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  1. gillf

    Minimum Wage

    My daughter has just started uni in the Uk , she’s been looking for a part time job as she only has 3 days of lessons a week, some of the job adverts I saw advertised paid as low as £4.23 an hour, some of them said £9 an hour but more if you take no payment for the job until January
  2. Yes me too from the things my daughter has been telling me about things that have been said to her at school
  3. Yes we’ve tried a dehumidifier but we think it’s new damp as it’s got worse since the heavy rain. We think answer is probably to get the side of the house re rendered but u would rather find an alternative solution as re rendering would cost a lot .
  4. I think it’s coming in still as it’s gradually getting worse.
  5. Can anyone recommend someone to come and give us advice and/or a price to rectify a damp problem in a bedroom. We’ve replaced our roof and filled in all apparent cracks on the outside of the house, painted the house in water repellant paint, had the chimney stacked, and it’s still coming in. Thanks
  6. We have quite an expensive holiday booked with them to Florida next year. Not worried as I know we can claim our money back. First time I have booked a package holiday in the past I’ve always booked flights and hotel separately. Feel sorry for those with kids who are due to go soon and can longer go.
  7. I’ve spent a lot of time geocaching, in some lovely places. Going to try this sometime with my daughter https://manxgeocaching.com/death-in-the-park/
  8. gillf


    We’ve not long had a fill from Evf, it was 56.99 per unit
  9. I live right on these crossroads where the accident happened. Even since the accident people still aren't stopping at the stop sign. Also it's a nightmare to cross, many a time I've been crossing when cars come round the corner far too fast.
  10. gillf

    Pokemon Go

    My son and his mates play it. A great way to get kids off their games consoles and out of the house😀
  11. I recently found a wallet whilst I was out walking early one morning with my dogs. It contained a driving license, £50 in cash and 3 packs of condoms. Whoever owned it was obviously on their way to a good night out😀 I handed it into the police station, left my number, and didn't even get a text to say thank you. On another note, twice I've found a £10 note in the floor in a local shop, handed it in both times, convinced if it's not claimed the cashier would keep it
  12. I took my daughter to see it, we both loved it, best one I've seen
  13. My teenage son plays this all the time, he loves it
  14. We live in an old house and we've had the same problem in our house for years, but my husband has lined all the walls which got condensation on with thermal lining paper, underneath the wallpaper, touch wood it seems to be doing the job.
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