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  1. it's exactly the same for every country in europe that's in the EUSTD


    I think there may be rather serious implications for places such as Jersey and the IOM both of which make their beer money from pursuing an alternative tax strategy to the large EU countries.

    I know, if I had large amounts of money, I wouldnt want to be paying witholding tax in the IOM if I could move it elsewhere to a place which hasnt put a witholding tax in place.

    Just a thought.


    Yeah, but security, accountability and regulation come into it, not to mention credit ratings. That banana republic over there might offer some nice no questions asked services, but would you really want to put your money there!


    As mentioned above, the Treasury gets a significant cut of all tax collected before passing it on to the relevant tax authorities around the EU.

  2. Thought about this after I had posted above, but if you are salaried (i.e. same amount month in, month out regardless of what your holidays are whether public or contractual) you will get public holidays time off and paid. It is only people who are paid on a hours worked basis, I guess, that will see whether they get paid for it or not. I suspect that the all holidays are taken into account when fixing a salary anyway.


    Old saying, but there is no such thing as a free lunch!


    Bombay, surely you have heard of Senior Race Day?


    Yes but not where the contract of employment states that you can't have the 2 Manx Bank Holidays.

  3. I would say that many eastern europeans are prejudice towards black people.


    You're the racist!!


    Define 'Eastern European', please. Do you speak/understand any of their languages/accents enough to know where he was actually from?


    You make a geographical and political term sound racist? Eastern Europeans are from countries in the east of Europe. Just as we are West Europeans.

  4. I'm not unhappy Beckett, I was just having a little laugh at the advertising moguls thinking "I know lets tell them IOM hillbillys the stage has been at Glastonbury, they're BOUND to want to goto the concert then"........


    OMG it's the Lost in Avalon tent, or one they use un the green fields for mud massages.....we'll you didn't think they were going to bring the Pyramid stage over, did you?


    It's kinda Pyramid shape - can we pretend? :)

  5. While we are talking of Fireworks, did anyone see the ones at St Johns on Wednesday night?


    Lol @ the London pyrotechnic display, its about as impressive as the "Glastonbury' Stage.....oooh, I've been to Glastonbury too, does that mean I am now 'The Glastonbury Bee'?


    I dunno some people are never happy. :rolleyes: Funny thing is, it's normally me.

  6. Donald Gelling was 'elevated' to the ranks of the Legislative Council from the House of Keys.


    The question of his eligibility was raised at the time of his election to Chief Minister when a replacement for Richard Corkill was required. The point being is that Donald Gelling became an MLC via his election to the House of Keys and as such was introduced to Tywnwald from a General Election.


    Clare Christian - and Dudley Butt - were elected to the Legislative Council straight from the ranks of the great unwashed (if they will excuse the turn of phrase) and as such would not be included in a ballot for the Chief Minister. Same goes for the Attorney General and Lord Bishop.


    So whilst Christian had been an MHK, so wasn't at the time of her election to LegCo. I geddit.


    You forgot Clare Christian MLC or was she elected directly to MLC? Does being elected straight to MLC prevent you being made Chief Minister?


    Clare Christian has been elected as an MHK (Ayre) for the term 1986-1991. She contested and lost her seat in the 1991 election. She was brought back into the fold as MLC in 1993 and placed there as an ordinary member of the public by the House of Keys, rather than elevate one of their sitting members. As such, because she is not a popularly elected member of Tynwald she would not be eligible for the post of Chief Minister.


    Are you sure? Gelling said he wouldn'd run for CM after the election, whereas this would imply that he couldn't seek another term as CM.

  8. Glad to see the government taking this branding exercise serious.




    Whats next boys "freedom to flourish" pens and mouse mats :lol:


    The lunatics are running the asylum


    even donald knows where his balloon is going :D


    There already are pens, and I have one. ner ner.

  9. mhhh, not a badly made video at all.


    In my more cynical moods, I see all the gloss and self proclamation as being like covering a festering boil. Eventually the boil will burst.


    There are many dissatisfied people on this Island, for example, apparently over 30 petitions of grievance were presented at Tynwald this year. There will be more. Tynwald day did not have huge crowds this year (contrary to newspaper/radio reports) - despite the superb weather. Although the MEA is just about forgot and so is Mount Murray and the NED thing will just fizzle out. Perhaps we'll all 'Move on', 'Draw a line under it'.


    I shall however, brush up on my film-making software and produce a video depicting the said glossy boil exploding. I shall need a singer and some groovy locations. I'll let you know how I get on.


    I think a lot of people are looking to the upcoming election to draw a line under the activities of Tynwald, its members and the executive over the past five years. Fingers crossed! :ph34r:

  10. post-1753-1152208373_thumb.jpg


    some of these characters will definately not be in the photo line up in July 2007 - who do you think they will be???


    for starters IMO its hopefully the last time for the 4th from the left back row...


    I noticed that he got up and handed The Clerk of Tynwald an envelope whilst he was presenting the Petitions for Redress of Grievance to the Governor. Maybe just for a constituent?

  11. I voted 'none of the above'. Sorry, but IMHO over a wide range of areas these guys will not cut the mustard and we will simply get more of the same. I want someone who will stand up for the island and who realises that we don't have to do everything England is currently doing. I think most of them are from the 'cut and paste' brigade and I am yet to be convinced.


    Anyone that says 'stop and think' has more chance of my vote. If one of them turns around and says 'well...actually...I'm going to undo some of this' has even more chance of my vote. I don't think many of our own politicians realise what a unique position we are in - and so miss so many opportunities.


    They have collectively sold us down the river this past five years. Why should everything be a fight when we are supposed to be an island 'team'?



    The last of our Island's worries are about copying the UK's legislation. Given the bills at the past two Tynwald days, this isn't really happening anyway?


    Our tarnished reputation is something that needs addressing the most IMHO, both for our international and local reputation. Mount Murray, MEA, Isle of Man Constabulary, our Chief Minister getting arrested! Scandal after scandal, and things that would make Ministers resign in any other parliamentary democracy, which brings me back to that old chesnut... consitutional reform. *sigh*


    Bare minimum, the CM should have to sit in the House of Keys. At the end of the day we as the electorate currently have no direct say or influence in Government Policy as the head of the Executive is unelected. Although at best, it's only been the people of Malew & Santon and Onchan that have enjoyed that privilege of late, but better than nothing!

  12. According to Mec Vannin, "our national day is not an official public holiday..."


    http://www.energyfm.net/news/bulletinstory2.htm (is this link going to change when they update each story?!!)


    hmmmm, someone had better tell the Treasury :)




    Nationalists fight for official Tynwald Day holiday


    Last Updated:05/07/2006 11:36:03


    Manx nationalists are slamming the failure of a large number of firms who don't automatically give staff a Tynwald Day holiday.


    While acknowledging some people will always be required to work on such days,for instance the emergency services,they say more could be done to ensure everyone can join in the festivities.


    Mark Kermode,Chairman of Mec Vannin,says although our national day is not an official public holiday, it should be recognised by all of those people who choose to live and work here - whether they are of Manx origin or not.......


    Meanwhile, Bernard Moffatt of the Celtic League feels an all Island celebration on Tynwald Day would help make immigrants feel much more a part of the Manx way of life...........

  13. Check out 'Another Dam Production for the Isle of Man Government', sorry, the Freedom to Flourish video :lol:




    The brand book is quite good, along with the report to Tynwald I'd say we got our money out of it... so long as implementation goes ahead and builds momentum.


    P.S. the 'DAM Production' thing will make sense if you watch the video til the end :)

  14. One of the worst new ad campaigns has to be Orange. Apart from the fish in a bowl (good advert with no real message related to broadband or Orange), they're pretty bland and yet failing in their key straegic aim of informing viewers that Orange is now a huge name in Boradband and that Wanadoo is a gona!


    The Frosties advert is also particularly painful.... if you didn't know, they're gonna taste great...

  15. Ah, - I see they're advertising on here now - "Wi-Manx" - I knew they had some kit together over here, but didn't want to "spill the beans" so to say!

    Hi Matty


    But to put the thread back on track a little, when will (if ever) the people of the Isle of Man benefit from some form of competition with C&W and the other unheard of company that was awarded licences?


    At the moment there ia a total monopoly with MT and their mobile phone infrastructure (and prices) on the Isle of Man?


    MT are screwing the people of the IOM with their PAYG charges and I personally believe that if another company can undercut them, then the people of the Isle of Man will benefit!


    Otherwise I personally believe that the issuing of two new licenses to the two new so called operators will have been nothing more than a paper exercise?


    I smell a Long Tail here :angry:


    Last 10


    How I long for another PAYG provider!!

  16. next Wednesday - Ch4 at 9pm - Gordon Ramsay cooks lobster for Jeremy Clarkson - looks like it was pulled out of a pot down at Langness


    Aiye I was thinking the IoM might feature next week. Wonder if Clarkson will moan about us Islanders? :P


    On a 'post moved' note I;d say this was indeed 'Local News'?

  17. In questions last week Rimmy suggested it could be a little difficult to change planning policy to allow an influx of millionaires to build on open countryside over here but he understood his responsibility in the corporate plan and his dept would do their best to get over this hurdle.


    I should hope it would be difficult, whether we need the mega rich or not I would hope they have to go through the same process as everyone else, eg local farmers wanting to build a cottage on their land for family members etc.


    I am surprised no one has commented on this yet.


    PS I am not a farmer, landowner or relative of one.


    Why is putting money in a brown envelope any harder for a millionare?

  18. Very valid question.


    Alas the Island's environmental policy is years behind Europe and even the UK. There's a long way to go but a bag tax would be a step in the right direction.


    I mean the only reason we can recycle plastic bags is because Tesco do it nationwide, nothing to do with the IOMG or DLGE.


    I make sure I do me bit - always re-using bags at Tesco :)

  19. Read it again. Hint: There are more charges against the lady : End of Hint

    There is reading and there is understanding B)


    Yeah, but why has THAT charge been dropped?


    For an accurate answer you would have to attend the court hearing ?

    You might surmise the guilty plea to another charge would make the forgery charge inappropriate ?


    I'm going to bed! :P

  20. With you 100% LW - those two magic words - Party Politics.


    I remember doing a group project on PP at Uni, there was a suggestion we look at the Isle of Man as one for one of the case studies, me being Manx n all that.


    Got some funny looks when I told them how the system works here! :)


    I can't see pp emerging without constitutional reform, at the moment all 24 members of the House are vested with government duties and responsibilities. The Government has majority by default with no public input into its formation (outside of 'here are 24 people you can choose to be in it').


    Step 1 has to be that the CM can't sit in LegCo IMHO.

  21. Ill second that. Our Sony kit has been in and out of repair shops. Good when its working though.

    We bought a really cheap DVD player from Amazon and it does most everything the Sony one does and just as well. Price ? Just over £20:00



    Aiye, and what's £20? Not even a night down the pub. :)

  22. Read it again. Hint: There are more charges against the lady : End of Hint

    There is reading and there is understanding B)


    Yeah, but why has THAT charge been dropped?

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