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  1. They played at the Gaiety about 10 or so years ago. A good night with everyone's knees going up and down. Sitting down though!" They came down the front to have a natter and sign some CDs.
  2. Yes, dipped into a swimming pool.
  3. Lager drinkers will not like this news.
  4. A pity we cannot dive in our reservoirs they would make an interesting sight underwater. I dived in Bewl Valley Reservoir in Kent and swam under the hump back bridge which was over the river when it was dammed.
  5. I heard from that man in the pub, that Hooded Ram have the financial backing from the owner of Oddbins, whom lives on the island. A man called Raj , I am told. So a bit more money from him may see Hooded Ram wherever they want to be next year.
  6. There are a few monkeys on here who have mastered the keyboard
  7. I am sure local shops rely on the motorcyling events for an enormous portion of their annual income. I worked at one of the photographic shops in the 90s. During TT we were developing and printing over 500 films a day. We sold much more film and accessories during these periods. Sad to say now that there is not much money spent on photography nowadays on the Island due to the digital age. That is why we all closed.
  8. A reduction in civil servants could be achieved by just using UK bank notes and coins and UK passports.
  9. A folk singer named Peter Jagger (no relation) played several pubs in the early 90s . I saw him in The Tynwald and thought he we quite good. I bought the CD.
  10. Jerry Christian was the warm up act for Peter Green at the Gaiety. Jerry played very well, and got the applause he deserved. Peter Green was a shadow of his former self. The band carried him for most of the night with Green showing just a few flourishes of his brilliant playing.
  11. Track 1 from Bong Fury. Recorded live at Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas May 20th &21st 1975............Quilp are you Terry Bozzio or Chester Thompson?
  12. The Dylan Project at the Masonic Lodge in Douglas. (mainly the Steve Gibbons Band)
  13. When printing customer's photographs we had some interesting close ups of a gentleman and his lady. I knew who he was by the tattoos on his hand. A lot of tattoos are in places the owner cannot see. Are they for the rest of us to admire?........not!
  14. I have picked up a couple of LPs that have pressing mistakes and labeling mistakes. 1) Jimi Hendrix- Axis Bold as Love on the Track label, green cover. The labels are on the wrong sides. 2) Sex Pistols- Never Mind the Bollocks. No track listing on the back cover and no side one, only side two pressed twice but labelled with one and two Novelties perhaps. .
  15. About 7 or 8 year ago I saw a good local band play at the Blues Club in the Railway, Douglas called I Am President. I believe they left the island to seek fame in the UK, but that does not seem to have happened.
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