys, just checked both and no dice. It was played on Radio 2 quite a bit when it came out
  18. A song came out a few years back, sometime within the last 4 years I think. Female singer and all I can think of are a few lyrics ---- the chorus/hook was 'I'm free' several lyrics after the fact something along the lines of 'kicking out shadows' or 'standing on top a mountain' --- something to that effect. A very I'm woman hear me roar/female power/a bit cheesy/but catchy and inspirational. At some point she alludes to the fact that she got her PHD on studying life I know this is completely vague, but hopefully this rings a bell with someone. I need to get a copy of it for someone Many thanks and I will be amazed if someone actually knows this from my lame description. I do know the tune but obviously can't hum a few bars on a forum. Have also been searching loads on google and youtube --- but there are so many freakin songs with the word free in the title. Don't even know if its in the title but with her singing it over and over I can only imagine it has to be. Many thanks again!!!
  19. Dixie Chicken - Little Feet
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