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  1. I love in depth journalism! What is it exactly?
  2. Isn't it the second time this has happened - only for CH job ads to appear in the Courier a few months later?
  3. It really might be time to head down with some paint brushes and some paint for a flashmob clean!! Surely they'll do something with it before TT?
  4. Some great ideas and concepts on their site - I wish central Government would take a bigger role and get some of these things implemented, Douglas is still a shabby hole when all is said and done. The likes of improvements to the Quayside are great, but there needs to be more done - and faster. Website really does need an overhaul - in fact the Partnership could do with a good injection of life into it. http://www.ddp.org.im/images%202/Close%20u...20and%20map.jpg http://www.ddp.org.im/images%202/Looking%2...rd%20Street.jpg http://www.ddp.org.im/images%202/view%20east%20night.jpg http://www.ddp.org.im/images%202/info%20board.jpg
  5. Sat in there the other day - this place gets more depressing with each year that passes!
  6. All seems to have gone quiet on the crash front. How much is the repair bill likely to be (translated - how much will 2008 ticket prices go up?)
  7. With debts at the MEA, a new Governemnt, a TT centenary and sky-high waiting lists at Nobles, this is poor! An Airport generated spoon-fed press release me thinks.
  8. Here, here. "Two further members of the Council are also ex officio, the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, who has a vote, and HM Attorney General for the Isle of Man, who does not." http://www.tynwald.org.im/council/council-members.shtml
  9. Funfair is ace and really sets off the atmosphere - they'd better have some half decent plans - announcing this sort of thing when we're almost in APRIL doesn't fill me with confidence.
  10. I doubt there'll be any real impact.
  11. I like the new three legs logo - although the typeface is a bit unimaginative.
  12. It's hightime it was passed to and funded by the BBC.
  13. Are they investing in this? Surely it's a waste of money if they're switching off terrestrial from next year? Sod DAB and bring on Freeview!
  14. Wow, we've just about hit the 90s. Can I take my shell suit off?
  15. Funny watching it move up the news agenda - hours later - it's third headline on BBC News website.
  16. Finally the Beeb have caught on: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/merseyside/6327539.stm
  17. Not even made it to the Manx Radio website.
  18. i agree the smell at that end of the bay is not caused by plankton it is made by something closer to home and less pleasant I could never understand the rationale behind wanting put to Hotel on the old Summerland site!
  19. http://www.manxradio.com/readItem.aspx?ID=...mp;cate=General zzzzZZZZzzzz Legislate already!
  20. Oh bugger, weren't they going to do the complex on Lord Street with the bowling alley and cinema? Can't see that going ahead now (although I think I'd be found jumping into the Harbour naked for a swim before there's actually something built on the cars parks around there) I think it's great to turn the Castle Mona into 4 * Hotel, great use of such a fine building - although the surroundings aren't that great (shops in front of the building, wasteland/cinema and the Hideous Hilton Hotel
  21. How will Jersey still be served by BA? I thought they'd ditched all domestic routes except Manchster to Heathrow?
  22. Cloud 9 arrives this March according to their mailing on Friday: ----------------------- The launch of your new mobile network is in sight! Thank you for registering with Cloud9. The great news is that we’re making excellent progress and the main infrastructure for our network is set to be up and running in late January. This means that in March 2007 we’ll be sending a priority invite to those who have registered with us to join Cloud9. You’ll be the first to know about our launch offers and we guarantee they will be the best value you’ve ever had. Don’t forget, because you’ve registered you’ll receive half price calls to other Cloud9 users for the first year! Cloud9 is committed to being the best value network on the island. We’re introducing brand new ways to deliver real value including Magic Numbers, Inclusive Cross Network Minutes and free roaming calls throughout Europe. No other network can offer you this value. If you have any questions about the Cloud9 offering please email my team on customerservice@cloud9.im or if you would llike to give me feedback direct please email me on lee.jones@cloud9.im I look forward to welcoming you onto Cloud9 Lee Jones CEO | Cloud9 Mobile Communications plc We invite you to choose any competitor tariff on the island and we’ll match it (or even better it). Plus you can switch to any other tariff whenever you like. No other network offers you such flexible value Flexible mobile tariffs. Now you’re on Cloud9. Other networks offer free phones, but they normally tie you in to a contract where there is no flexibility for you to adjust your tariff. With Cloud9, you’ve got no worries. You’ll enjoy a free phone supplied through one of our Cloud9 dealers and our Tariff Match means you can change packages whenever you like. Guaranteeing you’re always on the best deal. Guaranteed better value mobile. Now you’re on Cloud9. Cloud9 Mobile Communications Plc, Bourne Concourse, Peel Street, Ramsey, Isle of Man IM87 6JJ
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