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  1. Speaking of the Revolution. Manx Telecom are saying Voicemail is now free for Pay As You Go customers: http://www.manxpronto.net/default.asp?id=18&siteid=5 However, their downloadable User Guide for the service says PAYG customers will be charged for retreiving messages?! http://www.manxpronto.net/pdf/MOBILEGU.pdf
  2. Beckett


    Maybe they could give everyone in the Island a free e-mail address with which they could manage most of their financial affairs such as banking, shopping, paying bills, placing bets and signing electronic documents with digital signatures??? What a great idea! Is this the ad that's been in with no company name? Certainly no mention of a job here on the Habitat website, or a store. Just seen ad in the Courier - wonder where it will be sited down Tynny Mills? Hamleys going?
  3. Given recent news coverage - I doubt it
  4. Yes but look what the people with 'experience' did!
  5. Or the old prison. Will be in the Newcastle Malmaison over Christmas Prison would be great location as well! Missed out this time, just back having stayed at the Travelodge round the corner (but still the Quayside you understand) - you Lucky Old Git!
  6. Would be a great site for a Malmaison Hotel!
  7. 'It's the economy stupid'. People have jobs and money in their pocket - nowt will change until that does. How do you mean Mission? As ever it comes down to attracting the right people, voters only have a choice between those who stand - look at Ayre! Less Tynwald members, higher pay to attract the best. Either that or something invovative involving the Chief Execs of each Department being made more accounatble to the public...
  8. http://www.manxradio.com/readItem.aspx?ID=...mp;cate=General Wonder what it is?
  9. The Government have got their own mobile telephone infrastructure if they needed to use it and it is better than MT's as well... Last 10 I was thinking more of landlines.
  10. When all is said and done I would imagine Manx Telecom is/will become the Manx BT in that it OPERATES the infrastructure but has little more claim to it than being guardian of the fibre optics! That said, knowing the Isle of Man Government, Manx Telecom have full control and could switch it off tomorrow if they wanted.
  11. ...because if they bought it and did it up, they would own it and have to send themselves the bill? Why should rate payers money be spent purchasing land zoned for development in a prime location? If an area is an eyesore there should be the means in place to give a written warning to the owner 'to sort or have it sorted' with a bill following shortly thereafter. Maybe there already is, but it isn't enforced? Maybe the enforcers are scared of being accused of hipocracy? It's not an eyesore per se, it just needs a sweep and a lick of paint. I don't think the square is zoned for development either? The place has always mistified me, don't Axa or someone own it? Yet I know the Douglas Development Partnership were heavily involved in its creation?
  12. The place is (soon to be was) a state - I'd rather have a new build than watch it continue to decay. It had just better not become another car park as per the site opposite it.
  13. Couldn't agree more - the god-knows-how-much-it-cost water feature is turned off and dried up with a good selection of litter in it. Maybe it's time for a flash mob to tart the sad and sorry place up. Ice rink will be great, let's just hope it happens!
  14. Woefully needed - as much as I welcome it, the BBC Isle of Man News section is pretty thin and slow to respond. Very strange to base it at Manx Radio, perhaps the start of BBC Manx Radio?
  15. See I don't know anyone who watches these sorts of films, or buys them. Beats me how they make money.
  16. But surely it doesn;t mean MR could bring it back if they wanted to.
  17. Bring it on I say - much fairer and transparent. If they used it in the US I doubt very much that Bush would be in office.
  18. Supprised it's not made the news tbh.
  19. I am more aware of this than you could possibly imagine. However, to quote from the branding report... This budget limitation means nothing major will happen for nearly two years and I think the money for this video could have been better spent. Telling the Manx people that the logo 'Freedom to Flourish' had already been used to e.g. pursuade one high tech employer to locate a company (with several jobs) would be a far better way of achieving 'buy-in' from the Manx public. ...and we have seen similar campaigns before, maybe not branding like this, but which contained the same subtext of the branding report (as do various existing IOM company marketing campaigns). So far at least £450K has been spent on this for basically documenting what we already know and adding a phrase that could have just as easily have been obtained via a competiton in the Courier. People want results not more waffle. So I'll also add 'waffling.im' and 'costly.im' for the branding project. I'm still unlcear of what 'similar campaigns' you're referring to. Perhaps it would be useful to elaborate on your past experience? Sure a lot of money was spent, but we have a brand whether we like it or not. If our Government is determined on shaping this, I'd rather they spend money and do it right as opposed to the botched manner in which they're notorious for of late. I wont defend the Government to the hilt, but it's still early days. If we can spend £1 million raising a sunken ship, I don't think £400k is too bad to start building our future and help futher diversify our economy.
  20. sorry for the blatant advertising - the SuperManx T-shirts were designed in Port St Mary and are available at Seventh Wave sailing shop in Port Erin (next to the ice-cream shop near the quarter-deck http://www.7thwave-iom.com/) I wanna check out the 7th Wave for a sailing course, looks like an exciting start-up!
  21. The 'advert' isn't targetted at anyone, it's just a support video for the brand launch. Not likes it's going to run on ITV1. Maybe not - but I can guarantee this video has already cost many thousands of pounds to put together and no doubt several thousand more to run it on the boats. IMHO, this is money that could have been targetted and better spent elsewhere. For a start off I would have sent a more informative video and an information pack to e.g. many high tech firms in the UK that represent target companies in the economic strategy. If they are trying to justify the costs of this programme via such a 'launch' video I am not convinced. It's what they now do with this new 'branding' that counts and this is down to the abilities of the govt to market the business advantages of the island. Other than the 'freedom to flourish' phrase there was nothing new in this video, and this gives me no confidence that the government's marketing ability has improved, and that we are likely to get the same poor results as we have previously. So I'll add 'just the same.im' and 'Worse Off.im' What poor results previously? We've never done this before, it's not a Department of Tourism and Leisure campaign to get people over to play with buckets and spades. 'Freedom to flourish' isn't all we get for our money, it's a strategy, not a logo and tag-line.
  22. The 'advert' isn't targetted at anyone, it's just a support video for the brand launch. Not likes it's going to run on ITV1.
  23. Saw someone wearing a funny T-Shirt on Tynwald Day. Superman blue, with the logo, but the 3 legs in it instead of the 'S'.
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