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  1. http://soundcloud.com/audio-wok/stuart-baggs-alarm-call-ringtone
  2. Feedback always welcome. I was happy as the dancefloor was happily buzzing about before Tim came on, at least you have gone back on your original comment about Tim 'Utah' not even being there.
  3. Where were you again??? Brian Rooney and myslef warmed up the decks before Tim 'Utah' came on just after 12.30pm. Since the Courthouse have been bringing over top named Dj's, they have ALL started their sets around this time. Your comments are'nt fair because you are ever so slightly wrong. See you at 'Kissy Sell Out' that's unless the Club throws on one of the bar staff to dupe the customers. Audiowok (Courthouse resident DJ)
  4. Cheers John! Hope to see you there. Anyone who can get the message out about this unique event it would very much appreciated.
  5. Calling all Hip-Hop / DnB / Dubstep / House and Techno fans as SOCIAL SECURITY PRESENTS.....BATTLE OF THE PLANETS. Friday 19th February @ Sub Zero. 8 - 1am Featuring UK Club night PLANET OF THE BREAKS. Dj Switch (2x DMC Champion) / Dj Deviant (Reprobate & Planet of the Breaks) / Sonny Woods (Planet of the Breaks) / Audiowok / Mo Beats. Check out DMC 2x Champion @ - http://www.myspace.com/djswitchbeatz Dj Switch in action @ -
  6. If we need to blow the whole joint up to stop these brain sucking zombie mofo's, then so be it. Set ALL amps to 11 and get the fuck out of there!!!!!!
  7. De-punkt presesnts........ ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIE DEF SQUAD Friday 30th October @ The Loft (formerly Guys and Dolls) Featuring - Planes Over Paris (a)live Dj's - Audio-Wok / Steph Gomaa / Kymbo Suzuki / Ronski 8-3am / £5 graveyard tax. ZOMBIE.bmp
  8. Top night indeed....well worth checking out folks
  9. Dire Straights - Money for Nothing
  10. I'll be spinning the decks on the dance stage between 4-5pm on the Saturday, pop along and lend me your ears.
  11. Calvin Harris - Ready for the weekend (Fake Blood mix)
  12. Sunday August 30 @ The Loft (formerly guys & dolls) *** DE PUNKT **** featuring DJ sets from...... PLANES OVER PARIS / AUDIO-WOK / KYMBO SUZUKI / RONSKI Expect to hear a full range of frequencies, grooves and rhythms. 9pm - 3am. £4 Entry.
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