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  1. Minger - that's a given - if you could actually pick out her features on the picture!
  2. The card is covered in clear plastic but the printing is on top of the clear plastic - she has put it in her purse and some of the signature has already scraped off
  3. Not being one to moan but...... Mrs Duster has just received one of the new driving licenses following our change of address. I am absolutely horrified as to the quality of this "so called" driving license. It is a basic plastic (poor quality and flimsy) card which has been printed on, just plain black print on a plastic card - which can be scraped off very easily - so the signature and other details can be removed very easily. And then there's the black and white photograph! What resolution did they use to scan it? 20dpi? In these times of identity theft and fraud I have to say that I am absolutely amazed that the IOM Government deem this new card as an acceptable form of ID. And where is the address? Gone! Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I'm gobsmacked!!! The Tesco Clubcard is better quality!
  4. Right or wrong? What about the backlash - overreaction? Discuss.....
  5. Actually, the WMI really only controlled the PA which was battling with the guitar amps over which it had no control. If you want to hear singers over the guitars then the PA gets louder - I think the problem is age old, guitarists have a volume control over which they seem hell bent in making sure it is set to max. If we have complete control over the sound, as we have done for many events, we can control the volume and it is a much nicer experience for all concerned.....but then that's not rock 'n roll!
  6. But that's what I'm saying, as a member of a higher class you will be able to afford to have your children educated. As a member of a lower class with less disposable income you will either not be able to afford the education or go into debt doing so. There are some children that, given the opportunity, can increase their intelligence. If they are not given that opportunity then surely the void will become greater? We didn't have an answer but I wanted to throw it out there as I thought that it was an interesting statement and was interested to hear what others thought.
  7. During a heated discussion over the weekend regarding the re-emergence of the classes in society, it was suggested that with the additional costs for students to continue with their education, including the average cost of the a US degree course costing $150k, that not only with the class divide increase between those that have and those that have not, but the divide will start appearing between those that are educated and those that are not. As a kid, there were far fewer students that went on to higher education because of this. It seemed to have evened out with almost all 6th form students going on - but now that seems to be in jeopardy. What do you think - will we see two separate but related divides in class in years to come - those that have and are, and those that have not and aren't?
  8. Shows the commerciality of the Manx Government - employ the people direct and save a fortune - ahhhh, but that wouldn't be keeping it in the family!!!
  9. Loads of great bands listed but bringing things into the 80's and 90's you would have to consider the original line up of Guns'n'Roses. Live performances were breathtaking shows of musicality and the songs will live on as rock anthems for generations to come. Tried to cover many of them in my band days and they are exceptionally difficult.
  10. I've used Kinrade's Scaffolding and had to have it longer than expected and it seemed reasonable and they were happy to help.
  11. Been to the Ticket Office and have to say that it was really good. BYO wine which means that they're not stinging you for a bottle of your favourite wine and you know that wine you like will be available! Food was great and plenty of it. Good service and all hot and fresh. Would recommend it. He used to work there but nothing to do with it now - the owners were 'difficult' - all related to Capital International (MillYard is their former office in Castletown)
  12. As a recent convert from iPhone to Android, I would say that I am pleasantly surprised. However, I am disappointed with the standard email app on the Android device as I run multiple mail boxes for work and they are not all based on Gmail! Has anyone got any recommendations for a good Android email client that will allow me to move emails to different folders and auto sync with my multiple mail boxes? I've looked around and K9 seems ok but still doesn't give me the functionality I yearn for. Just wanted some real feedback. Thanks
  13. The Christmas Market at the Institute in Laxey are back on 1st and 2nd December. Lots of stalls and good stuff including Santa for the kids. poster2012.doc
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