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  1. Yeah - build a Tesco petrol station!
  2. http://www.tynwald.org.im/ Horrible use of frames or something going on tho.
  3. Beckett

    King Of Mann

    His Majesty doesn't appear to have even registered his site with a .im domain name - how unpatriotic!
  4. Aiye, the usual Manx over reaction!
  5. I think this was planned, the road just kinda stops. It would make life a lot easier! As for the seagul, art will always cause debate... I welcome it, Douglas needs a HELL of a lot of money spending on it - although perhaps this should come from central government rather than Douglas rate payers. That said - the change in paving on the Quay REALLY bugs me
  6. Beckett


    Apparantly the Mill Shop will just be selling Habitat merchandise from the Autumn, if anyone is interested.
  7. Beckett


    So it opened down there, then closed?
  8. Beckett


    Unless I've missed something, the Habitat store has been a long time coming considering they were advertising for jobs 6 months ago. Or did I completly miss it down Tynwald Mills the other day and any PR surrounding its launch?
  9. Bring on the 17th act for promulgation this Thursday on Tynwald Hill - 'Public Health (Tabaco) Act 2006' Interesting to see the final act is to allow races to be held on the Billown Circuit on 27 May 2007 (why this requires an Act of Tynwald I don't know!?) - a law that was enacted and expired before prumulgation, now there's a constitutional quandry
  10. Even as a child you were never very good at knowing when to keep your trap shut. You don't seem to have learned a thing. Remove your post please. Beckett only asked a question... Cripes! Thanks Mupster, I'm actually astonished that it's been deleted. Certainly didn't mean to offend anyone. Whatever's happened it's a serious safety issue, I'm totally baffled as to what's wrong with discussing this - I certainly hope posts discussing RTAs in the future will be treated the same and deleted. Next the Police will be getting accused of being disrespectful for conducting an investigation and Adrian Earnshaw will be stoned for having held a press conference. As for Roxanne - what on earth are you going on about?
  11. But hey, lets have the parade anyway! Third headline in national news - shame it had to end like this
  12. And it's not cus someone has died! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/6670313.stm
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