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  1. Was the £900k cost of the Michael report included in the Nobles overspend ?
  2. We do not need another cost cutter. We need someone to tell us what is needed to give us the health care we require. We need someone to state that the Heath Service overspends because it has been underfunded. The overspend has been a result of trying to meet the demands of the service, at the minimal level possible.
  3. Druid, this section is about jokes, which are funny. Not about personal experiences.
  4. He's the guy with clothes that not right minded person would wear. He is stopping people from using trains because they are frightened they might get into a carriage with him.
  5. Druid, that would feed a family of four on the Isle of Man
  6. If it's Italian coffee you must have drunk 709.76 millilitres, not one and a half pints. We are not out the Common Market yet.
  7. I don't want to eat Pizza which has been in a tray treated with hazardous chemicals. This outfit needs to be inspected by food safety officials.
  8. Seagull eggs are a gourmet treat when served in posh London restaurants. Perhaps our government could generate income by satisfying this need and also reducing us of a problem.
  9. What people get up to on the train is their business. As long as the carriage is not full.
  10. squelch


    Is Ms Edge also aware that in the UK each MP is responsible for approx. 92,000 constituents ? Perhaps there is more thinning out, needed in government, than she realizes.
  11. Ray Mears spends his time in forests, living off slugs and any other low level protein that could keep him alive. Not quite the type of tourist that the Isle of Man needs to attract.
  12. So this matter rumbles on. The concerns regarding the transfer of the contract from Bridgewater to Comcabs have come to fruition. The Facebook page IOM Patient Transfer (Feedback) is sad reading. The person responsible for the transfer of this contract should be sacked. Their salary should be used to meet the tender from Bridgewater to do the job properly. Civil Servants should be made accountable for their actions. We should be paying our taxes for results. The belief that no matter if I am right or wrong my job is safe should no longer apply to Government jobs.
  13. We keep getting told how good ComCab taxis are because they can take wheelchairs. All the Manx patients I have traveled with have not been in their own wheelchairs but have used borrowed airport chairs for getting around the airport and to the transfer taxi/minibus. It is misleading to quote this as an advantage. The use of minibuses by Bridgewater was efficient and practical for the transfer of large numbers of patients on the regular walking wounded flights. I don't see how using a number of taxis instead of a single minibus can be cost effective in the long run.
  14. So which has been the success story ?
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